HP0-S42 - Architecting HP Server Solutions

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Example Questions

What are the power requirements for an HP Apollo 8000 system? You are describing Smart Array controllers for ProLiant Gen9 server to a customer. The customer asks about data recovery of a failed large capacity disk drive. Which feature of the controllers should you describe to the customer? One of your customer's remote transaction servers generates an SNMP health alert. Which HP management tool should you use to access more information about the alert? Which component of the iLO Management Engine monitors and records changes in server hardware? A customer needs parallel data processing scalability for their custom financial analysis application. Which solution best meets the customer's needs? A customer's data center consists of 120 HP ProLiant BL460c Gen9 blade servers, mounted in c7000 enclosures and they are adding 10 new servers a month to their environment. They are having difficulty keeping their environment current with new firmware updates. Which process should you recommend that will allow a single point of contact for deploying the updates to all servers in the environment? A customer is concerned about the security of their data center. The exciting card entry system has proven to be inadequate. Which solution should you recommend to increase the security level for self-access to the data center? What is a key benefit of an HP Converged Infrastructure solution? You have designed a virtualized solution based on HP BladeSystems and VMware Hypervisor that includes one D2220sb storage device in each of eight c7000 enclosures. You need to present highly available shared storage over ISCSI to the application running on the BladeSystems. Which additional product must be implemented? Which standards can be implemented in a data center to help reduce carbon foot print? You are designing a solution that will consist of eight HP BladeSystem c7000 enclosures with Virtual Connect FlexFabric. The customer needs to ensure that all management is performed from a single user interface that will allow them to maintain and manage all uplink configurations centrally. How can you demonstrate management of uplinks on all enclosures from a single console? You are using HP Power Advisor to assist in architecting an HP BladeSystem solution that contains HP Flexfabric interconnect modules. What information about the solution can the tool provide? (Select two.) Which industry standard hypervisors does HP OneView support? (Select two.) You are designing an HP ProLiant BladeSystem and HP StoreVirtual storage solution for a customer, and you need to estimate the power requirements. Which IP tool should you use? A customer needs to encrypt local drives on their HP Proliant Gen8 and Gen9 servers. The customer needs to manage the encryption centrally. Which HP products and features should you recommend to meet the customer's needs? Which service solution should you recommend to handle equipment that runs business critical IT applications with designated managers? Which task should you complete when conducting a needs analysis? You are describing the HP Smart Array controllers for ProLiant Gen9servers to your customer. The customer asks how the controllers are managed. Which HP tool should you discuss with the customer? A customer plans to install HP OneView as a primary management application for their BladeSystem infrastructure. The customer is concerned about the ability to centrally manage login credentials to the application. Which integration features of HP OneView should you explain to customer? What is purpose of conducting a customer site survey? The customer upgraded their network core using an HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) stack. The customer needs Windows 2008 Infrastructure, which is running on HP ProLiant DL380 Gen9 servers, to have network resilience. Which HP feature should you recommend to the customer? A customer has a single array group with three SAS disk drivers in a RAID 5 configuration. Which method should the customer use, with the least risk, to protect their data volume in case of a drive failure? You are performing a needs analysis for a customer who plans to transition from rack mount servers to blade servers. The customer has asked for an on-premise management strategy and needs to use Virtual Connect as the network interconnect to take advantage of network virtualization. The customer needs a RESTful API to be made available. Which product should you demonstrate to support and manage the proposed HP BladeSystem solution? A customer has a Microsoft SQL environment that is recourse intensive. The SQL databases reside on SMB3.0 file shares on a separate pool of servers. The customer needs to improve IO performance and ensure that network latency is kept to a minimum while not affecting CPU use. Which technology should you recommend? A customer has been adding processors, systems with larger memory, I/O accelerators, and SmartCache. Which key HP design principle is this customer implementing? An automotive manufacturing company needs an Apollo 8000 solution that is environmentally friendly. Which feature should you recommend to this customer? A customer needs to improve VM host efficiency and lower network latency in their HP ProLiant DL380 Gen9 servers. Which unique technology built-in to the HP FlexFabric 556 network adapter will meet the customer's requirement? A customer needs to manage the relationship between their physical and virtual infrastructure. Which HP feature should you recommend to integrate with customer's current vSphere Web Client managed environment? Which market trend is driving the growth of Virtual Desktop infrastructure? A customer has exceeded the current capability of their Hadoop application, which was running on DL380e Gen8 servers. You need the recommend a server that will run a new Hadoop application with dense storage capability. Which HP ProLiant Gen9 server should you recommended? When designing a new HP OneView installation for a customer, how many logical interconnect groups must be configured for an enclosure groiup? A customer needs the health status of their HP ProLiant Gen8 BladeSystem servers to be reported to HP to allow automatic hardware warranty replacement. The customer does not plan to install additional software and does not have IT staff to support an additional solution. Which HP solution they implement? Which protocol is supported by FlexFabric 556 and 650 series adapters that enables customers to decrease network latency with minimal impact to server performance? A customer needs to manage their contract, warranty, and HP Care Pack information for their server and storage infrastructure from a single location. In addition, they need proactive expiration notifications for these contracts. Which HP software or tool should you recommend? You are designing an HP ProLiant BladeSystem with Virtual Connect FlexFabric and HP 3PAR StoreServ 3400c. The customer is concerned about the added complexity of including SAN switches and the additional SAN management overhead. Which HP technology should you recommend? You have positioned a BladeSystem c7000 solution with Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D modules. The customer needs to understand how the Flex-10/10D modules will provide an FCoE path to their SAN. Which HP technology should you explain to the customer? Which statement describes what Datacenter Care services provide? A customer is concerned about malware attacks to their legacy pre-boot BIOS environment. You need to ensure only trusted platform firmware and operating system boot loaders are used when the server starts up. When designing the server configuration build, which feature should you enable? A customer needs to meet data privacy compliance regulations. Which IP Proliant features should you discuss with the customer? (Select two.) A customer needs to maximize the density capability while reducing the cooling requirement of their data center. Which IP solution will meet the customer's needs and extend the life of their data center?

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