HP0-Y50 - Architecting HP FlexNetwork Solutions

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Example Questions

Which description best characterizes current trends in deploying services for an enterprise solution? A network architect has planned several validation tests and user acceptance tests (UATs) for a new HP solution. In order to ensure meaningful results, what is one step that the network should complete before implementing the new solution? A network architect has collected data on link utilization. When analyzing link utilization, what is the general guideline? Which Flex Fabric product extends HP switch features to virtual hosts and extends HP VAN Connection Manager Benefit to virtualized environments'? What is the preferred time for completing racking and labeling of equipment for a new implementation? A customer is deploying a mobility solution. The IT staff is not experienced in troubleshooting issues with interference and radio frequency (RF) design, and the customer is worried that the wireless connections will not be stable or will not perform well. Which feature of HP unified Wired-WLAN solutions addresses this customer concern? A customer plans to connect 40 Voice over IP (VoIP) phones and 8 security cameras to a switch: The VoIP phones are Class 2 PoE devices and require a maximum of 45W (draw a maximum of 5w) The security cameras are Class 4 PoE+ devices and require a maximum of 17W (draw a maximum of 20 W) The network architect is proposing an HP 5500-48G-PoE switch, which supports PoE and PoE+ and has a PoE power budget of 370W The customer and architect agree on the class form of power allocation What else does the solution require? A network architect is explaining the differences between deploying two switches in an HP Intelligent Resiliency Framework (IRF) virtual switch and deploying two switches that implement standard Virtual Routing Redundancy Protocol (VRRP). Which statement correctly describes an advantage of IRF? A network architect is planning an intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) group. What should the network architect implement to protect against a split IRF group? An architect is planning an HP Wired-WLAN solution for an office with approximately 4000 users who will use the wireless network rather heavily and also need to roam seamlessly. The solution will have 256 MSM 460 access points (APs). What is one reason for using two Hp Wired-WLAN controllers for this solution? A network architect is compiling information about the total cost ownership (TCO) for a proposal. Which factors play a role in TCO? When would a network architect recommend an HP HSR6800 Router for a campus LAN? (Select two) A company is upgrading a data center network solution in phases. The first phase involves updating the top of rack (ToR) switches in one rack. Other switches will be updated in their phases. What is one benefit of this approach? A service must be available 24x7. It also requires 99.999% availability. How much total downtime can the service tolerate in one year? A customer has Voice IP (VoIP) phones that support Link Layer Discovery Protocol Media Endpoint Discovery (LLDP-MED). The phase need to receive their VLAN ID using this protocol. The network architect is proposing HP 5500-48G-PoE+EI switches. Each user computer connects to the phone, which then connects to the Ethernet jack. LLDP is enabled on the switch. Each Edge port is trunk port that permits VLAN 10 (the user VLAN) and VLAN 20 (the voice VLAN). Which other setting recommended on the edge port? An employer takes the company laptops offsite and connects it to an insecure network. A hacker is able to deploy a malware application to the laptop. The employer takes the laptop back to the office, where the malware uses the credentials of the employee to eavesdrop and to implement denial of service (DoS) attacks. Which security solution would help prevent this type of attack? What are information technology Service Management (ITSM) framework, such as the infrastructure Technology Infrastructure Library (ITILv3) and The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)? A customer has a virtualized data center with hosts that are managed by VMware vCenter. The network architect has proposed the HP Virtual Application Networks (VAN) Connection Manager (CM) and Resource Automation Manager (RAM) modules for HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC). The architect also proposed the HP 5900v switches and the proper server access layer products. Which technology must the access layer switches that connect to the virtualized servers support? What correctly describes one trend that is changing how network architects must design the data center network infrastructure? Network architect is recommending that a customer move from a three-tier campus LAN topology to a two-tier topology that routes traffic distribution layer provides firewall services and STP root guard. As a best practice, where should firewall services and STP root guard be important topology? A customer requires high availability for wireless services at branches. The customer also wants to centralize management and traffic distribution as much as possible. What should the architect suggest? A customer has a virtualized data center that uses Microsoft Hyper-V Windows Server 2012. The customer has provided this information about the hosts for the VMs: Each host has a network (Hyper-V virtual switch) that supports VM production traffic and own two server 10G NICs Each host has a network (Hyper-V virtual switch) that supports management traffic to the parent partition and owns two server Gigabit NICs In each rack, the network architect plans to deploy two HP 5920 Series switches, acting as an Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) switch. Which additional information does the architect need in order to plan the connection to each host? A network architect is designing a solution with HP products. A customer has the following requirements for controlling the management access for administrators: Administrators are assigned privileges when they log in based on their identity Security policies related to password complexity and password rotation, like the company's Windows domain policies, are enforced for administrator credentials The company can easily revoke the access of administrator how have the company method Administrator have a backdoor into the management interface in case network connectivity fails in any way Which option meets the company's requirements? A network architect has designed a two-tier topology for the campus LAN and is planning to implement routing at the core. Which requirement might cause the network architect to consider implementing routing at the access layer? A network architect is choosing fabric module for an HP 10500 Series Switch. Which factors affect the choice? A network architect is choosing core switches for an enterprise data center. One potential model has CLOS hardware architecture, and the other model has a cross-bar architecture. Which customer requirement would cause the network architect to select switches with CLOS architecture? A customer requires high availability, so the network architect is planning two area border (ABRs) for each non-backbone area in the Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) solution. What ensures a loop-free routing environment that meets the customer needs? A network architect is planning an update of the server access layer in a data center. Currently, the access layer switches have 10G links to distribution layer switches. In the new solution, HP 5930 Switches act as top of rack (ToR) switches with 40G links to core switches. Which factor must the network architect consider when designing solution? A network architect is working with a customer to implement a new network design. The network architect has learned that the company has a legacy application hosted on a number of legacy servers. The legacy application must remain intact and after the new network implementation. As the company plans to continue using it indefinitely. With which stakeholder should the network architect discuss the technical detail of the legacy system and any challenges or specifics about maintaining interoperability? What is offered through the Network Strategy and Planning Services? Which data center characteristics should specifically make the architect consider switches that support Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) or Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL)? If a network architect is planning a secure device management policy, why would administrators need to generate SSH keys on network infrastructure devices? An architect is planning an HP Wired-WLAN solution for a customer with Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN) devices, which support 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz, and the laptops. What is a potential advantage of dual-radio 802.1n APs for this environment? A customer wants a simple solution for deploying virtual services at a branch. Which devices support modules running a VMware ESXi hypervisor? (Select two) A network architect has created a quality of service (QoS) for an HP 5900 Series switch that uses four traffic classes. Class of Service (CoS) 5 for voice traffic. CoS 4 for Video traffic. And CoS 0 for everything else. The switch ports implement strict priority (SP) queuing. What would be an advantage of enabling weighted fair queuing (WFQ) instead of SP? What is a common management problem in modern networks? A data center has a traditional three-tier network design with routing at the distribution layer. The customer is vitalizing its servers and adding technologies such as live migration of virtual machines (VMs). How well does the architecture (topology) meet the needs of the customer's changing environment? Which task does the HP Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Developer Support Description service help a customer perform? Which two requirements of a modern data center make Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and other traditional loop elimination protocols for that environment? A network architect is designing a redundancy solution for a customer and has learned that there is a single link between two critical network components. During the past 4000 hours of operation, the link has failed twice. The customer estimates that each failure has taken two hours to resolve. Given this information, what is the availability that this link currently provides? A network architect is planning a guest solution for a group of ports in a conference room. Guests should have access to the Internet only. The company wants a simple solution and prefers not to burden visitors with login requests. Which solution would best meet the company's requirements for a gust network? Organizations can deploy off-the-shelf, virtualized application on some HP infrastructure devices. Which devices support this capability? (Select two ) A network architect is planning a complete access layer and core upgrade for customer's campus LAN. The campus has four large buildings, each requiring between 1000 and 3000 edge ports. Which factor will play a primary role in determining whether the network architect needs to plan a two-tier or three-tier topology for the campus LAN? A company recently experienced a data breach when an unauthorized user accessed the network. Which questions should the network architect ask to identify an affective access solution to prevent unauthorized access in the future? (Select two) A network architect is planning the top of the Rack (ToR) switches for a data center solution. The customer has a hot aisle/cool aisle configuration. Which characteristic of the switch relates to this plan? Organizations can deploy off-the-shelf, virtualized applications on some HP infrastructure devices which devices support this capability? (Select two) A customer is seeking an upgrade for their campus LAN network. Currently, the customer has access layer switches that support 18.10/100/1000 Mbps ports and one Gigabit uplink. The customer wants better performance in the upgrade but also wants to minimize costs. The network architect has used the Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) for Intelligent Management Center (IMC) to collect information about the access layer uplinks. These are the results: For switches on Floor1, the peak utilization is 650 Mbps on a Gigabit uplink. On most days, the utilization peaks at about 400 Mbps. Peaks usually occur briefly. For switches on Floo2, the peak utilization is 800 Mbps on a Gigabit Uplink. During active periods, the utilization often remain near 800. What is most appropriate plan for oversubscription in the new access layer? (For this question, think only about oversubscription and not customer needs for redundancy)

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