HP2-H23 - Sales Essentials of HP Workstations Exam

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Example Questions

Which HP Performance Display should you recommend to a customer requires 2560 x 1440 resolutions? What is the critical step sales professional may have to take after hearing a customer's objection? What does the competition not support when selling displays and workstations? Which workstation on performance characteristic makes it a good fit for financial analysts and for trading floors? What is a simple definition for Return on Investment or ROI? Your DME customer requires a computing solution that provides multiple processor sockets and has ECC memory. The solution must be able to expand as the customer's needs change. Which HP product (s) should you recommend this customer? Which HP displays are designed with IPS panel technology? Why should a customer purchase an HP Performance Display with an HP workstation? How does Inter vPro technology help your customer's IT department? Which features of an HP 8760w Mobile workstation are important for a GIS customer? Why is the HP Dream Color display on the HP 8560W important to your customer? Which feature should you focus on when your customer asks about serviceability? Which HP performance Display should you recommend if your competition is positioning 24 inch display as part of their portal? Which HP display should you recommend to a customer who is considering 27-inch competitive displays with IPS panels? Which Mil-Std 810G test, performed on the HP 8760w Mobile Workstation can you use to overcome the size and weight objection? Which area of the oil and Gas Industry is your best prospect for selling HP Workstations? Your customer is a small engineering firm with 15 employees. They are currently running their CAD applications on a desktop PC that is three years old and they want to move to a more robust system. They also anticipate growth over the next 24 months and want the new solution to be able to support this growth. Which benefit should you present to your customer as part of the Performance Advisor software? Which benefits of the HP Z820 Workstation should you focus in with a DME customer who is buying a workstation for 3D animation requirements? (Select two.) During discovery you learn that your customer frequently runs multiple applications concurrently and they also run multi-threaded applications. The customer wants to ensure they are maximizing their performance. Which HP workstation feature should you present as a part of the solution for this customer? What is new in the HP mobile Workstation that is consistent with HP Desktop Workstations and will help simplify the lives of your customers' IT service technicians? A customer wants to know what HP offer that the competition does not. Which innovation should you focus on with this customer? Which HP workstation allows you to use a single power cord to power the workstation and display? Which feature on the HP 8760w Mobile Workstation helps keep a customer's professional applications running smoothly? Your customer is interested in workstation class mobility with a Dream Color 17inch color display as a companion for several of their designers' desktops. Which HP Mobile Workstation should your recommend to this customer? Which customer requirement is met by an HP Z820 Workstation configured with a full sixteen core of processing power? Your customer is having difficulty deciding between an HP 8000 Elite Series and a Z220 Workstation solution for their design organization. They indicated that they do not see much deference between the two solutions. What could you tell this customer that might influence them to select the HP Z220 Workstation? Which customer requirement might lead you to recommend an HP Z420 Workstation? Which HP unique innovation helps protect data on HP Mobile Workstations from problems like shock and vibration? What helps your customers maintain maximum application performance? The healthcare market offers the opportunity to sell both PCs and workstations. Which applications in the Healthcare market are best served with an HP Workstation? What makes an HP Mobile Workstation a valuable tool for Digital Media Entertainment (DME) customers? You customer is the IT Manager of a graphic design firm. She is concerned about the long rendering time of the firm's designs with their current PCs. Which HP Workstation feature and benefit should you highlight to the customer? Which factor would be most likely to have the largest impact on the ROI for a customer with 100 designers who are being paid $75,000 per year? Your customer has purchased an HP Mobile Workstation with Ultra Life Battery. Under normal circumstances, how many hours of operation can they expect? Which HP Displays have been specifically designed for HP workstations? A Customer is considering desktop PCs for their solution. You should recommend an HP Z420 Workstation if the customer has what requirement? Many customers have ROI as part of their decision. What is a key point you should focus on to help improve your customers ROI? What would be a good response to your customer's objection of 揑 think we should just use highend PCs for our Autodesk Inventor users, they cost a lot less than workstations? Which HP Performance Display should your recommend when your customer requires a 30 inch display? Which HP IPS displays should you recommend be used with HP Workstation? Which feature is offered on the HP Performance Displays that is not offered by the competition? What are the three HP workstation Pillars that you should focus on when preparing proposal? What must you include in yours proposal for HP Z220 CMT Workstations when your Customer's Primary focus is on productivity? Your healthcare customer indicates they need PACS capability. What area they referring to? What would be a good response to your customer's objection of "I think we should just use high- end PCs for our Autodesk Inventor users, they cost a lot less than workstations"? Which HP offering is capable of helping customers support multiple displays that support graphics applications? What claim can you make about the HP Z1 that will differentiate it from the competition? Your customer wants a solution including an entry level workstation an a 27 inch display that runs Microsoft Windows as an OS, delivers 32GB of memory, and has a very small footprint. Which HP Workstation should you recommend to this customer? What does the HP Z420 offer to improve performance and increase efficiency?