HP2-K32 - Selling HP SMB Storage Exam

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Example Questions

As a consultant, you are configuring Peer Motion during an initial setup of the HP 3PAR StoreServ systems. What must you consider to ensure the correct configuration of a Peer Motion environment? One of your customer's remote office servers has caught fire. What can the operator do to recover Quickly? What is one of the key ways that HP StoreOnce installations achieve high backup performance? Which requirements would prevent you from offering the HP 3PAR StoreServ product to a customer? An Exchange user has accidentally deleted his entire contact list. Which feature of Data Protector will enable him to recover the list rapidly and easily from the backup? HP Services offer HP Proactive Care Personalized Support for HP 3PAR StoreServ customer. What additional feature does it offer over HP Proactive Care When using notification settings in Service Tools and Technical Support (STaTS). Which task can you perform with Symptom? What is one of the first questions you should ask an SMB customer that is considering the implementation of a virtualization solution? Which HP storage product provides customer with the lowest cost shared storage solution What are the four key customer pain points with Information Protection? What percentage of storage is estimated to connect to a Virtual Machine? Which situation prevents you from using SmartStart to install an HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 system at a customer site? The StoreEasy Storage product set has three key features. Two of these are Efficient and Secure. What is the third? What is the name of the new Exchange capability that is enhancing high availability and improves recovery time so the user is totally unaware of any downtime? Which HP solution would you propose to a VMware or Hyper-V customer that needs to support mixed workloads and demanding applications? The HP StoreEasy product range provides deduplication as standard. Which type of file benefits most from this technology? Your customer wants to improve their BC/DR capability. Which products are fully integrated with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)? (Select two.) For customers who use HP StoreEasy 3000 Gateways with HP 3PAR StoreServ storage, which feature provides a significant performance improvement in file copying? Customers often experience an impact on their storage requirements during a technology refresh or consolidation. What service can you offer to guide these customers? Why do customers new to virtualization need to have a SAN? Which solution would be best suited to meet the needs of an SMB customer that wants to introduce virtualization, but has a small budget and limited early growth? What is the biggest risk of performing tape backup at branch offices? Which statement best reflects the opportunity of selling HP storage How can access to specific files on LTO tape be made simpler? HP StoreEasy products are integrated with what optimization technique that improves performance for data transferred by Wide Area Network to Branch Offices? What is the customer advantage of HP 3PAR StoreServ self-configuring, provisioning, and optimizing by autonomic management? Why is selling HP StoreEasy such a big opportunity What is the best preparation for disaster recovery? How does using HP StoreOnce backup improve data protection reliability? How does HP StoreOnce backup reduce the complexities of restores? Which security feature does NOT apply to the HP StoreEasy product family How can HP StoreOnce Products quickly backup multiple systems? In recent years, how has the rate of adoption of virtualization in SMBs compared to Enterprise customers? Your SMB customer has approximately 15 TB of unstructured data that needs to be highly available to keep the operation running 24x7. Which HP solution would you propose? HP StoreEasy is Efficient and Highly Available and provides many other features. Which additional feature is regarded as key for your customers? What is the key difference to communicate when positioning an HP StoreVirtual VSA system against an HP StoreVirtual 4000 HP 3PAR StoreServ7000 systems are an ideal solution for Exchange. At which market sector is this storage solution primarily aimed? Your SMB customer has aging EVA storage and wants to hear about HP's recommendation for a next generation EVA. What would you recommend? You are running the SmartStart Installation procedure to install an HP StoreServ 7400 Storage System. Which users, created during the installation process, will have access to this storage system? (Select two.) Which HP storage product is designed for flexible file and application storage and can scale from hundreds to thousands of users? Your customer needs a software backup application for data in a number of remote offices. Which HP product provides this capability in the most cost-effective manner? Your customer has 250 employees and is currently doing backups to a tape machine. What Cloud backup solution could you offer to improve the efficiency and security of their file backups? Your customer has implemented HP StoreOnce. Where is the optimal place to deploy staff who are responsible for disaster recovery of remote office sites? Which zoning rule must be followed to implement Remote Copy over Fibre Channel? What is one key reason customers should archive data? How frequently should a DR solution be tested to ensure a customer minimizes the frequency and duration of any disruption Which HP resource can be used to obtain the latest information on operating system support in an HP 3PAR Storage System environment? How frequently is the amount of data doubling in Size? Your midmarket customer wants to develop a private cloud solution. Which HP Storage product will be best suited to that requirement? Which statement describes the challenges that IT Departments are facing in managing employee mailboxes?