HP2-E59 - Introduction to Selling Servers, Storage, Networking and Services

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Example Questions

Compared to competitive products, which intelligent feature of HP ProLiant Gen8 servers can significantly reduce a customers server administration workload? Which HP series of network switches is unmanaged? Your customer has purchased an HP Simply StoreIT solution. What should you do next? Which end of the HP networking portfolio continuum matches businesses in the Starting Out phase of the HP Just Right IT (JRIT) maturity model? Which customer types represent businesses that could be in a horizontal market sector? According to the Just Right IT (JRIT) maturity model, which business requirement indicates a customer that is in the starting out stage of growth? Which business issue is connected to the proliferation of personal devices on the company network? Maintain service level agreements, protect intellectual property, reduce complexity, and reduce costs are characteristic of what type of business issue? Which two basic types of network switches does the HP networking portfolio support? (Select two.) What is unified in the HP unified communications capability? What ROI can HP claim with HP ProLiant Gen8 servers? How should you position the value of HP Technology Services to a customer? How does HP address the business issue of complexity in terms of IT solutions? A customer says to you, 'Data protection is too complicated and too expensive for my business.' What should you do? What does an IBM customer need to buy for services that are comparable to HP Proactive care? Which statement about types of care available from HP Technology Services is true? What is the difference between a network switch and a network router? What does scalability mean to a growing business? Which HP networking solution provides a converged and secure wired and wireless network that enables users to bring their own devices to work? What should you think about during the Mitigate Risk stage of the customer buying cycle? (Select two.) What are three value propositions of HP Simply StoreIT solutions? Which of the four pillars of HP ProLiant server capabilities gives HP ProLiant Gen8 servers the ability to provide significantly more compute power per watt over previous generation servers? Which HP storage is considered the most reliable for long-term data protection? How is HP gaining in networking market share at the expense of Cisco? Your healthcare customer wants to add a separate location for a family practice. They want the new location to have seamless integration into the main location network and support a maximum of five users. Which cost-effective HP networking solution should you recommend? What is a valuable customer benefit of using HP ProLiant Gen8 servers? Which statement is true about the appropriate type of sales motion to use with HP customers? Your retail customer is in the Building Momentum stage of the Just Right IT (JRIT) maturity model. Which value differentiator is most applicable for a storage solution in their corporate office? Your customer, a regional bank, is purchasing network solutions to support their 24-hour online banking services. Which HP Care Pack should you recommend? Who is HP's leading competitor in networking infrastructure products and services? Your customer is in the business expansion stage of the Just Right IT (JRIT) maturity model and wants to enlarge a call center. Which server is likely to be the best solution for this customer? Your customer is entering an expansion phase of their IT infrastructure, after having successfully established a MicroServer/ProLiant ML300 base. Which additional HP products should you recommend to your customer? What is the difference between computer memory and computer storage? Why are HP StoreOnce backup solutions called StoreOnce? Your customer is a medical clinic that is acquiring real estate for a second location. The customer is in which Just Right IT (JRIT) stage of growth? Which statement is typical of a transactional sales engagement? Which HP Simply StoreIT solution includes SAN management and is particularly easy for ProLiant and BladeSystem administrators to use? What is provided by HP Consulting Services? What is the Just Right IT maturity model? HP StoreEasy storage is an example of which type of HP Simply StoreIT solution? You have a small customer who does not have a comms cabinet and the network switch will be installed under a desk in the office. Which feature of the HP 1410 series switches would appeal to this customer? Your customer is in the building momentum stage of the Just Right IT (JRIT) maturity model and has multiple remote and branch offices. Which HP line of servers would likely fit best into their infrastructure? What does ease of integration mean as one of the important IT trends for small and medium business? Which benefit does an HP Care Pack offer that the HP standard product warranty does not? Which family of HP network switches, routers, and hubs is engineered specifically for the small and medium business market? You believe your manufacturing customer is in the Business Expansion stage of the Just Right IT (JRIT) maturity model. Which value differentiator should you use to help position a server upgrade in their production facility? What is single pane of glass management? What can your customer expect from an HP Advanced Solution Center Technical Solution Specialist? (Select two.) Why does HP use the term polymorphic storage to describe HP 3PAR StoreServ storage?