HP0-S36 - Archecting HP Server Solutions

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Example Questions

Your customer needs increased date security for an existing Smart Array P420 RAID 5 configuration. You recommend a migration to RAID 6. What is needed to migrate to RAID 6? You are planning the new environment for a customer server consolidation project. Which tool properly sizes the hypervisor environment and creates a Bill of Materials (BOM)? Which HP Insight Control integration modules are available? (Select two) A customer requires an HPC solution. Which DDR3 RDIMM memory scenario best fits this solution? In a mission critical environment, a customer requires that all systems use the same fixed minimum operating system image. Which feature of the HP ProLiant Gen8 iLO management Engine provides monitoring and analysis and diagnostics abilities in this environment? Which management software will provide the most complete management operating system information to HP Systems Insight Manager on a ProLiant BL460c Gen8? Which companies produce independent third-party whitepapers and analysis showing HP and competing vendors' solution? (Select two) You are working on consolidation project. The customer is asking for a complete customized solution document demonstrating advantages and long term benefits of the solution. They need it urgently to justify the investment. Which tool will help you to qualify and efficiently generate the document to fulfill customer expectations? A DL380 Gen8 server occupied with two SSD drives in mirror mode reports I/O errors of local disks. How can you increase data redundancy for local storage? You are building a customer presentation for an SAP infrastructure solution that involves HP Integrity Blades as well as a P6000. You need to provide a BOM of Material valid quotation as part of the documentation. What can be used to achieve this goal? A customer needs a hardware refresh of their G6 servers and is considering the Gen8 platform. What is an advantage of Virtual Media in a Gen8 compared to the G6 platform? Which technology advantage does HP Qualified Memory in HP ProLiant Gen8 servers provide compared to standard memory? Your customer is evaluating server infrastructure provider offerings. What is a source for gathering competitor information? Which tool can be used to reset an HP ProLiant Gen8 server to factory defaults and remove all data from the Local hard drives? Which operating system is supported by the HP Cluster management Utility (CMU) version 7.0? SPP 2011.09.0 is running on a ProLiant server. On which day will the HP Services Pack support plan end for this version? What is a lightweight service that provides OS-level information to iLO? Which HP BladeSystem interconnect technology provides lowest latency in a High Performance Computing (HPC) solution? For security reasons, a customer does not want to use SNMP to monitor their HP Proliant G7 Server running Windows 2008 R2. Which Component of HP System Insight Manager (HP SIM) allows it to get proper system information without SNMP? What is feature of HP FlexFabric adapters? You customer requires a highly available storage solution that supports synchronous replication, iSCSI, and Fiber Channel, in addition to the automatic tiering of data across storage tiers. Which HP storage solution best satisfies this customer's needs? Which commands are used in HP-UX determine operating system versions and patch levels? (Select two) Your customer is interested in moving toward a cloud-based solution. Which HP offering should you recommend to help the customer with their initial analysis? Which memory protection does the BL460c Gen8 support? A customer with a limited budget is planning to implement critical business unit. The company is projecting variable growth. The result of the system sizing, in an initial phase, is a solution containing eight servers with dual processors. Which BladeSystem supports the customer's needs? What are features of the HP ActiveHealth System? (Select two) What is a typical usage of HP Matrix OE infrastructure orchestration functionality? (Select two) You have presented an HP ProLiant Gen8 server solution to a new Customer. They are interested in your proposal but are concerned about its manageability. They want to monitor server health without installing additional software due to security and performance reasons. Which information will Agentless Management provides? (Select two) Which benefits does HP Matrix OE infrastructure orchestration functionality provide to customer? (Select two) After sizing a rack with several ProLiant DL380p Gen8 servers running Windows Server 2008 R2 to use a redundant UPS Solution, a customer orders two HP UPS R7000s. What needs to be done to get this UPS configuration working as a redundant UPS solution and gracefully shutdown Windows Server 2008 R2 when a power failure occurs at the input feed of both R7000 UPSs? A customer bought 30 ProLiant DL360p Gen8 with 750 watt Platinum Power Supplies. Due to space restrictions, this configuration needs to be installed in the smallest possible footprint. The maximum estimated heatload will be 22.5KW. The data center is designated for a maximum load of 8 KW per rack. What is the best solution? A customer purchased HP Intelligent Distribution Units (iPUDS) and wants to use intelligent Power Discovery. What is required for their current DL380 G7 services to work with this solution? You are discussing a new c7000 BladeSystem solution with your customer and they indicate a possible future need to increase the amount of NICs per server to a total of eight. Which interconnect type fulfills this requirement by using two interconnect bays? You are creating an offer for a mixed BladeSystem and rack Mount environment. Which tool can be used to perform a complete power sizing for this solution? HP procedures relevance configuration for orchestration template that assist in sizing and designing infrastructure solution to host application based on tested best practices. What are those called? A customer is asking you to evaluate virtualization and consolidation of their current infrastructure. You know they are running different operating systems' versions. How can you validate that the operating systems currently in use are supported on Gen8 server? A customer requires a platform to host highly processor-intensive application on a Linux cluster. Which solution meets these requirements? Which tool is used to size a UPS for a given Gen8 Server solution? Which service provides 6 hour call-to-repair 24 hours a day? What is the maximum number of 1066 MHz LRDIMMs supported per channel in an HP ProLiant DL380 Gen8 server? For HP ProLiant servers, which components are necessary to make full use of Dynamic Power Capping? (Select two) Which enhanced system ROM feature is found on the HP ProLiant Gen8? A customer is interested in the HP Intelligent Power Discovery solution. What is required to implement the solution? (Select two) HP SmartMemory LRDIMM offers which benefits? (Select two) You are building a customer presentation for an SAP infrastructure solution that involves HP Integrity Blades as well as a P6000. You need to provide a EMI of Material valid quotation as part of the documentation. What can be used to achieve this goal? What is component of the HP ILO Management Engine? When designing a BladeSystem based solution which tool is used to provide a Bill of Materials with an accurate price list? For HP BladeSystems c7000 enclosures, which component is necessary to make full use of Dynamic Power Capping? (select two) Which technology allows multiple Fibre Channel initiators to share a single physical port? What are the two initial modes offered by Intelligent Provisioning? (Select two)