HP2-T29 - Delta - Building Server Solutions

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Example Questions

Your customer does not install OS locally but is utilizing network boot over IPv6. Which server supports IPv6 PXEboot? Which functionality does Onboard Administrator provide? Which HP High Performance Computing technology provides workload balancing based on BladeSystem Enclosure Dynamic Power Capping? Which HP system management tool is activated and configured through HP ROM-based Setup Utility? Which I/O workload scenario is most suitable for Solid State Disk (SSD) drives'? Which HP Blade System component provides a secure single point of access for users performing management tasks on server blades or interconnects modules? Which HP Smart Memory technology can provide speeds up to 2133 MT/s? Which ProLiant server line is comprised of expandable tower servers'? On which API is HP OneView's open development program built? Which compute workloads are most suitable for scale-out computing solutions'?(Select two.) Which component has been introduced for HP Gen9 servers'? Which HP server architecture enables customization of server networking adapters? Which component can be used to determine the RAID configuration for direct attached disks? What can be used to download the Active Health System (AHS) logs'? What does Secure Boot configuration support? Your customer has multiple c7000 enclosures with Virtual Connect modules. The customer intends to use HP OneView, but before adding enclosures to HP OneView, all VC modules must be updated to the common, supported baseline. Which tool should you use to update the VC modules? In which device bay can a D2220sb storage blade be installed when partnered with and placed in the same zone as a half-height blade server? Which functionalities are included in the Onboard Administrator?(Select two.) What does HP recommend customers do when upgrading to a second processor in a DL380 Gen9 server? What is M.2?