HP0-S33 - Advanced Integration and Management of HP Server Solutions

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Example Questions

Currently, only VMware templates have been used in this environment. How must you prepare a virtual machine template to use for this template? A customer needs a direct attached based storage for a BladeSystem and wants a solution that enables low cost zoned or shared storage. Which type of HP external storage meets the customer requirements? On a Microsoft Windows Server, the performance counter Processor % Processor time can indicate an overload situation. At which percentage is it determined? A Microsoft Windows customer wants to add a file server presence to several existing and future remote sites. Redundancy, ease of management and hot swap storage growth capabilities beyond 32TB are required. The solution must support iSCSI, FTP, and WebDAV for each site. Footprint and cost are concerns. What is the best solution? Which Windows performance counter can be used to check for a Smart Array disk bottleneck problem? You instated HyperV on a BL460 G6. Which RBSU advanced setting should be changed? You are troubleshooting an HP ProLiant Gen8 server and want to download the Active Health System Log. Where can you download this log? Which HP software delivers active health and performance monitoring? Which comprehensive tool can be used to verify and update software and firmware on a ProLiant server? A customer wants the latest Ultrium technology solution integrated into the company’s BladeSystem c-Class enclosures. What is the correct tape solution? Which HP tool assists in estimating power consumption selection, including power supplies, at a system, rack, and multi-rack levels? You want to add a new network to the existing VC domain managed through VCEM. When you try to access VCM, you get a message that the VC domain configuration is not available from the VCM module and should be performed from the VCEM level. You cannot locate an option in VCEM to add/modify vNet settings. What should you do? You observe a 100% CPU utilization on one of the virtual machines. What should you do first to solve the performance problem for that machine, assuming that applications running on that server work properly? (Select two) What does Microsoft consider the most important performance counter to be used to detect memory bottlenecks? When developing an implementation Plan, what does the acceptance criteria establish? A customer chose HP ProLiant for a VMware project that involves providing high availability for old and non-cluster aware application. The customer asks how to best protect against physical hardware failure in the VMware environment. Which HP component provides the ability to v-Motion VMs to another physical server if a hardware-based pre-failure event occurs? Which RBSU setting should be changed for low latency and maximum performance? What is one of the new feature of HP ProLiant Gen8 servers? Which Advanced Memory Protection configuration allows a system to survive the complete of two DRAM devices? A customer is running HP SIM in a headquarters that has three branch offices with multiple server blades managed by the HP SIM in a central location. Version Control Repository Manager is configured in all branch offices, but all deployment tasks should be performed from the central location. What must you configure first? A customer wants to clean up the HP SIM database , but must keep events from the last 180 days complying with regulations. How can you delete events older than 180 days to keep the database clean and comply with regulations at the same time? You are installing a second BladeSystem Onboard Administrator into a c7000 enclosure, what is required for a successful active/standby relationship? Which HP tool allows you to generate a full report that can be sent to customer service for telephone support? You want to back up the Virtual Connect domain configuration. Which tool can you use to do this? What is a key feature of the HP Sizer for Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 R2? Which HP Smart Array Controller is required when using 3 GB SAS switches to connect to external storage MDS600? Insight Recovery is the component of the Matrix OE that provides disaster recovery protection for which group of servers? You are experiencing problems with a Virtual Connect domain and want to verify the domain status. Which tool can you use to perform a domain health check? The Remote Deployment Pack software enables the Rip-and-Replace functionality. You can use Rip-and-Replace to assign a particular function or role to which device? Which HP P4000 feature enables volume replication to the remote site using WAN link? Which HP solution delivers secure monitoring diagnosis, and problem resolution at no charge HP support? What is a recommended best practice when installing multiple enclosures? What are iSCSI external storage arrays? (Select two) Which Windows performance Monitor counter indicates that a network bottlenecks is occurring? Which event default actions can you configure using the Automatic Event Handling feature of HP SIM? (Select two) Which HP web-based tool can be used to configure a solution of servers, storage and networking along with services, allowing an export of the final solution? A customer Installed Insight server deployment on a server that also hosts the DHCP server. Which option is required on the DHCP server for HP Insight Control server deployment to register PXE clients? You are unable to get basic information about the server during the discovery phase in HP SIM. What should you verify first? Which HP SIM feature allows you to perform a Virtual Connect Profile movement from a failed server to a replacement machine after the failure was discovered? An external storage device is connected to HP ProLiant Gen8 servers VMware 5.0i. You want to create a shared datastore for all the servers. After creating a LUN on a storage device, what is the correct procedure to do this? Which HP Gen8 technologies are required for Dynamic Power Capping at the rack level? (Select two) To protect virtual running on multiple ESXi 5.0 hosts, a customer decides to configure a High Availability cluster. What are the requirements for this type of cluster? Which Matrix Operating Environment component can be used to assign users to a specific server pool? A consultant must provide a UPS solution to support the load requirement of a server solution being delivered. What is the recommended tool to use to provide the correct UPS solution? You want to create a boot option on an HP BL890c i2 Blade Server. From which option in the UEFI Boot Menu should be performed? Which HP Troubleshooting Methodology should be used to resolve server bottlenecks? During the initial installation of the Insight Control server deployment, the Windows 2008 R2 system was selected as the only system as the only system to be deployed to the target servers. You need to perform ESXi installation on 40 machines. What must you do to enable the deployment of the ESXi using Insight Control server deployment? Which HP application tool detects, analyzes, and explains hardware bottlenecks? A customer complained of slow performance on an HP ProLiant server. You upgraded to faster processes and added memory to the server. What should you create after you change the server hardware configuration? Which virtual infrastructure component is used as a backup communication channel to exchange information between vSphere HA agents?