HP2-E32 - Selling HP SMB solutions

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Example Questions

What is a benefit of P4000 LeftHand SAN solutions over traditional non-virtualized SAN solutions? Low cost HP personal color printers are identified by which brand name? Which statement is true about the SMB customer? What are the four key customer pain points with Information Protection? What is a main enhancement of Intel Xeon 5500 processors over previous generation processors? Which HP display series provides environmental features and comfort-focused design? Which requirements would prevent you from offering the HP 3PAR StoreServ product to a customer? Which HP storage product is designed for flexible file and application storage and can scale from hundreds to thousands of users? A customer's printing requirement centers on high-volume printing with the fastest output. Which printing technology would you recommend to this customer? Which HP server should you recommend to a budget-conscious SMB. customer, who requires a tower platform for a single-function application? Which statement describes the challenges that IT Departments are facing in managing employee mailboxes? What is one of the key ways that HP StoreOnce installations achieve high backup performance? Which HP solution would you propose to a VMware or Hyper-V customer that needs to support mixed workloads and demanding applications? Which feature contributes to the increased reliability of the HP Thin Client? Which HP personal workstation series features AMD Opteron processors? A customer has employees who travel frequently. They are concerned about their notebooks being stolen and their data accessed by unauthorized persons. Which HP features should you explain to this customer? A customer is concerned about data security with their HP wireless notebook. Which HP feature is a competitive differentiator that addresses their concern? What should you emphasize when approaching a customer about attached options and services sales? Your customer has 250 employees and is currently doing backups to a tape machine. What Cloud backup solution could you offer to improve the efficiency and security of their file backups? What is a benefit of DDR-3 memory? HP All-in-One Storage Systems are examples of which kind of solution? What is HP ProtectTools? In recent years, how has the rate of adoption of virtualization in SMBs compared to Enterprise customers? Which HP Storage product is targeted at SMB customers that need low cost ProLiant attached storage for single- site consolidation and virtualization? Which services elements are targeted for commercial or SMB. customers? A customer requires technical assistance with the design of a secure network solution. Which service would you recommend to this customer? A customer has a limited IT budget and is interested only in cost savings. Of which HP product or service should you advise this customer to consider? What is a benefit of RAID implementation for a customer? A customer is running a mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) application. This is a potential sales opportunity for which type of HP hardware platform? After speaking with a customer, you determine their desktop requirements include a highly stable device with built-in manageability features. Their greatest concern, however, is security. Which HP solution is best for this customer? Which hardware platform is used as the foundation for HP StorageWorks NAS solutions? Which Modular Smart Array (MSA) family member provides scalable fibre-channel SAN with SAS- based backend storage? What is the best preparation for disaster recovery? You are completing the sale of 10 ProLiant servers to a cost-conscious SMB. r hour. What can you discuss with this customer that addresses their concern? A customer is considering a high-end series desktop for their 3D modeling application, which may be an upsell opportunity to an HP workstation. How should you position this to the customer? (Select two.) Which statement is true about a consultative sale? A customer wants to deploy Citrix for server-based computing. Which product should you recommend for his solution? Which phrase most accurately describes SMB. customers? A workstation sale typically pulls opportunities for which other HP products or services? Which HP program should you recommend to a customer who has old equipment they want to dispose of? Your customer wants to improve their BC/DR capability. Which products are fully integrated with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)? (Select two.) A customer wants a low-cost HP desktop with only minimal features. For this sales opportunity, which HP product series should you recommend? What is a key way that HP StoreOnce Catalyst improves backup performance Wide screen displays offer more viewing area using fewer pixels. Typically, how much of an increase in viewing area does a wide screen display provide? How is a competitive advantage best achieved? (Select two.) Which type of server should be recommended for file, print, and fax services for no more than 50 users? The HP StoreEasy product range provides deduplication as standard. Which type of file benefits most from this technology? What is one of the first questions you should ask an SMB customer that is considering the implementation of a virtualization solution? Where will a customer see the greatest performance benefits with a quad-core processor? Customers often experience an impact on their storage requirements during a technology refresh or consolidation. What service can you offer to guide these customers?