HP0-Y49 - Applying HP FlexNetwork Fundamentals

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Example Questions

Which HP Comware component allows a network administrator to adjust the logging process? On an HP Comware switch, which view must an administrator access in order to execute the debug command? An HP Provision switch has port A1 connected to port g1/0/1 of an HP Comware switch. The ProVision port has the following configuration: vlan 1 untag A1 vlan 10 tag A1 vlan 20 tag A1 Which Comware configuration will allow the three VLANs to successfully pass traffic between the two switches? What is the maximum number of active links supported between a device and HP ProVision switches when distributed trunking is used to connect the device to the ProVision switches? What must a network administrator define on an HP Comware switch in order to implement username and passwords to protect access to the CLI? Which ProVision configuration includes, which represents VLAN 30 in OSPF area 0? Which management protocol is enabled, by default, on HP Provision switches? Which HP Comware command saves the startup configuration file to a TFTP server? Which HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) component would a network administrator check to verify the installation of IMC or an add-on module? Which STP protection feature does HP recommended against rogue switches? Which open standard allows a switch with PoE support to correctly determine the power requirements of a connected device? What is the default payload size for an 802.3 Ethernet frame on HP switches? When LLDP is enabled, which value is presented by default as the LLDP Chassis ID on both ProVision and Comware switches ? Which statement is true about wireless technologies? A network administrator executes these commands on an HP Comware switch: [Comware] super password level 1 simple hp1 [Comware] super password level 2 simple hp2 [Comware] super password level 3 simple hp3 [Comware] quit <Comware> The network administrator then executes this command to test the configuration: <Comware> super 0 What is the outcome of the configuration? Which HP device or port type can modify, read, and respond to 802.1Q VLAN tags? Which command can a network administrator execute on an HP Commware switch to manage configuration files? Which Layer 2 mechanism should be used to authenticate wireless or wired users before allowing them access to network resources? A network administrator configures this command on an HP ProVision Switch: Vlan 30 ip helper-address After the network administrator configures the command, using in VLAN 30 report that their PCs fail to acquire addresses using DHCP. Which command must the network administrator add to the ProVision switch configuration to solve this problem? Which wireless technology is limited to operate in a frequency range with only three non-overlapping channels? Two OSPF routers are on a segment, and both of their interfaces become active. What is the initial OSPF state after an adjacency has formed? Which term refers to aggregated links on HP ProVision switches? In software-defined (SDN), what connects the Application layer to the physical device or Infrastructure layer? Which HP ProVision switch command defines as a syslog server? Which HP solution delivers automated virtual machine orchestrator, automatic synchronization of network connectivity information, and visibility to performance of wired and wireless users? Which type of access is considered an In-band management connection? Why does HP recommended using SSH instead of Telnet for remote device management? Which HP Comware command can a network administrator execute to view the IP routing table? What is the maximum number of Watts that the IEEE 802.1af standard supports? What is a valid reason to choose an 802.11a wireless implementation? Which statement is true concerning spanning tree protocols and HP switches? A network administrator has just completed the initial configuration of an HP Comware switch. The network administrator saved the configuration to flash but wants to ensure that is backed up remotely to a TFTP server in case the switch fails. The TFTP server has an IP address of Which command must the network administrator execute to back up the current configuration of the switch? A network administrator has created and applied a configuration to an HP Provision switch. The network administrator then copied the active configuration to a TFTP server. Upon examining the configuration file on the TFTP server, the network administrator noticed that the operator and manager passwords were not in the saved configuration file. Which command must the network administrator execute to accomplish this task? When adding a new member to an existing IRF domain, which of the following must you perform first? A customer is implementing an access layer solution with four HP Comware switches in an IRF topology. The customer expects to add two additional switches of the same model. What must the customer do when adding the new switches? A customer is implementing a network using HP ProVision switches. Which default setting applies to the ProVision switches? Which command defines a default route on an HP Provision switch when routing has been enabled? What is a valid parameter that a network administrator can use when creating a Comware static route? Which methods can a network administrator use to upgrade the operating system of an HP ProVision switch? (Select two) A network administrator attempts to create a loopback interface on an HP Comware switch, and it fails. These are the commands the network administrator issues to do this. [Comware] interface loopback 2 [Comware-Loopback2] ip address What is the problem with the proposed configuration/ A network administrator has purchased the first HP Comware for a company. The network administrator has never used the CLI of a Comware device before and needs to perform specific management functions. Which action requires the network administrators to be in user view to execute from the Comware switch? Which command can a network administrator execute to manage configuration files on an HP Comware switch? Which HP ProVision switch command could a network administrator use to upgrade the operating system from an attached USB drive? Which technology does the HP Virtual Connect support? A customer has an HP ProVision switch capable of Layer 3 forwarding: however, Layer 3 forwarding is disabled. The switch has an IP address in the management VLAN, where the default gateway is, which ProVision command should the network administrator use so the ProVision switch can access the Intelligent Management Center (IMC) server in a different VLAN? A routing protocol has three characteristics: - Has fast convergence with triggered,incremental updates via link stateadvertisements(LSAs) - Is classlessprotocol allowing for ahierarchicaldesign with VLSM and routesummarization - Uses an intelligentmetric (cost),whichis the inverse of the bandwidth of an interface Which protocol is it? When configuring MSTP, how should VLANs be separated to perform load balancing? What is an advantage of connecting servers directly to the HP FlexFabric? Which credential is required to validate SNMP v2c write requests? A company has purchased Intelligent Management Center (IMC) and wants to centralize AAA policies for the HP switches on the IMC server. Which protocol should the company use for the interaction between the IMC server and the HP switches?

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