HP2-Z22 - Selling HP Network Solutions

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Example Questions

A customer has a multivendor network and wants a single point of contact for support. After talking to the customer, you think the customer would also be interested in a dedicated phone number for support cells and a guarantee that HP Support would respond immediately to problems that interrupt network services. Which care pack would you recommend for this custom or? A mid-sized business has a mission-critical data center that uses virtual servers to host services for subscribers. Security against a variety of threats ranks as a high priority for this customer. Which type of product should the sales professional suggest to meet this customer's needs? When coupled with an HP c-Class enclosure server blade with a supporting Converged Net- work Adapter (CNA) and the optional CEE Upgrade License, which switch can be used to carry Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) traffic into a converged network? Which switch series are 10/100 alternatives to the 2910 all in the small branch? (Select two.) Which statement is true of the MSM APs in the FlexNetwork portfolio for the mid-sized business? The HP MSM460 and MSM466 can automatically redirect 5 GHz­capable clients to the less congested 5 GHz frequency band. What is one advantage of operating a wireless access point in the 5 GHz frequency band? What is one key benefit that distinguishes the HP 2620 from the HP 2520? Why does Gartner suggest that companies consider their networks as segmented building blocks rather than a homogenous entity? A sales professional is proposing a security solution to a customer with a virtualized data cen-ter that stores subscribers' proprietary data. The customer has expressed concerns about the difficulty of maintaining the solution par-ticularly as administrators often deploy new virtual machines without consulting the IT secu-rity personnel. How should the sales professional respond? If your mid-sized business customer is looking for just one product to deliver all the services the company needs in a branch, which HP solution would you suggest? How does the fact that the business model is shifting to a more centralized and virtualized data center impact branch office networks? Which statements are true of HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC)? (Select two.) A company is concerned that the temporary workers at a branch office will introduce viruses and other malware into the internal network. The company also wants to provide network access for branch employees who telecommute. Which features make the HP Threat Management Services zl Module a possible security solution for this company's branch office? (Select two.) What architecture does HP recommend you lead with for the wireless solution at a branch of 20 to 50 employees? What is one way in which open standards are Integrated into the HP FlexNetwork architec- ture? The 12500 Switch Series provides five-nines availability. What does this mean? In the Secure Virtualization Framework, what is the role of the TippingPoint vController? When should a sales professional recommend the HP 5500 EI Switch Series for an HP FlexBranch solution? Which feature is supported only on the latest version (v5.0) of HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC)? A customer is concerned about the environmental impact of the company's data center. What should a sales professional tell the customer about the HP FlexFabric solution? A mid-sized business customer is upgrading the campus LAN core. The company implements Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) routing and also wants to use Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) to enhance high availability What solution should the sales professional suggest for the campus LAN core? What is a key selling point for mid-market customers of the 10GBASE-T modules for the HP 6400 and 8200 zl switches? The FlexNetwork architecture is a core component of what larger strategy? How many ports in a legacy three-tier network are typically used just to interconnect the switches? What architecture does HP recommend you lead with for the wireless solution at a branch of 30 seats? For campus LANs, Gartner predicts that one factor will push network capacity by as much as 10 times current levels. What is this factor? How would an HP sales professional position an HP 3500 yl Series switch in a FlexFabric solution? The MSM760 and MSM765 zl can manage how many wireless access points? A customer data center features HP BladeSystem C7000s. Which HP switch best fits at the server edge of a FlexFabric solution for this customer? Companies will increasingly support corporate applications on personal devices, which users will access from both wired and wireless connections. How will this trend affect mid-sized businesses? (Select two.) Which statement about HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) is true? Many HP products come with a lifetime warranty that lasts as long as a customer owns the product. Which wireless products shown here provide that lifetime warranty? (Select three.) What architecture does HP recommend you lead with for WAN acceleration at a large branch? Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) extends the capabilities of which HP management suite? When plugged in to PCM+, which management tool can dynamically apply security and per- formance settings based on user, device, location, time, and client system state? A mid-sized business is seeking a networking solution, and the customer is concerned about how the components will work together from end to end now and in the future. What message should the HP sales professional deliver? What is a typical struggle for a company that has allowed its network management solution to grow organically? According to InformationWeek, what percentage of any IT budget is spent on keeping the network up and running? A customer wants to migrate a company's three-tier architecture to a two-tier architecture. Which technology would you recommend to flatten the network architecture? Using IRF, which switch series can be combined into a group of no more than two switches? Which product feature contributes to the exceptional switching performance of the FlexFabric portfolio for the mid-sized business? What are two ways that the HP products positioned at the core of mid-sized business HP FlexCampus solutions, as well as the products positioned at the edge, promote environmental efficiency? (Select two.) A mid-sized business delivers software as a service (SaaS) solutions to subscribers and is gaining business rapidly. The company requires a highly available FlexCampus solution that can also scale as the company expands. What is a benefit of the HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) technology for this customer? With which HP product should a sales professional lead for the router at a branch with 30 seats? A company with a single-vendor network is opening two new branches. What should the company consider when obtaining a networking solution for the branches in order to follow the best practices recommended by analysts such as Gartner? (Select two.) Which HP AllianceONE partner solution provides simplified remote network management using a zl Services Module installed in the 5400 zl? What is the role of Rapid Ring Protection Protocol (RRPP) when deployed in a network? What is a primary disadvantage for companies that have committed to a single-vendor network? The 5400 zl and 8200 zl share which features? (Select three.) The FlexNetwork architecture is tailored to the needs of which business size?