HP2-E37 - Selling HP Bladesystems

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Example Questions

Which HP Services offering for blade servers provides hardware, software, licensing, and support under a services contract? Which characteristics of your customer’s environment would indicate an opportunity to sell an HP BladeSystem? (Select two.) Which question would help uncover a BladeSystem opportunity for a customer with availability concerns? When the HP BladeSystem portfolio is described as a balanced architecture, what does that mean? How can HP BladeSystem assist a customer that is planning a server consolidation or virtualization project? P.O.D. is an acronym for an exciting HP product that refers to which technology description? Which HP Networking solution provides management from a single console, delivers very high performance for server-to-server connections, and is architected for the highest levels of availability? Selling HP BladeSystem leads to higher profit margins, particularly when sold with which two products? What are the key capabilities of Insight Control? (Select two.) What are HP Cloud Maps? Which HP Storage offering has the unique features to solve the rapidly growing problem of unstructured data? Customers that have invested in HP Converged Infrastructure are able to transform their data centers and accomplish which objective? What are the IT concerns of customers who fall within the SMB market space? (Select two.) Which Thermal Logic technology continuously monitors power consumption, and also helps to identify and reclaim trapped energy? What is a key characteristic that has driven the success of the Enterprise Virtual Array? Which HP innovation allows customers to simplify server connections to LANs and SANs? What are key differentiators for HP BladeSystem when compared to competitive offerings? What is one thing that HP StoreOnce enables customers to do? What is the essence of the HP StoreOnce value proposition? What is the unique aspect of the HP StoreOnce deduplication product? Which customer situation would indicate a possible Rack-to-Blade sales play? How does HP view blades in comparison to how other vendors view blades, which has contributed to the success of HP BladeSystem? How can your customer benefit by transforming their datacenter with BladeSystem Matrix? (Select two.) In which areas should a customer be able to easily achieve savings by moving from ProLiant DL360 G3 technology to the HP BladeSystem G7 technology? (Select two.) Which key data center challenges have been made worse by virtualization? (Select two.) The HP BladeSystem portfolio is segmented into four categories: Scale-Out blades and Mission- Critical blades are two of the categories. What are the other categories? (Select two.) Which new array was first introduced as part of the HP rebranding of the XP Disk Array family? What HP service is appropriate for a customer who is interested in the ability to dial-up capacity when needed and minimize procurement cycles? Which type of customer environment would present an opportunity to sell HP Insight Control for Linux? Which statement best describes the data center challenges being faced in the year 2011? What is a blade? Your customer wishes to migrate their business-critical applications away from outdated and proprietary architectures and benefit from standardized infrastructures. Which BladeSystem offering should you discuss? What is one of the trends that is driving the need for intelligent networks? SteinMart, a retailer based in the US, created a centralized data center based on BladeSystem Matrix. They saw Matrix as a way to accomplish what? The BL680c blade server is best suited for which blade server segments? (Select two.) How does the 3PAR Storage product support massive consolidation? Customers that have limited IT staff and are managing large server farms are ideal candidates for which sales play? What does the Integrity i2 Blade Link technology enable customers to do? How does HP Insight Management solve the customer's pain point of manual server deployment? The need for high performance computing has driven many customers to a scale-out approach. As a consequence, which feature has HP included as a priority when designing blades? HP has been recognized by Gartner as a leader within the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Blades (Jan 2011). What does that recognition signify? Two HP BladeSystem servers have been extremely popular within the Enterprise data center. One of them is a half-height blade and considered the most popular blade in the industry. The other provides maximum performance and unparalleled scale-up expansion never seen before in a fourprocessor x 86 server blades. . What are these two blade servers? (Select two.)