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Example Questions

What is the difference between a frontside bus (FSB) and Intel QuickPath? You are trying to determine the original default specification of an HP workstation. Where would you find this information? A customer wants additional memory installed on a computer. Where can you find the appropriate part number for supported memory on this computer? (Select two.) Bluetooth is an example of which networking technology? You have upgraded the memory in a desktop, but the operating system detects 64MB less memory than was actually installed. What should you do first to find the cause? What does HP Wireless Assistant enable you to do? What is the function of the HP Support Assistant? Where can you find the latest BIOS for an HP personal computer? During which step of the HP Six-Step Troubleshooting Methodology does part replacement occur? From which two locations can you run the DPS test? (Select two.) A user's notebook battery drains and never charges while docked. When an AC adapter is directly connected to the notebook, the battery charges normally. What should you do first to troubleshoot this issue? What is true regarding HP DriveLock if a user has forgotten the master password? What are two primary uses of the HP Insight Diagnostic tool? (Select two.) Which utility is required to update the DMI after you have replaced a system board? Which key should you press during bootup to access the HP BIOS Setup Configuration Utility? What information does the HP Battery Health Check utility provide about the battery? After performing a QuickRestore of an HP notebook, you discover that the restore partition is missing. What is the probable cause? After installation of a new PC, the customer reports that it is running very slow over the network. What is the most likely cause? Which replacement part can generate an Invalid Electronic Serial Number error? Which HP option contains an integrated hard drive? Which hardware support service is available as an HP Care Pack Service? Which function does the Wireless LAN 802.11 n standard provide? Which HP utility is used for testing SATA hard drives on HP workstations? What minimum configuration is required in order to access the embedded SATA RAID configuration tools? (Select two.) What should you do first when a processor displays a temperature warning? What does AMT technology enable you to do? (Select two.) Which HP product supports a RAID 5 configuration? After installing new software, a customer reports an operating system failure that results in random blue screens. What is the first option you should recommend for this customer? A customer complains that their notebook battery does not hold a charge for very long. You determine that the battery has reached the end of its useful life, even though the customer's notebook is still under warranty. What should you do? With HP SpareKey, how many personal questions are asked to confirm a user's identity? What can you do with an HP MultiBay or Upgrade Bay? What is included with the recovery media set in addition to the operating system CD/DVD? An HP product carries a 3-3-3 warranty. What does this mean? Which statement is true about HP thin clients? HP is committed to the Return of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) environment standard. Which statement best defines this standard? A customer purchases an HP notebook that is sold only in their region, but does not buy an HP Worldwide Care Pack. A problem with the notebook occurs while traveling in a foreign country. What should the customer do to repair the notebook under warranty coverage? An application on a customer's HP desktop has failed.Wherecan you findtheapplicationlog file? Which statement best describes the Trusted Platform Module (TPM)? Which devices are used to write data to removable media? (Select two.) A customer reports no sound after Windows XP loads. What is the first step you should take to identify the cause? According to HP best practices, where should you verify the service history for a specific computer? A customer is logged in to the network but cannot print to the network printer. How do you determine if the issue is related to the PC or the network printer? Where can you confirm an HP spare part number? You are trying to locate a part number for warranty replacement of a faulty component. Which part number should you use? A customer reports that the power supply in an HP desktop has had repeated failures. Although it has been replaced several times, the power supply continues to fail. What is the first step you should take to identify the root cause? Identify two BIOS security features introduced with the HP BIOS based on Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). (Select two.) What is the primary function of MXM graphics modules in portables? What do you need to remember about thermal grease after replacing an AMD processor? For what purpose is the command Repset.exe:/cpqsetup.txt used? A customer is having trouble connecting a notebook to a Wi-Fi access point. What is the first thing that you should check to resolve this problem?