HP2-E35 - Administering HP Converged. Infrastructure Solutions

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Example Questions

What is an example of HP Thermal Logic technology? When adding a blade to a VC domain with eight enclosures, where should you create the bay profile? Which HP Insight Software products enable customers to continuously analyze and optimize their virtual and physical infrastructures? (Select two.) Using Insight Dynamics five-star rating system, what is indicated with a headroom rating of five stars? Which membership is required in order to utilize the Insight Orchestration console? When deploying a Boot from SAN on a new blade server using Insight Orchestration, where are modifications needed for blade network and Fiber Channel connectivity? An administrator receives a request for new infrastructure services. Before initiating this request, which task does the administrator need to perform? An administrator wants to run "what if" scenarios before changing all servers to virtual machines. How should the administrator achieve this? What are benefits of HP FlexFabric? (Select two.) Users complain about experiencing long access time for the files located on the shared storage. You have to investigate where the bottleneck is located. Which tool can help locate the problem? Which utility can be used to identify an ideal target server for server migration destination? You need to deploy a Windows image to a blade. How can you ensure your new blade will boot PXE? (Select three.) Which technology can help address one of the most critical data center issues, power and cooling? What would be used to perform a scenario-wide forecast of memory, processor, disk, and LAN utilization for future provisioning? Which statement most accurately describes a logical server? Which HP Virtual Connect module supports FCoE data packets? What is required to start online analysis on a target node using Insight Control performancemanagement? What does the HP Power Regulator for ProLiant servers control? You need to configure email notification in HP Systems Insight Manager, wich functionality is used to achieve this? You diagnose a performance bottleneck on some server blades using Insight Control performancemanagement. You want to collect performance information for these servers more often than for other servers. Which setting must be changed? A customer has non-virtualized ProLiant servers and wants to migrate to virtual servers on blades. Which server migration functionality can be used to consolidate the servers? A system board has been replaced on a server blade and you have to update the systemROM. Which HP resource should be used? Which command line tool is used to gather SIM CMS configuration information? One of your users has notified you that they have no available server pools to select in requesting a service through the self-service portal. What must be done to enable this user to select a server pool for their service request? What are functions of a FlexFabric adapter? (Select two.) A customer would like to change their HP Version Control agent settings after the Windows operating system is installed. How can this be achieved? Each FlexNIC can be configured from 100Mb/s up to 10Gb/s. Where is the bandwidth set? Which pools are automatically created when starting up Insight Dynamics infrastructure orchestration for the first time? (Select two.) As part of a HP Data Center Environmental Edge base configuration, what does HP recommend? Which tool is used to perform all performance statistics of an HP Enterprise Virtual Array? Which resource can be used for updating drivers and firmware for Converged Infrastructure components? What is the default monitoring setting for "Number of samples to determine status" in Insight Control performance management? What is a benefit of HP Performance Optimized Data Center (POD)? You need to place a newly created logical server on a hypervisor host. Which feature of Insight Dynamics capacity planning helps you in choosing the best available hypervisor host? You are attempting to create a new virtual server from a server pool. You are attempting to assign a resource from the unassigned pool, but the action fails. What could be the problem? You want to be informed when free space on a boot partition is below specified level. Which tool can you use to set such thresholds? Which of the new reports in HP Insight Software version 6 can be used to help reduce the amount of servers in an environment? What is the primary performance monitoring software or utility on HP ProLiant Blade System servers running either physical or virtual Red Hat Linux? How do you reset all Virtual Connect Ethernet modules back to factory default? (Select two.) An HP Infrastructure Orchestration service request failed and you see a logical server that is named "clean_me". Which statement is true regarding the data on the system disk? Which utility should be used to generate a detailed health report from th Virtual Connect domain configuration? You want to gather configuration information about blade chassis, PCI bus, and firmware versions. Which discovery methods and protocols does HP SIM need to perform this task? You are reviewing request details using the Insight Orchestration self-service portal. The created request is in a Pause state. What does this mean? What should you use to upgrade the HP Virutal Connect Firmware? You want to assign a Virtual Connect profile to a server using a Virtual Connect Manager, but you are not able to perform this action in the management console. What should you confirm? Which tools are used to monitor server resource utilization (i.e. processor, memory, storage)? (Select two.) What does it mean when a server has been allocated to the maintenance pool in Insight Orchestration server pools? Which utility can be used to update Virtual Connect firmware? Using Insight Dynamics five-star rating system indicates a five-star match during the move of a logical server. What does it mean? Which versions of HP Insight Dynamics are available? (Select three.)