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Example Questions

In the FlexNetwork architecture, where is the HP 12900 Switch Series a lead-recommended product? A customer has a small branch office with approximately 20 employees. The customer's highest priority is a simple solution that unifies wired and wireless access. Which HP switch series should you recommend? A senior IT manager wants to upgrade the company core switches in the data center, which is 80 percent virtualized. The IT manager has stated that the data center suffers from poor performance. Which products would you suggest to improve performance in the data center-? (Select two.) What is one distinguishing benefit of the HP Lifetime Warranty 2.0 when compared to competitor warranties? A company needs two core switches for its mid-sized data center. The company requires ultra- deep packet buffering, IPv6 routing, and up to 24 10GbE ports on each switch. Which switch series best meets the company requirements? Your customer is at the Mitigate Risks stage in the buying cycle for an HP storage solution. Which of these tasks should you perform at this stage? What is the primary purpose of customer segmentation? Which role does HP Dynamic Virtual Private Network (DVPN) play in a company's security solution? Which FlexNetwork technologies are designed to simplify the network architecture? (Select two.) How does Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) affect company IT decisions? What are the differences between the HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) Standard Edition and HP IMC Enterprise Edition? (Select two.) According to industry analyst Gartner, which key benefit does HP give customers seeking data center networking solutions? Which role can HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) play in a three-tier network topology? What is a function of the HP IMC Virtual Application Networks Manager module? What is an essential benefit of an HP Unified Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution? Which phase in HP Network Lifecycle event services can include software and firmware updates as well as escalation management for issues? Which statement correctly describes customers who purchase HP Network Support Services as compared to customers who rely only on the included warranty? Which statement describes the security features of FlexNetwork? What is one way that HP Adaptive Power Architecture switches distinguish themselves in energy efficiency? A company wants to provide redundancy at the network core with minimal failover times. What would you recommend to meet this goal? A company wants to implement a wireless LAN (WLAN) for a new office. The site survey shows that the new office will need 25 Access Points (APs). The company is concerned about cost but is interested in wireless IDS capabilities. Which HP Multi-Service Mobility (MSM) Controller would you recommend? Which router is designed to meet the needs of customers in a FlexCampus solution? What is the core component of HP FlexManagement?