HP2-B110 - Selling HP Imaging and Printing Supplies - Exam

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Example Questions

Which statement is true about the printer's warranty and the use of non-HP cartridges? Where is the security label on a laser cartridge? Why are HP supplies important to the reseller? Which program provides a full service contract to the customer? What is a typical cross-selling question? How can you increase the sales of supplies? On what medium is HP ink designed to give high quality printouts? What characterizes the supplies product life cycle? Approximately what percent of the HP printers imaging system is contained in the HP laserJet All-in-One print cartridge? Which term or phrase is synonymous with value for money? Which laser-supplies product offers the highest number of printable pages? What are three typical target customer groups for supplies? Which statement is true regarding the security label in HP Inkjet cartridges? Why should you and your customers avoid selling or giving away any empty HP original supplies boxes? According to the 2013 Spencer Lab laser study how much more can non-HP toner cartridges cost over time, as compared with HP toner cartridges? According to the InfoTrends 2011 report which statement is true? Where can customers find more information about how to protect themselves from counterfeit products? Which technology does HP use with most of its inkjet printers? Who is affected most by the sale and distribution of counterfeit supplies? (Select two.) Which statement is true about loyal HP customers? Why is the term "Compatible Cartridge" confusing for customers? What is the key driver for supplies sales? What represents illegal competition in the after-market? What results when a non-HP cartridge is used on an HP printer? Which driver of HP's innovation ultimately benefits the customer? In which circumstance is it appropriate to use HP LaserJet C cartridges? If the customer is looking for best cost per page for black text, but hardly uses color, which ink cartridges would you recommend? According to the InfoTrends 2011 report, what percentage of remanufactured cartridges will ultimately be thrown away? In which type of hardware is the majority of the current total supplies sell-out used? How does an HP all-in-one print cartridge give the customer consistent print quality? What is meant by a "Clone Cartridge"? According to the 2013 Spencer Lab laser study, approximately what percent of non-HP toner cartridges had problems? With which component must HP ink interact? Which statement is true regarding multi-pack ink cartridges? If a customer buys a "Recycled Cartridge" what type of cartridge do they have? What is the process behind a remanufactured cartridge? Which statement best describes the warranty on HP laser supplies? What are the hidden costs in the framework of printing? What is a benefit of HP smart print supplies? What is a risk of using counterfeit cartridges? How can you ensure the lowest cost per page for office users? Which part of the print head fires the ink? Which feature is included in a Laser printing system? What is the name of the HP print cartridge return and recycle program? What is the hardest working part of an HP Inkjet printer? What steps does HP take to protect customers from counterfeit cartridges? Why should you use genuine HP supplies if you have an HP printer? For selected laser models, why does HP offer different cartridges with different yields for the same printer? How do HP toner cartridges help provide customers with reliable printing systems?