HP0-S32 - HP BladeSystem Networking

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Example Questions

Where are broadcasts flooded in Layer 2 switches? What best describes the functionality of the Virtual Connect Ethernet module? The IEEE 802.1AX (802.3ad) Link Aggregation Control Protocol is a Layer 2 protocol. What is its function? Which HP tool is used to create an HP Integrity virtual switch? Which features make Flex-10 technology useful in a virtual machine environment? (Select two.) How does a Layer 3 switch route a packet between directly connected VLANs? Which HP Virtual Connect feature provides functionality similar to an industry-standard trunk? How many BladeSystem c7000 enclosures are supported in a single Virtual Connect domain? What are valid reasons for implementing VLANs? (Select two.) What are features of Virtual Connect Manager? (Select two.) Which spanning tree protocol is the most appropriate in a VLAN-aware, non-proprietary network implementation? What does N_Port ID virtualization do? What is considered a trunk in a Cisco switching environment? What is the function of the active member of a dynamic LACP trunk? Which advantage distinguishes HP FlexFabric technology from the technology supporting other CNAs? What can be used by a QoS policy to classify traffic? (Select two.) What is required for a Layer 3 switch to route between directly connected VLANs? (Select two.) To guarantee effective communication among all switches, how should you configure tagging of port 6 on Switch 2? What do Virtual Connect modules use to communicate with the Onboard Administrator? When are the bandwidth values set for the FlexNICs? What does the illustration reveal about the hardware configuration of the HP Integrity BL860c server blade? (Select two.) () How does the Cisco Nexis 1000V series virtual switch differ from the VMware vDS? What is required to provide routing capability on a Layer 3 switch? (Select two.) How does a simple vNet handle VLAN tags in Map mode in firmware environments earlier than version 3.30? In which type of domain does a group of VLANs communicate? At which OSI model layer does a router work? A server profile has been defined where the total custom and preferred bandwidth values specified for the server's FlexNICs exceed 10Gb.How does Virtual Connect Manager handle this situation? What allocates bandwidth across the FlexNICs in an HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 environment? A user connects a laptop to Port 6 of a network switch and has access to VLAN 10 resources and the Internet. Several minutes later, the user connects a similarly configured laptop to the same port, and has access to VLAN 11 resources, but no Internet access.What can cause this to occur? What is a benefit of dynamic link aggregation? Which protocols are industry-standard switch protocols? (Select two.) A customer plans to manage Virtual Connect Fibre Channel modules in a domain. Why is a Virtual Connect Ethernet module required? Which statement is correct about a Shared Uplink Set? Which Virtual Connect tagging mode is limited to 320 VLANs per Virtual Connect Ethernet module? The FC Mode indicator on uplink X2 on a Virtual Connect Flexfabric 10Gb/24-port module is illuminated solid and not flashing. What does this signify? What is the advantage of using Virtual Connect Flex-10 technology in a VMware environment? Which OSI model layer uses frames? (Select two.) What must be done before moving a server profile from one server bay to another? On a Cisco switch, what does the portfast setting do? You are creating a connection between multiple server blades and an external switch on a single VLAN. All traffic from the servers is tagged. What must you create within Virtual Connect if it is globally set for VLAN Tunnel mode? Which protocol is an industry-standard trunking protocol? For proper communication, what is the correct VLAN tagging configuration of the external switch port represented by the red arrow? How does a Layer 3 switch determine whether to forward or route data? In an IP subnet without VLANs, each subnet terminates at the interface. How are IP subnets with VLANs different? Identify the port type shown in the blue outlined area. () How does a Shared Uplink Set handle VLAN tags in Tunnel mode with firmware earlier than version 3.30? What must you define when configuring Virtual Connect Ethernet for a server blade that can support tagged Ethernet frames in VLANs 20, 30, 50, and 60? Which advantages do ACLs offer? (Select two.) Which parameters do Virtual Connect algorithms use to determine the correct LACP trunk link for a conversation between nodes in different VLANs? (Select two.) Which management interface provides the administrator with the most control over switch parameters and monitoring functions?