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Question :-

A customer is seeking an upgrade for their campus LAN network. Currently, the customer has access layer switches that support 18.10/100/1000 Mbps ports and one Gigabit uplink. The customer wants better performance in the upgrade but also wants to minimize costs. The network architect has used the Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) for Intelligent Management Center (IMC) to collect information about the access layer uplinks. These are the results: For switches on Floor1, the peak utilization is 650 Mbps on a Gigabit uplink. On most days, the utilization peaks at about 400 Mbps. Peaks usually occur briefly. For switches on Floo2, the peak utilization is 800 Mbps on a Gigabit Uplink. During active periods, the utilization often remain near 800. What is most appropriate plan for oversubscription in the new access layer? (For this question, think only about oversubscription and not customer needs for redundancy)
48 1 on floor 1 and 24 1 on floor 2
24.1 on floor 1 and 4.1 on floor 2
48 1 in all locations
24 1 in all locations

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