HP2-T16 - Industry Standard Architecture and Technology

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Example Questions

What can you use to access the server console remotely when an operating system is not running? (Select two) What can you do to optimize memory performance? What is provided by the serial port hardware interface for managing network devices? Which information should a successful backup strategy contain? (Select two) You must deal with performance problems in your storage subsystem. Your application is mainly doing large writes. What can you do to increase performance? A customer is using the GFS backup rotation plan with the weekly backups occuring Friday evening. The customer needs to restore a file that was known to be good on Friday morning. From which backup should the customer restore? Which protocols are used by in-band management? (Select two) Which major challenges of I/O virtualization do Virtual Machine Managers need to address? (Select two) What are characteristics of a virtual machine instance? (Select three) A customer complains about server performance. Performance parameters show the following information: Network Segment: % Network Utilization - 55% Page/Sec - 7 % Processor Time - 55% % Disk Time - 35% Which command can be used to verify connectivity to a client machine? Your customer wants to use Microsoft Windows Clustering for high availability. Which storage technology is best suited for this? What happens when you install a 66Mhz, 32-bit PCI card in a 33MHz, 64-bit PCI slot? Into what range do reserved TCP/IP server ports generally fall? What happens during an incremental backup? (Select two) How many address lines does an Intel Xeon processor use, and what is the maximum amount of accessible, addressable memory? You are recieving performance complains about a client/server-based application. Given the following information: Network Output Queue Length: 10 % Processor Time: 50% % Disk time: 30% Pages/Sec: 3 Which server subsystem is the bottleneck? Which transfer rate does USB 2.0 support? In the GFS backup tape rotation plan, how often is the Grandfather backup performed? Which information is required for the implementation of a successful backup strategy? (Select two) In the GFS backup tape rotation plan, how often is the Son backup performed? A customer complains that servers installed in a rack shut down randomly. You cleaned all the vents to ensure proper airflow in the servers, but the problem still exists. How should you solve this problem? What is considered a best practice for a data center? Which server filters outgoing network requests? In the GFS backup tape rotation plan, which type of backup is the Grandfather? What are advantages of DAS solutions? What is problematic for a data center? (Select two.) Which material should be used for cleaning the ends of fibre optic cables? A customer has a single-threaded application running on a dual-core base ProLiant server. Processor utilization is consistently between 80 - 100%. Which step should you take to reduce system load on the processors? Which statement is true about the installation of DIMM memory modules? What are two types of backbone SAN topologies? (Select two) How many independent parity schemes are utilized for a RAID 6 array? Which statements are true about active and passive cooling systems? (Select two) After some analysis, you determine that more memory is needed to address a system bottleneck. How do you incrase the memory and ensure the additional resources are effective to meet the need? Which action do you perform after installing the Network Operating System (NOS)? What is the software abstraction layer instance commonly called? You have a disk enclosure with 14 x 72GB Wide-Ultra2 SCSI hard disks connected. You add an additional disk enclosure with 8 x 146GB Hot-Pluggable Ultra320 SCSI hard disks to an array controller. To optimize peformance, you move 3 x 72GB Ultra2 hard disks to a new enclosure to balance the number of hard disks across two channels. The disks in the new enclosure are not working correctly and the disks are not seen in the array controller management tool. There are no conflicting device IDs and termination is correct. All enclosures were pwoered on before powering up the server. What are the possible causes of the problem? (Select two) You move all the drives of a RAID set from one DL380 G6 Server running Windows 2008 to another, and insert them in the same order. However, the data is not available. What might be the cause? All the RAID sets in a server system are no longer accessible. Which step should be taken first to troubleshoot this problem? You want to create a RAID set with 8 disks. Which RAID technology incurs a 50% capacity penalty? Which type of I/O refers to the number of I/O requests the OS sends to the array controller, not including RAID overhead? Which Linux utility helps you obtain reports about the virtual memory? Which statement is true about in-band network management? What happens during a differential backup? (Select two) In the GFS backup tape rotation plan, which type of backup is the Father? What is the virtual machine instance commonly called? When should you create a new baseline for your server? (Select three.) Which type of information is obtained during the site survey? (Select two) Your customer's workstation has four 15K rpm SAS drives. The customer wants the best possible performance, and is not concerned about data loss. Which RAID level best meets this customer's needs? Which switch port type is required to support FC-AL devices in a SAN?