HP2-Z30 - Fast Track - Applying HP FlexNetwork Fundamentals

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Example Questions

What is the default username and password an administrator would use to log into a new HP MSM access point? A device is connected to an HP Comware hybrid port. Which type of information from the attached device can be used to assign it to a VLAN? Which console cable is used in HP Comware switches? What is the initial OSPF state of a router when an interface becomes active for a segment? Which trends of today's data center networks is the HP FlexNetwork Architecture designed to meet? Which HP switch supports nine switches in an IRF topology? Which configuration tool do HP ProVision switches support that HP Comware switches do not support? What are the default logging properties for an HP Comware switch? (Select two) An administrator is adding an an HP ProVision switch to an existing OSPF network. The switch has two VLANs, 10 and 20, that should be included in OSPF's area 0. The IP address of the switch in VLAN 10 is and in VLAN 20 is Which configuration includes both VLANs in the switch's OSPF routing process? A company has two buildings that are 15 meters apart. The company needs to connect the buildings' networks. The CFO does not want the cost of installing fiber between the two buildings and thus is exploring wireless options. If the company selects an 802.11n wireless solution, which wireless mode should they use? Which action can be performed from an HP Comware switch? Which IMC agent starts and stops the IMC server and allows a network administrator to view the status of the IMC processes? Which Intelligent Management Center (IMC) device discovery method is the default for device auto discovery? Refer to the partial command output. <Comware> display link-aggregation verbose bridge-aggregation 2 <-output omitted-> Aggregation Interface: Bridge-Aggregation2 Aggregation Mode: Dynamic Loadsharing Type: Shar System ID: 0x8000, 000f-e267-6c6a Local: Port Status Priority Oper-Key Flag ------------------------------------------------------------------------- GE1/0/3 S 32768 2 {AG} GE1/0/4 S 32768 2 {AG} Remote: Actor Partner Priority Oper-Key SystemID Flag -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GE1/0/3 32 32768 2 0x8000, 000f-e267-57ad {AG} GE1/0/4 26 32768 2 0x8000, 000f-e267-57ad {AG} Based on this output, which statement is true? A network administrator has created and applied a configuration to an HP ProVision switch. The network administrator then copied the active configuration to a TFTP server. Upon examining the configuration file on the TFTP server, the network administrator noticed that the operator and manager passwords were not in the saved configuration file. Which command must the network administrator execute to accomplish this task? Which URL can a network administrator use to access Intelligent Management Center (IMC)? A network administrator has installed IMC and the appropriate licenses. The network administrator is attempting to import the HP Comware and HP ProVision switches into IMC but is experiencing problems importing the Comware switches. The network administrator verifies the SNMPv2c configuration on both sets of switches and the SNMP configuration in IMC. The SNMP parameters are correct. What is the cause of the import problem? A network administrator is expanding part of the data center in a hospital network. Three new racks of equipment need to be added, with an HP Comware 5820 series switch at the top of each rack. The Comware 5820 series switch needs to connect back to two core Comware 12500 switches using 10Gb connections. The distance between the three racks and the Comware 12500 switches is approximately 40 meters; however, the network administrator is concerned about electromagnetic and other types of interferences to electrical signals. Which solutions protect against interference and are cost-effective for this scenario? (Select two.) Which Access Point(AP) type corresponds to HP MSM autonomous operational Mode? A network administrator is building two IRF domains: - One domain for the two distribution layer switches - One domain for the access layer switches Each access layer switch should have a connection to each distribution layer switch. In this design, how many access switches can the administrator have in the access layer IRF domain before spanning tree is required to remove loops between the two IRF domains? Which command defines a default route on an HP ProVision switch when routing has been enabled? Which 802.1X components seeks authentication? Which Software-Defined Network (SDN) layer includes HP ProVision and HP Comware switches? A device is connected to an HP Comware hybrid port. Which type of information from the attached devices can be used to assign it to a VLAN ? When performing auto discovery with Intelligent Management Center (IMC), which two components should be defined in order to fully manage the discovered networking device? Which statement is correct about IRF? A network administrator has an HP Comware switch that is configured with OSPF. The network administrator views the routing table and sees that a default route was learned from an OSPF neighbor ( However, the network administrator wants to override this action and use a different neighbor (10.1.1 2) for the default route. The network administrator configures this command: [Comware] ip route-static 0 After configuring the command, the network administrator examines the routing table and notices that the original neighbor's default route is still in the routing table, but the static route is missing. What is the cause of this problem? Which Layer 2 mechanism should be used to authenticate wireless or wired users before allowing them access to the network resources? Which VLAN port type is only supported by HP Comware switches? Which Intelligent Management center (IMC) module implements policies for environments that support brings your own device (BYOD)? A network administrator is examining the routing table on an HP Comware switch. The network administrator sees two routes,, with the same neighbor's address ( What would create this result? Which HP redundancy feature is supported by both HP ProVision and HP Comeware switches? What is the console port designation for an HP Comware switch? Which Protocol Only requires MAC address? What is a key emerging standard protocol that HP Virtual Application Network (VAN) use to implement Software-Defined Networks (SDN)? Which FlexArchitecture component uses Virtual Connect in blade server systems? A network administrator has set up a link between two HP ProVision switches. Both switches have an IP address in VLAN 1 and can ping each other in VLAN 1.The network administrator then creates VLAN 2 and tags it to same link of both switches. How can the network administrator verify that connectivity in VLAN 2 is functional between the two switch. Which HP Comware command saves the startup configuration file to TFTP server? What is the default privilege level assigned to a session when logging into the auxiliary port os an HP Comware switch or the console port of an HP Comware router ? Which component of an HP Comware switch controls logging on to a syslog server? Which HP ProVision switch command controls the logging level of messages sent to a syslog server? Which HP Comware command can a network administrator execute to view the IP routing table? A network administrator is using Intelligent Management Center (IMC). Which protocol must the network administrator configure to correctly identify HP devices when performing auto discovery? Which statement is true concerning PoE support on HP ProVision and HP Comware switches? Which HP Comware command restores a configuration file from TFTP server to swiches flash? Which statement is true about the management of HP ProVision and Comware switches? A network administrator receives a new HP ProVision switch and notices that the software version running on the switch is older than what is currently used in the network. The network administrator copies an updated version of the operating system from the new switch's USB port to the secondary flash location. The network administrator then executes the following command: ProVision # boot system flash secondary The switch reboots using the new operating system. However, when the network administrator turns off the switch and turns it back on, the switch boots from the old operating system. Which solution should the network administrator use to fix the problem? Which technology allows 802.11n scale up speeds of 600 Mbps? A network administrator enables debug to troubleshoot an OSPF adjacency on an HP Comware switch. The netwerk administrator then re-enables an interface connected to another switch running OSPF. After waiting for a few minutes, no debug output displays on the console. What is the default state of spanning tree on HP Comware switches?