HP2-E56 - Selling HP SMB Solutions - Exam

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Example Questions

Why should a customer consider buying HP IP phones for their HP Lync deployment? What is a good way to introduce HP Lync Solutions into a conversation with a customer? How does the trend known as "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) affect the workplace? What cost-effective solution component enables branch office workers to continue collaborating with each other and making external calls even when the corporate network is unavailable? What are the best sources for finding information on HP client virtualization SMB solutions and reference architectures? How should you approach a new customer who is not tech-savvy and is concerned that changes in their IT environment will negatively impact their business productivity? What is an effective use of customer qualification questions? What is the primary purpose of the Partner Sales Advantage (PSA) tool? How do customers benefit from client virtualization? Which components are included in a typical HP client virtualization SMB solution? Where is the best place to find comparative information about networking products for mid-sized businesses? According to the Just Right IT framework, how many employees does a small business have? What is a key feature of HP Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions? How do HP VDI solutions support customers with “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) initiatives? When should a customer perform an in-depth network assessment? You think your customer may not be aware of the impact of adding voice to a data network. To ensure the best possible outcome, how should you approach them? According to Just Right IT, what are the initiatives that small businesses care most about? What is a key characteristic of HP FlexNetwork? Which condition is most important for a successful client virtualization deployment? What is a unique feature of HP client virtualization (CV) reference architectures that applies only to Citrix VDI-in- a-Box? Your customer's healthcare services business is in a growth stage. Employee headcount has increased from nine to twenty in the past nine months. Which server should you recommend? Your customer has started a new business and has six employees who will need to easily stay connected. Which server and switch should you recommend? Your customer is launching a small business that is an independently managed subsidiary of a large enterprise. Initially, there will be more than 50 workers who will need to stay connected. Which networking solution should you recommend? What are the growth stages that small businesses typically experience? How does your customer benefit from deploying an HP FlexNetwork solution? Which statement best describes HP VDI endpoint devices? Which HP networking switch integrates the module co-developed by HP and Microsoft that enables branch office workers to continue using Lync to stay connected to each other and make external phone calls even when the network is unavailable? How does Unified Communications and Collaboration affect the workplace? Your workforce relies heavily on the corporate phone system to connect to clients and to each other. How can you help ensure the priority of the voice network for adequate communication? In addition to training, what other tools are provided to help you sell HP Lync Solutions into the midmarket segment? Who are HP's strategic client virtualization software partners? What is the HP Just Right IT framework? Your customer's business has stringent requirements for very long-term data retention. Which HP storage product should you recommend? According to HP. how many employees comprise a mid-size business? What impact does client visualization have on data security and business protection? What is the significance of the HP FlexNetwork architecture? What top concern might a customer in the healthcare industry have with client virtualization? How do you use a customer's growth stage to facilitate a conversation with potential customers? What is the best response to a customer who needs to reduce expenses, but is concerned that switching from their aging PBX system to Lync with voice capabilities will not meet their needs? What is a typical customer objection to HP service support? Which HP client virtualization SMB reference architecture includes HP StoreVirtual VSA to expand shared storage? Your customers consulting business is experiencing a decline in growth. The customer needs to reduce operating expenses. With a seat size of 45 employees, how can virtualization help the customer operate more efficiently? Which statement best describes HP VDI reference architectures for midmarket businesses? Your customer is experiencing slow response time for applications, and has diagnosed the problem as poor switch management. Why would a managed switch be a good solution? How does the Just Right IT framework simplify the sales process? In addition to customer size and workload requirements, what key factor must be considered when recommending technology products and services to a small business customer? What is one key benefit provided by the HP Lync Solution? How does increasing the number of VDI servers affect system performance? Your customer is making their first technology purchase for their new business. What typical tasks will they perform with their equipment? Why are HP VDI reference architectures for mid-sized businesses tested, sized, and optimized for a specific number of users?