HP2-Z31 - Creating HP Software-defined Networks

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Example Questions

An HP Provision switch loses its OpenFlow connection to the HP VAN SDN Controller. How is traffic processed by default if no controller teaming is configured? A customer wants to deploy an HP ProVision-based network with laptops daisy chained to physical IP phones. The customer also wants the laptop traffic to be managed by OpenFlow, while the phones use traditional QoS. Which OpenFlow switch instance configuration option should the customer use? What are advantages of using the HP Network Protector SDN application in a BYOD Network for Malware protection? (Select two.) What are challenges when selecting traffic from UC&C soft devices for marking, in order to apply the appropriate prioritization? (Select two.) An administrator has checked the Device Status tab on the HP Network Protector SDN application. An HP 3800-24G-2XG switch is displaying a yellow indicator for VLAN 10. What is a potential issue? A customer has a network consisting of 90 switches running OpenFlow 1.0. High Availability is not required as a hybrid network is being used. Which license types does the customer need to purchase? (Select two.) Which service on the HP VAN SDN Controller allows Observation posts to be set on a network? An SDN developer wants to develop a new OpenFlow proactive application using the HP VAN SDN Controller. The controller is configured with IP address and is using release 2.0. The developer is unsure of the REST APIs available on the controller. To which URL should you recommend the developer navigate? Which protocol is used to discover directly connected links between OpenFlow devices? Which statement best describes software-defined networking (SDN)? A controller is able to register for asynchronous messages from an OpenFlow switch, but when the controller attempts a flow_mod. the OpenFlow command is rejected. Which mode is the controller in from the switch point of view? An administrator wants to navigate to the HP VAN SDN Controller graphical user interface to view options such as the OpenFlow Topology, Alerts, and installed applications. Which URL is correct for release 2.0 of the HP VAN SDN Controller configured with IP address What is a key feature of cloud computing? Which HP VAN SDN Controller service processes ARP replies in Packetin messages sent by the OpenFlow switches? Which important functions does the HP VAN SDN Controller provide for an SDN deployment? (Select two.) What are examples of information that the Topology Service returns for an OpenFlow switch port? (Select two.) What is used by the HP VAN SDN Controllers for internal communication between controllers? Which OpenFlow version introduces multiple flow tables? How is a leader elected in an HP VAN SDN Controller team by default? Which command installs the HP VAN SDN Controller software? Which technology can be used in OpenFlow 1.3 that allows rate limiting of packets that are sent to the SDN Controller? Which table functionality was introduced with OpenFlow 1.3? Which components are used to identify a flow entry in OpenFlow 1.0? Which switches will initiate an QpenFlow connection to the HP VAN SDN Controller? (Select two.) What are two challenges when planning to implement a BYOD environment? (Select two.) A switch connects to the HP VAN SDN Controller, which has the HP Network Protector SDN Application installed. These are the switch details: Switch: 3800-24G-2XG Firmware: KA15.14.003 OpenFlow negotiated: 1.3 Which channel will be used for communication with the HP Network Protector application? A network environment consists of multiple switches. Some of the switches are configured for OpenFlow 1.0, and some of the switches are configured for OpenFlow 1.3. These switches are configured to communicate with an HP VAN SDN Controller. What is the result of the negotiation? An administrator wants to secure the connection between an HP Provision switch and HP VAN SDN Controller What is the recommended approach to securing the OpenFlow messages? Which HP IMC SDN Manager functionality provides a detailed overview of OpenFlow counters and DPIDs? An HP VAN SDN Controller team is configured consisting of three controllers, using default settings. - The first controller is configured with IP address and priority 10. - The second controller is configured with IP address and priority 20. - The third controller is configured with IP address and priority 30. Currently the third controller (IP address is the leader device. An administrator reboots the third controller. Which controller will be the leader once this controller comes back online? A multicast application is used in a customer's environment that relies on IGMP. On an edge switch an Openflow 1.3 instance is configured in aggregation mode. By default, what happens to the IGMP traffic if no matching flow entry exists? An administrator has created a whitelist entry for the website www.piratesmustdie.com. This has been applied to the test group, which contains VLANs 10-20. VLANs 1 - 20 are configured on switches in the network. A time range has been applied to the whitelist for the time period 9:00am to 5:00pm. Which users would be able to access the website? Which environmental component is used to handle authentication requests to the HP VAN SDN Controller? What is one benefit of a software-defined networking (SDN) solution for a WAN? Which protocol does the LYNC FE Server Plugin use to communicate to the HP Network Optimizer SDN Application? An administrator wants to configure the HP Network Protector SDN Application to allow access to a specific corporate website when a host is quarantined. The DNS response should still be NXDomain for websites such as piratesmustdie.com. What should the administrator configured? What is an advantage of using the HP Network Optimizer SDN application with UC&C applications rather than just the SDN applications? Which protocol does HP IMC use to communicate with the HP VAN SDN Controllers? Two HP OpenFlow switches are connected to an intermediate layer 2 switch running LLDP, but not OpenFlow. This intermediate switch is configured with a single VLAN. Which protocol is used by the OpenFlow switches to discover this multi-hop link? Which modes does the 2.0 release of the HP VAN SDN Controller support? (Select two.) Which Open Flow plane is responsible for forwarding the packets? What are the addressing requirements for an HP VAN SDN Controller team? What is a key advantage of implementing malware protection by using the HP Network Protector SDN application? What is the minimum number of HP VAN SDN Controllers supported in a team? An administrator wants the switches to forward traffic in the legacy mode. If all the controllers fail, which action should the administrator take? What happens to an incoming packet that does not have a match in any of the Open Flow tables on an HP Provision switch that operates in passive mode? A company has an IRF-based, 2-tier FlexFabric architecture in its data center. The company is now increasing the amount of server virtualization and also adding more redundant connections across the network infrastructure backbone. Which benefit does software-defined networking (SDN) provide for this FlexFabric solution? A customer wants to implement an OpenFlow solution where packets that do not match any flow entries in the OpenFlow table on the switch are not sent to the controller Rather, packets not matching should be handled normally by the switch. Which command enables this functionality on an HP 3800 series switch? A customer writes an internal application that does not run properly and crashes. Which component of the HP VAN SDN Controller framework offers protection so that other applications continue to function? Which northbound API for external applications do developers use to communicate with the HP VAN SDN Controller?