HP2-Z25 - Delta - Implementing HP Network Technologies

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Example Questions

Which IMC options can a network administrator choose in order to automatically discover and import devices into IMC? (Select two.) Which FlexArchitecture component uses Virtual Connect in blade server systems? In which FlexArchitecture modules would MPLS and DSL connections commonly be terminated? (Select two.) What is the function of HP Intelligent Provisioning? Which IMC agent starts and stops the IMC server and allows a network administrator to view the status of the IMC processes? Refer to the HP Comware configuration. interface vlan 1 ip address quit interface vlan 2 ip address quit interface loopback 1 ip address quit router-id area 0 network network The network administrator set up VLAN 2 as a management VLAN This VLAN should not be included in the OSPF routing process Now only directly connected network administrators in VLAN 2 can manage the switch. How should the network administrator solve this problem? Which statements are correct about HP StoreOnce Backup? (Select two.) A network administrator has an HP Comware switch that is configured with OSPF. The network administrator views the routing table and sees that a default route was learned from an OSPF neighbor ( However, the network administrator wants to override this action and use a different neighbor (10.1.1 2) for the default route. The network administrator configures this command: [Comware] ip route-static 0 After configuring the command, the network administrator examines the routing table and notices that the original neighbor's default route is still in the routing table, but the static route is missing. What is the cause of this problem? A network administrator is expanding part of the data center in a hospital network. Three new racks of equipment need to be added, with an HP Comware 5820 series switch at the top of each rack The Comware 5820 series switch needs to connect back to two core Comware 12500 switches using 10Gb connections. The distance between the three racks and the Comware 12500 switches is approximately 40 meters: however, the network administrator is concerned about electromagnetic and other types of interferences to electrical signals. Which solutions protect against interference and are cost-effective for this scenario? (Select two.) Which item is different between the IEEE 802.3z and 802 3ae standards? A network administrator is building two IRF domains: - One domain for the two distribution layer switches - One domain for the access layer switches Each access layer switch should have a connection to each distribution layer switch. In this design, how many access switches can the administrator have in the access layer IRF domain before spanning tree is required to remove loops between the two IRF domains? Which trends of today's data networks is the HP FlexNetwork Architecture designed to meet? (Select two.) Which URLs can a network administrator use to access IMC? (Select two.) A network administrator has two distribution layer switches and four access layer switches. The network administrator is constantly resolving spanning tree problems and is looking for an alternative solution that provides redundancy and no spanning tree. Which solutions meet the network administrator's requirements? (Select two) A network administrator has installed IMC and the appropriate licenses. The network administrator is attempting to import the HP Comware and HP Provision switches into IMC but are experiencing problems importing the Comware switches. The network administrator verifies the SNMFV2c configuration on both sets of switches and the SNMP configuration in IMC. The SNMP parameters are correct. What is the cause of the import problem? Which modules provide connectivity for blade servers installed in the HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosure to external switches? (Select two.) What are HP Cloud Maps? A network administrator views this message on the console of an HP Comware switch: %Apr 29 13:22:54:969 2012 Comware-2 RMLOG:OSPF-NBRCHANGE: Process 1,Neighbor from Loading to Full What is the significance of this message?