HP0-S14 - Design & Implementation of HP SIM for ISS Solutions

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Example Questions

When performing a Virtual to Virtual migration (V2V), what are some of the prerequisites for the source virtual machine? (Select two.) Support for which protocol was removed from HP SIM 5.1? Why should you keep collections by attributes as simple as possible to minimize the performance impacts of individual tasks? You want to deploy the SMP agent to the server. How should you proceed? Which package integrates with HP SIM 5.1 to support monitoring and management of Itanium-based server blades running HP-UX? You want to make a backup of a virtual machine guest with VMM 2.0. Which backup options can you choose from? (Select two.) Which component within the PMP multitier architecture performs the collected data analysis? Which function regarding virtual machines is new to HP SIM 5.1? You just changed the SNMP community string on a target server and restarted the SNMP service. What else must you do to enable HP SIM to communicate with the new community string? When performing a Virtual to Physical migration (V2P), what should you do once the migration is finished and the physical server has rebooted? Which statement is true regarding the way HP Storage Essentials is integrated into HP SIM 5.1? How is the association of a virtual machine guest with its virtual machine host in HP SIM made? You create a trap-forwarding task in HP SIM 5.1 and specify several destination servers that are to receive the forwarded traps. However, only one destination server receives all the traps. Why? You want to increase the sample rate for Performance Management Pack (PMP) on a Windows server. Where can you change this setting? When performing a Physical to Virtual (P2V) migration, what are some of the prerequisites for the HP SIM CMS? (Select two.) A system administrator wants to copy the SSH key from the CMS to a managed system. Which command should the administrator use? On the Systems Management Homepage, which left-pane link allows you to determine if you need to upgrade the HP Insight Management Agents? When creating an Oracle database user for HP SIM, which two roles, at the minimum, must you grant this user? How does HP SIM 5.1 facilitate use of the Require Trusted Certificates option? Which HP SIM component uses the secure HTTP port 50000? When does the HP BladeSystem Integrated Manager change the disabled status of a server blade that was discovered through its iLO? What are features of the Version Control Repository Manager (VCRM)? (Select two.) If a server is licensed but not marked for monitoring, which status is displayed in the PF column of the HP SIM homepage? (Select two.) Which protocol requires a special HP SIM component that configures the managed device to send alerts to the Central Management Server (CMS) because it does not provide alerting capabilities? You have finished installing Vulnerability and Patch Management (VPM) on an HP System Insight Manager server. Once the server is rebooted, which step should you perform next for VPM to function correctly? When a system administrator attempts to update the firmware on a BladeSystem GbE2c interconnect switch using HP SIM, the update is unsuccessful. What could be the reason? Where can you generate an SNMP test trap? Which HP SIM configuration privilege allows the user to run discovery of systems and data collection? The HP SIM 5.1 discovery process is not reaching systems behind a firewall. Which global protocol setting must you use to discover these systems? You want to install Vulnerability and Patch Management on an existing HP System Insight Manager server. Which software should you install first? If a previously monitored server is powered off, which status is displayed in the PF column of the HP SIM homepage? (Select two.) Which option best describes the HP SIM 5.1 users who can generate reports? Your environment consists of several ProLiant servers monitored by PMP 3.0. Some of these servers are monitored using demo licenses. After using the Data Migration Tool to upgrade PMP, the servers with demo licenses are no longer monitored. Why? When performing a Physical to Virtual (P2V) migration, what are some of the prerequisites for the source physical machine? (Select two.) How are community strings handled in HP SIM 5.1? You are viewing the list of discovered servers on the HP SIM homepage. The recently added server blade shows as disabled. Why? What happens when a system administrator creates a task to update software and firmware on systems in HP SIM running Windows? Which component, running on the managed nodes, enables the Distributed Task Facility (DTF) to execute commands on managed nodes running Windows? Which option in the SSH Keys tool performs no key checking? How can you verify the unallocated space on an Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) system using HP SIM? How are public keys distributed within Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)? Which file must you edit to enable the Common Information Model Object Manager (CIMOM) to listen in on an SSL port other than the default 5989? What provides Windows support to WBEM applications? Which step must you perform when removing HP SIM 5.1 from a system running HP-UX or Linux? Which HP SIM process determines the associations between a management processor and its server, a server blade and its enclosure, and an enclosure and its rack? HP SIM 5.1 removes support for which product? Within HP SIM 5.1, which internal task runs every 15 minutes by default, and is inaccessible to users? How can a system administrator use HP SIM to verify the World Wide Name of a storage switch? How is the Vulnerability and Patch Management (VPM) agent installed on managed systems? How can OpenSSH be installed and automatically configured on managed Windows systems without further manual intervention?