HP0-S41 - Building HP Server Solutions Exam

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Example Questions

Which HP iLO license type offers premium remote functionality for any ProLiant server, such as graphical remote console with multi-user collaboration? After installing DIMMs in all of the memory slots on a DL380p Gen8, only half of the memory can be seen. What is a probable cause of this issue? Which protocol defines accessing storage over Layer 2 Ethernet? What can be used to modify settings such as power management and boot order on HP ProLiant Servers? A customer needs to add a GPU card to an HP Blade server. What does the customer need to do in order to add the GPU card? Which HP C70Q0 component is needed to attach a BL460C Gen9 server blade to a third-party VoIP card? Which information is available in HP Location Discovery Services? You need to update the system ROM on all server blades in a single enclosure. Which iLO feature can you use to complete this task? On which open programming platform is HP OneView built? Which component makes Xeon E5-2600 v2 processors different from Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors? You are unable to access the iLO graphic console on a DL380 Gen9 server What should you verify first to diagnose the problem? Which troubleshooting function is provided by HP Intelligent Provisioning? Which HP tool can be used to configure the FlexFabric interconnect modules? What are the benefits of implementing bladed architecture instead of traditional rack mount servers, (Select Two?) You need to configure power redundancy for a C7000 enclosure. Which tool can you use to complete this task? What can be used to install Agentless Management Service? (Select two.) Which HP utility provides the ability to easily track service events and support cases, view device configurations and proactively monitor HP contracts and warranties? You need to expand an existing array by adding disk drives. Which tool should you use to complete this task? What is a benefit of digitally signed ROMs in HP ProLiant servers? Which feature on the ProLiant Gen9 servers allows a customer to protect the operating system from malware by performing a verification of each component? Which storage technologies have been introduced in HP ProLiant Gen9 servers? (Select two.) What enables out-of-band management of multiple rack-mount servers at one time from a single web interface? A customer needs to install a single server into an existing rack with limited space. Which HP server series is appropriate to meet the requirement? Which features are provided in HP Gen9 servers that were not available in HP Gen8 servers? (Select two.) Which statement describes logical interconnects in HP One View? What is an advantage of HP APM for scale-out compute in the Apollo 8000? Which feature of HP ProLiant Gen9 servers enables IPv6 PXEboot? Which component of the iLO Management Engine monitors and records changes in server hardware? What differentiates LRDIMM from RDIMM memory? Which storage standard evolved from mSATA? Which tool can you use to create a Virtual Connect configuration backup before updating the VC firmware? Which actions does the Intelligent Provisioning Erase Utility perform? (Select two.) Which HP High Performance Computing technology incorporates a water-cooling design? Which ILO4 functionality enables Gen9 server health monitoring regardless of the state of the Operating System? You need to manage a C7000 enclosure with HP OneView, but the Virtual Connect modules in the enclosure do not meet the minimum firmware requirements. What should you do to manage the enclosure? Which information is provided by the HP SrnartSSD Wear Gauge utility? What is required for Windows 2012 R2 to boot a GPT-enabled partition greater than 2.2 TB? Which memory DIMM technology combines DRAM memory with flash memory to allow data to he retained in the event power loss? Which statements are true regarding HP Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP)? (Select two.) Which HP Server technology uses 4-socket configurations? You need to deploy different operating systems to more than 100 server blades. Which tool can you use to complete this task? What are the functions of the HP Moonshot 1500 Chassis Management module? (Select two) Which tasks can be performed using Intelligent Provisioning? (Select two.) Which components must be updated to required versions in order for HP OneViewto manage blade enclosures? Which type of power supply is supported in HP ProLiant Gen9 ML and DL servers? Which HP component provides physical access Tor initial set up of a c7000 enclosure? Which ProLiant servers are single socket? (Select two.) What is stored in an HP One View Server Profile? (Select two.) Which features are enabled by UEFi Boot Mode? (Select two.) Which networking protocol is used in Apollo?

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