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Example Questions

What is the best way to exercise replaced DAS component in a server Which statement is correct about the HP iLO Management Engine? What does incremental backup do? What should you do if an online firmware flash of the system board fails? Which LED is a new feature for the 6 GB SATA disk drive in Gen8 servers? Which tool is used to update system and iLO firmware of the HP Integrity rx2800 i2 Server? A customer has placed a service call because RAID 6 cannot be configured on a Smart Array P420i controller using 4 disk drives. What is the most likely cause of the problem? Which RAID level is known as Advance Data Guarding (ADG)? You have a P421/1GB FBVVC with three hard disks configured as RAID 5. What is the minimum requirement to upgrade the disk's configuration to RAID 60? (Select two.) What are common types of virtualization? (Select two.) In HP ProLiant Gen8 servers what allows customization of the default network connectivity? What is the name of the HP agent that enables a customer to manage HP provided software stored in a user-defined repository? The system board of an HP Integrity rx2800 i2 server needs to be replaced. Which statements are correct? (Select two.) How does Dynamic power Capping differ from Power Capping? What is required by iLO to support Agentless management? (Select two.) You need to replace one of the processors in a dual processor ProLiant Server. Which processor should become the primary processor? A memory DIMM of an HP Integrity rx2800 i2 server failed and was deconfigured. You replaced it. Which statement is correct? What are benefits of RAID 6 Advanced Data Guarding (ADG)? (Select two) Which tool provides the most inclusive information about a server? When installing a rack in a data center, which way should the racks face? An engineer needs to mount an HP IP KVM G2 switch in an HP 10842 G2 rack. The rack does not contain a console. The customer does not want this switch to be mounted in a place that can be used by a server. What is the best method for mounting the switch? Once the HPSReport generation program completes, what is the next step in the support process? What is the first step when creating a NIC team using NCU? Which statements are correct about SIM 7.0 Agentless Management? (Select two.) HP Support asked you to load diagnostics from a SmartStart CD to evaluate a DL360 G6 server. The customer removed the DVD drive and installed the optional disk backplane to add more disk drives. With no DVD drive available, how can you load the diagnostics? How can you validate the installed firmware versions on an HP Integrity rx2800 i2 server? (Select two.) What are the upgrade options on HP FlexLOM? (Select two.) Which key must you press to access the Intelligence Provisioning Maintenance Menu? After the system board of an HP Integrity rx2800 i2 is replaced, which tool is used to set the mode of the SAS controller? What is the term that describes the full backup typically performed by a system administrator every week? After booting the latest version of Smart Start and starting HP Insight Diagnostics on a server that is having hardware issues.Where can you check for any errors that have occurred previously on another date? The user of an HP Integrity rx2800 i2 Server believes a processor core is missing.Which UEFI command may be used to verify this? Microsoft Windows BitLocker Encryption feature uses a TPM microcontroller chip to store certificates and encryption keys on a DL380 G7.Which action must a field engineer perform before upgrading server firmware and installing an addition storage controller? What should be installed on a ProLiant Gen8 Server to display operating system information within the iLO GUI? What does differential backup do? An engineer needs to add two Extended Runtime Modules (ERM) on an existing HP R7000 UPS. How does the engineer need to configure the R7000 UPS with the extra available battery runtime? When populating memory slots in a DL380 G7 server, which rule must be followed? Which UEFI command is used to back up and store the NVRAM variables of a HP Integrity rx2800 i2? What is achieved on ProLiant Gen8 Servers by including temperature sensors on stand-up components within the server (3D Sea of Sensors)? What is the best way to exercise replaced DAS components in a server? An engineer installed an IPDU solution in a rack.While verifying the installation,the engineer discovers that the IPDU firmware is not up to date.Which method should the engineer use to update the IPDU firmware? Which tool is used to identify correctable memory errors on a ProLiant Gen8 server that has an operating system without HP management agents installed? When viewing the iLO 4 Subsystems end Devices tab, no system health information shows up for an HP ProLiant Gen8 server. What could be the cause? What are features of Option ROM Configuration for Arrays (ORCA)? (Select two.) When installing CPUs in ProLiant Gen8 servers, what is used to help an engineer ensure quick, precise, intelligent processor installation? You replaced a system board on an HP Integrity rx2800 i2 Server. Which iLO command menu option is used to re-enable network connection options, such as telnet and Web SSL? Which statement is correct? A processor failed and was replaced in an HP Integrity rx2800 i2 server. Which UEFI command should be used to verify that the new processor is active and, if needed, may be used to activate it? A support engineer is adding an additional memory DIMM to a ProLiantDL360 G7 server.The original server configuration contains 3 x 2 GB Dual Rank (DDR3-1333) Registered DIMMs. What is the default port to use to access the System Management Homepage with Internet Explorer for a ProLiant Server?