HP2-E53 - Selling HP Enterprise Solutions Exam (HP2-E53)

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Example Questions

The storage industry, more than other IT areas, is currently experiencing a major technology change. What is the key reason for this change? A growing number of people have phones and other devices in the workplace that are not approved or supported by their IT organization. This is commonly called Bring Your Own Device of BYOD. What is the industry term for this trend? Which HP solution will help a customer reduce the costs caused by sprawl for their most critical applications? (NEED TO VERIFY ANSWER) Your customer has a large number of servers, many of which have virtualized environments. Which platform would help them quickly consolidate these servers and prepare them for a future move to Cloud? Which database platform supports both SAP and OLTP on Integrity, Superdome 2, and HP ProLiant DL980 servers? What is predicted to happen by the end of 2012 as a result of private, public, and hybrid clouds? Which device supports 10 GB and 40 GB Ethernet networks? Which statement accurately describes the HP Converged Infrastructure Maturity Model (CI-MM)? In 2011, HP launched a new partner program to simplify service delivery and offer partners access to a wider range of services. What is this new program called? HP FlexNetwork was designed to meet the needs of virtualized environments that drive up "East-West" network traffic flows. Which type of traffic is this? You have been working with your customer on a solution and have identified the business value for the key decision makers. The next major step is to negotiate the deal with the customer to be able to progress to a purchase order. What will you do to keep control of the negotiation discussions? Data deduplication typically reduces storage requirements by which factor? Which statement best explains how HP Power Discovery Services help with deployment of power? How does HP Enhanced Battery Management technology benefit customers? Your customer has G5 and G6 servers installed. Which Opex savings could they expect to achieve by moving to ProLiant Gen8, based on IDC research? Which clustering solution will be released during 2012 that will significantly enhance Linux for mission-critical applications? Which innovation did HP develop to prevent the incorrect removal of a working drive when replacing a faulty drive in a RAID array set? You have a customer with multiple regional and branch offices that wants to set up reliable, rich media video collaboration to decrease travel and training costs. Which AllianceONE solutions should you suggest? On the SCOTSMAN qualification checklist, the "A" stands for Authority. Which question would best help you qualify this area on the checklist? If an existing configuration with 10 G5 servers and 10 G6 servers is transitioned to a configuration with eight Gen8 servers, how long will it take until payback is achieved? In addition to utility and cloud storage and deduplication, what are the fastest growing sub- segments within Storage? (Select two.) According to research by Burson-Marsteller, what is the key approach to resolving the issue that there is a huge gap between the need for business agility and the current agility of businesses? Which features are supported only by HP SmartMemory to ensure that customers are getting the highest quality memory, which has been optimized to run on HP ProLiant Gen8? (Select two.) According to the 2011 VMware channel survey, how much was spent on hardware and services for every $1 spent on virtualization software? On which key HP capabilities is HP CloudSystem based? (Select two.) Why are customers struggling to manage their IT infrastructures with more than 70% of their resources being trapped in operations, problem resolution, and maintenance activities? Which HP Storage product was used to showcase 1.5 million IOPS with a DL580 and was also used by Wine.com to increase transaction throughput by 1,800%? What does HP location-based intelligence do? What is HP Networking product that supports AllianceONE partner solutions? HP LeftHand 4000 Storage solutions are an excellent fit for which type of customer environments? According to IDC research, how much does the time to deploy a new service improve in moving from Compartmentalized to Adaptive? Which HP solution will help a customer reduce the costs caused by sprawl for their most critical applications? Which statement most accurately describes the HP Cloud Discovery Workshop? Why can a company deliver up to 10% more usable power per circuit through HP Power Discovery Services? By what level can HP 3PAR reduce a customer's acquisition and operational costs? At what point in the sales cycle should you start to talk about HP Services? What is the collective name for the HP technologies that are focused on maximizing performance and uptime by touching every aspect of the client experience across the lifecycle? Which HP storage solution is used in the HP VirtualSystem VS2? Which type of failure is addressed by the innovative HP ProLiant Gen8 Smart Socket Guide? Which feature will help a customer realize a cost savings of $1,828 USD, assuming there is HP equipment inside the rack and that energy costs 10 cents per kWh? Which statement best describes the HP Converged Storage approach? Your customer is looking for substantial growth for applications that will instantly run on an HP DL960. Which performance growth is HP predicting for x86 applications with HP Project Odyssey? What is one of the key values of a converged infrastructure? Your customer is concerned that with greater scalability from HP Project Odyssey, power requirements could become an issue. What is the expected increase in efficiency compared to equivalent capacity x86 servers today? What drives data center server-to-server traffic? (Select two.) Your customer wants to deliver a significant increase in throughput for indexing. Which HP Storage device should you recommend? Which step is omitted in the process of obtaining an HP VirtualSystem? Enabled by HP Peer Motion, Storage Federation allows customers to perform workload balancing. What are the key benefits of workload balancing? (Select two.) When HP updated their own internal servers in the HP data centers, approximately how long did it take to replace all non-HP wide area routers and switches? What is the implication of selling at levels 1 and 2 on the business relationship ladder?