HP0-S35 - Implementing HP BladeSystem Solutions

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Example Questions

After replacing an Onboard Administrator (OA). the firmware revision levels differ between the primary and secondary What is the fastest way to update the lower version? Where can you check software compatibility for an SB1760c Tape Blade? You are troubleshooting a specific problem on a Windows Server 2008 R2 need to quickly verify which Microsoft KB patches have been installed How can you do this? A customer wants to add a second dual port Fiber Channel adapter to a BL460c Gen8 Server in an HP BladeSystem? Which statement about HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric ethernet connectivity are You configured and installed the VCA on a server, but are unable to access VCRM using the administrator login credentials. What should you do? Which additional features are brought to the ProLiant Gen8 with iLO 4? (Select all that apply) Which view should you select to create a baseline or baseline group in VMware Vcenter Update manager version 4.1? You plan to use SysFaultMgmt as the monitor for the hardware devices on an HP Integrity BL870c i2 Server Blade running HP-UX 11i v3. What is required for diagnostic mode? Which HP backup solution should a customer implement for zero downtime backup capability, multiple Hypervisor, and non-HP array support? What memory protection is available to a BL460c Gen 8? (Choose four) What is the maximum number of hard drives that can be installed in a D2200sb Storage Blade? You configured HP SIM to send email alerts if a system crashes in a LAN/WAN environment. You occasionally receive email alerts with false notification of an unreachable system, even if the system has been up and running without any crash or hang What should you do first to correct the problem? You are planning the installation of a new HP BladeSystem c7000 enclosure with HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 modules. The customer expects that a Flex-10 configuration will be implemented in addition to the physical setup of the hardware Which HP services should you recommend? (Select two) Which Gen8 server feature allows a customer to choose different connectivity options for the default network interface? What is the maximum number of BL680c G7 servers you can install in a c7000 rack enclosure? Which filesystem can be used on a Linux operating system? What is an advantage of the HP D2200sb Storage Blade? Before implementing a solution, which HP tool helps facility and IT staff size power infrastructure to meet HP BladeSystem solution requirements? Which component is only required on the monarch module of an HP Integrity i2 server? Which product should you use to turn the D2200sb into an iSCSI SAN for use by all servers in the enclosure and any server on the network? What is required to configure an HP ProLiant BL460c Gen8 memory in lock-step mode? Which benefit does an SSD drive offer over an SAS hard drive? An HP Integrity BL870ci2 Blade Server running HP-UX 11u v3 incurs more cache errors from a processor than the threshould allows Which statement is correct concerning the deallocation of that processor by Dynamic Processor Resilience Technology? Under Intelligent Provisioning Preferences, which options are available to update the System Software Update? (Select two) Which interface should you use to check the software status of a server configured using the version control agent? You are requested to install a Virtual Connect FlexFabric module that must be connected to an HP StorageWorks 8/80 Brocade San Switch. You want to ensure the Virtual Connect module is successfully connected to the switch. Which source should you check to get all the required information? What is the correct UEFI shell command to check the boot profile used for ignite/UX on an HP integrity BL860c i2 blade server? A customer needs many HP BladeSystem servers equipped with additional server options. The solution must be racked and cabled before delivery. Which HP service should be recommended? How would you perform NIC teaming in a HP environment with Windows Server 2008 R2? What color is the LED on the fan if a fan fails? What describes a single cold-aisle containment for rack placement in a data center? A new c7000 enclosure is fully populated with power supplies but only half of the total power is available. How should the power mode be configured to have more power available and still have redundancy? An engineer just added two DIMMs in a BladeSystem BL460c Gen8 server running Windows 2008 R2 the customer has to put the server back in production quickly. What should the engineer do to determine if the task was successful? (Select two.) Which HP storage systems are built on the HP ProLiant server platform? (Select two) In case of failure, which HP BladeSystem c7000 component is mandatory Customer-Self-Repair (CSR) and must be replaced by the customer? A customer adds memory into a single processor BL460c Gen8 server. After this additional it does not POST correctly. What are possible causes? (select two) What can you sue to transfer information over a power distribution infrastructure consisting of an iPDU and extension bars? A customer wants to enable load balancing in a Vmware environment – what is the best route to do this? Which method should you use to upgrade the Intelligent Provisioning partition on a BL460c Gen8? What is required for an iPDU to collect information? A customer bought a new HP BladeSystem c7000 enclosure with HP Flex-10 interconnect modules. Which HP BladeSystem Installation and Startup Sevice is needed to implement the network configuration of the HP Flex-10 modules? During a planning session, a customer is exploring virtualization solutions and asks if there is virtualization solution that can minimize downtime in case of server failure. Which solution meets this equipment? An HP BladeSystem c7000 Insight Display backlight is flashing. What can cause this? Which Onboard Administrator features enables a range of dynamic IP addresses to be provides to the interconnect modules? What must be considered when updating a secured Linux server using HP Software Manager? You set up an HP Integrity i2 blade running HP-UX for HP Insight Remote Support and want to test the solution. Which tool do you use to generate a test event? What should you before replacing a drive in a HP P4000 hot-swap storage system? Which HP PDU provides remote monitoring and has the ability to switch power on selected outlets? Using HP Agentless Management, which components offer pre-failure alerting?