HP5-H09D - Delta - Selling HP Client Virtualization Solutions

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Example Questions

What is repurposed PC software? How should you compete at a product level? What is an important customer benefit of thin computing? Which type of customer presents the best opportunity to sell HP client virtualization? Why do HP t310 Zero Clients deliver amazing performance and require no patches or updates? Which operating system is included with HP mt41 mobile thin clients? What should be the focus of a discussion about re-purposing old PCs versus replacing them with HP thin clients? Which HP Zero Client is not matched by a Dell product? Which situation is an indicator for a need for client-virtualization? Why is Dell the closest competitor to HP in the worldwide thin client market? What is the final result of a customer technical evaluation? Which feature improves security of HP thin client in configurations? What is a benefit of virtualized clients that is important to end-users? What is the next step in HP's thin client sales approach after identifying the opportunity? Which of the following causes is the most likely explanation for why a customer would choose HP over a competitor? Which use case is a primary use case for an HP flexible thin client? How can you demonstrate your understanding of your customers virtualization needs? Which type of HP thin client is the HP mt41? Which implementation is one of the approaches to client virtualization? How many monitors can a customer use with an HP t820 flexible thin client?