HP2-E43 - Selling HP SMB Solutions Exam

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Example Questions

Your customer reports the following business problem: inefficiencies as a result of ineffective version management when files are shared and an inconsistent filing model. What is the most likely technology cause for this business problem? Connecting is one of the IT enabled activities within the HP Just Right IT program. Which statement best describes Just Right IT connecting? Which statement is characteristic of the HP Midsized Business Center? Which ProLiant advantages should you share with a customer in a competitive situation? (Select three ) Which question is an example of a storage qualification question? What are small and midmarket companies less likely to have on their websites than enterprise companies? Which description is characteristic of HP Technology Services? Which HP management software converges network management and orchestration tools? HP Data Protector Express is targeted at which customer profile? As defined by HP, what are the three midmarket pillars? HP V-Series switches are solutions to which small business customer pain point? Which small business customer pain point is addressed by moving from P2P to a first server solution? Your customer is losing revenue and business opportunity restoring PC image files. What is the most likely cause? Sharing, Connecting, Creating, Storing, and Printing are the IT-enabled activities that serve as the pillars for which HP solution offering? What is a typical characteristic of the IT infrastructure at a mid-sized business? Which question is an example of a networking qualification question? Which pain point or technology issue is addressed by HP Data Protector Express? What is the poorest resource for finding information about midmarket server positioning? Which product is an example of small business storage software? How can you help to ensure the priority of the voice network for adequate communication? What do HP advanced switching, routing, and security solutions with industry-leading scale and performance does for networks? What is a storage pain point? What is the HP solution for customers who frequently run out of disk space? The HP Imaging and Printing Group (IPG) helps shape the future of digital imaging and printing. Which product is NOT part of the IPG portfolio? What is a realistic customer objection to an HP networking solution? Why does HP win in the networking area? Your customer's employees are complaining about their wireless user experience. Which HP solution should you recommend? Which questions are examples of small business server qualification questions? (Select three.) What do HP Care Pack Services provide? What is a typical customer objection to HP service support? Determining if a customer is open to a meeting with HP and an HP solution is most closely aligned with which step in the sales cycle? Which statement about HP Data Protector Express is true? To effectively sell into a small business, you must demonstrate how HP technology can both fulfill the customer's vision and also provide which other benefit? Which HP products for smaller businesses provide a single, safe location for employees to share files, documents, applications, and software? What is a storage-related security issue? The HP Partner Sales Advantage Tool (PSA Tool) is primarily intended for use during which step in the sales cycle? Which statement is a part of the midmarket competitive analysis for servers? Which factor will competitors most likely attack on HP storage products? The HP Personal Systems Group (PSG) helps shape the future of personal computing by transforming how people think, feel, and connect. Which product is NOT part of the PSG portfolio? How do you justify the higher cost of HP small business networking solutions compared to some competitive offerings? Why does HP win in the server market? Which objection are you LEAST likely to encounter when positioning a server in a small business? What can a small business customer do to segregate high bandwidth network activities from the rest of the load? Your customer is experiencing slow response time for applications, and has diagnosed the problem as poor switch management. Why would a managed switch be a good solution? What is the primary benefit of HP Support Services? Which statement about HP servers is most important for small businesses? Which statement is descriptive of HP Care Pack Services? What is HP Data Protector Express? In response to business growth, some companies add new IT hardware without having a clear IT strategy or plan to keep up with that growth. What is this IT trend called? What is NOT a small business customer pain point in networking?