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Example Questions

A ProLiant DL380 Gen8 server has become unresponsive several times during the last two weeks. You contacted HP Technical Support and were asked to send them the Active Heath System log for the last two weeks. Where can you download this log? (Select two.) What are some general requirements that must be met to update Virtual Connect firmware? (Select three.) You replaced a Smart Array P812 in a ProLiant DL380 G7 storage server. What should you do next? What should be installed on a ProLiant Gen8 server to display operating system information within the iLO 4 GUI? A customer is experiencing a pre-failure alarm of the battery on a UPS that is almost one year old. Which statement is correct? What can an engineer use to ensure quick, precise, intelligent installation when installing CPUs in a ProLiant Gen8 server? If you install two Onboard Administrator modules with different firmware revisions in a c7000 enclosure, which module will be active by default? Where can you verify the status of an external DVD-ROM drive in a c7000 enclosure? An HP VC Flex-10 module must be replaced in a c3000 BladeSystem enclosure because one uplink port is defective. What must you do before physically replacing the module? A customer with RAID 1+0 configured in a storage array lost two drives, and the array failed. What should you recommend to address the problem of two simultaneous drive failures? Which Virtual Connect module enables FCoE or iSCSI connectivity for BladeSystemserver blades? Which steps should you perform to save a Virtual Connect configuration? How wide must the data center door be to allow an HP MCS G2 rack to be brought into the data center? You need to capture the configuration and support dump of several Virtual Connect domains. Which tool can you use to perform this action from a central system? A customer placed a service call after installing genuine HP memory from a ProLiant DL380 Gen7 server into a new ProLiant DL380 Gen8 server and receiving a POST message that the memory is not HP Smart Memory. What caused this to happen? After you replace the system board in ProLiant BL460c GB server blade, the server cannot connect to an external shared storage through the SAS interface. Other similar servers in the same enclosure are in working condition. What should you check to verify that the physical hardware connectivity is connected? Which HP tools should you use to determine that an SSD drive has degraded as a result of a large number of write operations? (Select three.) An engineer repaired a memory problem in a ProLiant BL460c Gen8 server blade running Windows 2008 R2. What should the engineer do to verify the repair? (Select two) Which tool can report the amount of life remaining in an HP solid state drive (SSD)? Which button should you press to enter the RBSU during POST? How can you verify that the system and option ROMs in a ProLiant server are the latest version? Which tool can you use to verify that SNMP events appear in HP SIM from a server blade running Windows 2008? Why should you use an electrostatic discharge (ESD) wrist strap when replacing parts such as memory DIMMs? Which RAID level allows the data to be striped across multiple RAIDs? (Select two.) A customer needs to remotely monitor the UPS devices on their network They need to send alert traps to HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) and other SNMP management programs and generate detailed system logs. What should the customer use to meet these requirements? Which memory configuration types are supported in the ProLiant Gen8 server blades? (Select two.) A support engineer needs to add memory to a ProLiant ML350p Gen8 server. What should the engineer consider when selecting the DDR3 DIMMs to install in this server? Where is the data written when power is lost on an HP Smart Array controller?