HP2-Z23 - Selling HP Enterprise Networking Solutions

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Example Questions

Which statement has Gartner found to be true regarding the introduction of a new vendor into the infrastructure? A sales consultant has selected HP products for an HP FlexBranch solution. The consultant now wishes to select recommended care packs for those specific products. Which HP tool can provide this information? HP FlexNetwork is a core component of what larger strategy? A sales consultant has a lead with a retail company. The company has seventy outlets, each of which needs to support between 20 and 30 devices, including workstations and point of sale (POS) devices. All of the outlets connect to a central data center over virtual private network (VPN) connections. The CIO has explained that the primary goals for the update include: - Gaining better performance for cloud-based software - Deploying a multi-cast based video surveillance solution - Reducing energy costs -Simplifying management Many of the company's needs indicate that it is a hot lead, but one need might introduce concerns, which the sales professional should investigate. What is the need. A sales consultant is creating an HP FlexBranch solution proposal that includes wireless products for a healthcare company. The consultant plans to propose the HP Predictive Wireless Site Survey Care Pack for this customer. The consultant is now trying to decide whether to suggest the HP Wireless LAN Design Service as well. What would be one reason for adding that service? How many users comprise a large enterprise network.? What percentage of server workloads does Gartner expect to be virtualized by year-end 2012? HP Dynamic VPN (DVPN) is supported on which HP FlexNetwork product series? (Select two.) A customer is interested in deploying Cisco Virtual Switching System (VSS). Which HP switch feature should you suggest the customer consider instead? A sales consultant is discussing an HP FlexBranch solution with the CIO of a bank that has hundreds of branches with thirty or fewer devices each. The CIO emphasizes simplicity of management and deployment and expresses interest in a competitor's one-box branch solution. What can the sales consultant explain about a branch solution based on HP 5400 zl switches? Which features of the HP FlexFabric solution enable customers to deploy an efficient data center infrastructure? (Select two.) A large healthcare company is using legacy third-party switches and needs to update them. Another sales representative has given the company a proposal. The company wants you to provide a competitive bid, but you are not familiar with the switches outlined in the proposal. Which tool could you use to identify which HP switches are competitive with the third-party switches outlined in the proposal? A potential customer with a Cisco-only network solution is interested in HP switches but is worried that adding switches from another vendor will complicate the network and add management overhead. Which statement is accurate and could be used to overcome this objection? A sales consultant has a lead with a retail company. The company has seventy outlets, each of which needs to support between 20 and 30 devices, including workstations and point of sale (POS) devices. All of the outlets connect to a central data center over virtual private network (VPN) connections. Which HP series of routers best meet the company's needs for the outlets? Which HP technology enables enterprises to securely connect thousands of branch offices, campuses, and data centers with standards-based IPsec encryption while significantly reducing manual configuration of IPsec tunnels? What is HP's approach of bringing together servers, storage, networking, security, power, cooling, and facilities into shared pools of interoperable resources, managed through a common management platform, to make the data center simpler, more flexible, and more efficient? You have a sales opportunity with a new prospect. To help determine whether HP can meet the customer's needs, you decide to use the HP C3T Comparison Tool to see how HP switches compare to the switches currently deployed in the customer's legacy data center. Which statement about the results the tool generates is true? When sales consultants pursue a lead, they should check the most current HP FlexNetwork sales guides to evaluate whether an HP solution is a good fit. What should the consultants do if they match a customer lead to a characteristic in the grey zone of the green zone/red zone qualification table? Which statement is true of the customers suited for HP FlexCampus solutions? Your large enterprise customer wants to implement a scalable wireless solution in the campus LAN to meet current and future wireless needs. How can the HP MultiService Mobility (MSM) wireless products meet this need? HP FlexFabric solutions can meet the needs of customers seeking which data center designs? A sales consultant is pursuing a lead with a company that already has equipment from Cisco. The CIO is willing to consider HP but is concerned about introducing a new vendor. What benefit of HP management solutions should the consultant discuss with the customer to help mitigate his concerns? Which switch series supports meshed stacking for chassis-like resiliency in a flexible stackable form factor and multi-switch management via a single interface? A customer requires redundancy for its wireless network infrastructure devices. Which feature would you use to sell the HP MultiService Mobility Controller to this customer? According to the Value Selling Approach, which of these activities should you complete before you move to Stage 2, Validate the Opportunity? Which statement about potential HP FlexFabric customers is true? Which HP resource could you use to quickly determine what switch HP recommends for deployment in the data center network core of a large enterprise? A manufacturing company has HP switches and HP BladeSystem blade servers deployed in their data centers. They would like to know more about how HP Virtual Connect can improve functionality in their data centers. What should you tell this customer about HP Virtual Connect? In independent testing, Tolly Enterprises found that the HP 5400 zl switch delivers up to seven times the performance and one-seventh the latency of in-class competitors. Which customer has the greatest need for this level of performance? Which HP resource should you use during Stage 4 of the Value Selling Approach to save yourself valuable time when pulling together the proposal for your customer? The FlexNetwork green zone/red zone customer qualification tables can be found in which documents? Which statements are true of the HP MSM720 Wireless Controller? (Select two.) A sales consultant has a lead with a bank, which needs a refresh for its networking solution at its branches. The bank has 30 branch offices, each of which needs to support between 10 and 50 users. The bank is interested in deploying a Voice over IP (VoIP) solution as part of the refresh. What key benefit does an HP FlexBranch solution provide for this customer's VoIP needs? What is the biggest data center sales and market-size opportunity in 2012? A university is interested in implementing a wireless network. However, the IT staff members are concerned about ensuring that the wireless network provides adequate coverage so that all stations can access it. Which features of the MSM460 and MSM466 would you emphasize when engaging this customer? Which statement is true of customer needs that fall within the grey zone or red zone of the HP FlexCampus green zone/red zone qualification table? Which HP sales resource offers lifecycle support from planning and deployment through integration, management and evolution? A retail company is concerned that their IT staff spends too much time and money on data center network maintenance and too little on new project initiatives. They would like some ideas on how to shift resources from operations to innovation. Which of the following is a valid suggestion that you could make? What are benefits of HP FlexCampus solutions that are proven to increase return on investment? (Select two.) In 2011, nearly $9 billion in Cisco networking equipment was approaching end of life or service. Which statement is true of customers with this aging Cisco hardware in their infrastructure? A sales consultant is pursuing a lead with a company that already has equipment from Cisco. The CIO is willing to consider HP but is concerned about introducing 3 new vendor. What is one Gartner research-backed fact that the consultant can use to relieve these concerns? Which HP products enable businesses to support a virtualized environment within the HP 5400 zl and HP 8200 zl switch platforms, reducing the number of devices deployed in the branch or campus LAN as well as cabling, power, and heating and cooling requirements? (Select two.) The president of a major university wants to upgrade wired and wireless performance on the main and satellite campuses. How can the HP FlexCampus portfolio meet the needs of the university's heterogeneous network? Which statement is true of the HP FlexCampus sales guide?