HP0-T21 - HP ATP BladeSystem Solutions Integrator V8

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Example Questions

Which operating system can be provisioned from HP SIM together with the lnfoserver utility on as many as eight lntegrity servers simultaneously? What are two differences between Intelligent Provisioning for Gen8 servers and SmartStart for G7 servers? (Select two.) Which third-party virtualization solutions are supported with HP management plug-ins for lnsight Control? (Select two_) What does the icon "?" indicate in the Display column for lnsight Control performance management? (Select two.) A customer did not install HP management drivers on their Proliant DL380 G7 server. Which troubleshooting information is available in the HP lntegrated Management Log (IML)? Two SSD drives in a Proliant Gen8 server have failed in the past week. You view the overall status in the SmartSSD Wear Gauge Summary to determine whether more failures might occur. What sorting order will help determine the next drive that might fail? (Select two.) A proliant Gen8 server fails and will not boot. How can you view the server's Active Health System logs? What is part of a WBEM implementation? (Select two.) You are using Intelligent Provisioning to install a Windows operating system on a Proliant Gen8 server. Which Intelligent Provisioning option includes a firewall configuration change? You are monitoring cooling in a BladeSystem c7000 enclosure but do not have direct access to the Onboard Administrator. What can you use to determine the fan speeds of the enclosure? Which feature requires HP Systems lnsight Manager (HP SIM) be installed? What is needed to use Support Case Manager to submit support cases for hardware or software products? {Select two.) What is a feature of Insight Control Which lnsight Remote Support option is available with Proliant Gen8 servers? A system that is managed by HP Systems lnsight Manager (HP SIM) displays a minor error in the SW column in the HP SIM console. What does this indicate? Which features require licensing for the iLO management processor on a Proliant DL360 server? (Select Iwo.) You are using the iL0 4 user interface to configure Agentless Management on a Proliant Gen8 server. Which SNMP configurations must you use? (Select two.) Which advanced setting activity for the Active Health System (AHS) can you use to set up a new server before putting the server into production? What is part of an SNMP implementation ? (Select two) What is a feature of lnsight Control? A customer has logged periodic slowdowns in system performance and suspects a networking problem. You need to compare the occasions when system network performance was slow against the occasions when the customer logged slowdowns. Which lnsight Control feature should you use to generate a list of occasions when system network performance was slow? You are bringing a new Proliant DL380 G8 server into a production environment. What can you use to access the lnsight Diagnostics utility without using additional media? A newly configured server seems to be bottlenecked in CPU performance. You suspect that the processor power regulation state might be causing the problem. Which two tools can you use to review the CPU setting and change it if necessary? (Select two.) What are two features of Subscriber's Choice for Business? (Select two.) Where can you obtain a list of the latest top issues that are related to a particular product or solution? You have successfully configured an environment for Online analysis. What should you do next to use lnsight Control performance management to perform an Offline analysis? In a blade environment that does not currently have HP Systems lnsight Manager (HP SIM) installed, where can you collectively view server status information for an entire enclosure? A remote customer reports that their Proliant Gen8 server hangs during the boot process and is unresponsive. What screen information should you ask for to log a service call for them? You plan to use the iLO Management Engine to register a Proliant server for monitoring by lnsight Remote Support (IRS). Which registration information do you need? (Select two.}