HP0-T01 - HP Performance Insight v5.x Software

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Example Questions

Where are shared and deployed report template files located? What are valid polling intervals used by Polling Policy Manager? Select TWO. What is the recommended RAID configuration for HPPI implementation? What are the major categories available under the Catalog tab when using the web access server? Select TWO. How can you verify that data is actually being collected from devices? What are some of the integration points between NNM and HPPI? The Interface Reporting datapipe collects performance metrics from which mib? What are polling policy parameters? Select TWO. When viewing a graph that contains 4 days of hourly data, what is the minimum number of rows that must be set? Once nodes are discovered, what is the process that must occur before a node can be polled? When a group consists of other groups, what Boolean operator combines the results of the member groups' filters? Which user interfaces can be used for un-deploying Reports? Select TWO. Data constraints can be applied only to _______. If a report is displayed, but the elements of the report are not populated (graphs, tables , what would you do? Select TWO. What information does the HPPI database store? Select TWO. When an SNMP device is not showing up in the report, what would you check for? Select TWO. Why would the generated .srep reports not be accessible to a remote user using the viewer? What is the purpose of HPPI Base lining? If data mapping is created for a property table with time type specified as ate? Location Independent Reporting automatically creates copyIf data mapping is created for a property table with time type specified as ?ate? Location Independent Reporting automatically creates copy policies for which types of tables? Reports can be viewed, modified and saved locally using _______. Select TWO. When archiving is turned on, the data will be deleted from the database after how many days? Group level filtering can be applied only to _______. Where do you verify that the collections are being run? A node list must contain the following items, each separated by commas. Which items can be used in a node list file? Which datapipe enables HP Performance Insight (HPPI) I to collect HP Performance Agent (HPPA) and Operations Agent data? What is the correct startup order of HPPI? Which data source is not supported by the collection wizard? What will occur if this entry is placed in trendtimer.sched? 24:00+2:00 - {DPIPE_HOME}\bin\trend_discover -t Which process is responsible for aging obsolete data from the database? What is an object used by Object Manager? What is an object group? Polling Groups can be populated by _______. After the schedule is created, you can add reports to it by _______. Where are the reports deployed for a specific user located? Which function does the HPPI Performance Manager (back-end database) perform? Where is the user's property configuration file located? What is the file extension for hourly roll up script files? What command line tool is used to create, modify, or delete a schedule? How do you view and monitor the size of the database? After installation, Sybase will produce messages on startup. Where are these messages placed? The bcp_gateway process loads data into _______. Which situation could lead to an empty report? Where will hourly data reside if Location Independent Reporting data mapping is created for a property table with the time type specified as ourly??ourly? The following command is entered in the trendtimer.sched file: 3:00+5 - - {DPIPE_HOME}/bin/keystats At what times will the command run? If the report pack installation fails, where can you find the details of the errors? If your database approaches a point where it will no longer accept data, then some action should be taken. What is the BEST action to take? When noticing a device is missing in a report, which locations will you check to ensure that the device is being polled correctly? What type of file is generated by the collection wizard? What is a potential reason for a report not being generated? How can we check configured Location Independent Reporting data mappings?