HP0-P21 - HP-UX 11iv3 Advanced System Administration

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Example Questions

Which software products and methods are available with HP-UX to improve the security of your systems? (Select three.) Your /home file system mounted on /dev/vg01/lvol4 is running out of space. Which command should you use to determine which directory has the largest files? What are valid statements when referring to changing system run levels? (Select two.) Which command is used to create the required config files to use an SD depot with Ignite-UX? Which command is used to configure 1GB of memory as CLM on cell 6 of nPartition 0? When upgrading to HP-UX 11i v3, what is the purpose of the msv2v3check script? Which procedure should you use to install a vPar with HP-UX 11i v3 from the Ignite-UX Server with the IP address You are performing an HP-UX cold installation using the advanced option. Which parameters can you set on the System Menu tab? (Select three.) What is a function of the ndd command? What are the new features of BIND 9.3? (Select three.) You have set up a Service guard cluster but received notification from network security that the current configuration exposes remote user login risks and must be remediated. Which file should be set up to eliminate the risk? Which LVM feature does Service guard use? Which equation is correct with regard to HP Integrity Virtual Machines (VMs)? You previously set up HP SIM to use username/password authentication with account "wbemacc" for the WBEM protocol for all of your managed systems. Your site has a policy that user passwords must change every three months. It also configures PAM to lock out an account after three invalid password attempts. What are ways to specify a new password before re-running "Identify Systems"? (Select two.) What is a secured computer system that protects the internal network from intruders? Which example can be a valid MAC address? Which command set should you use to create a log file of network trace activity at /tmp/nettl.log using nettl? What are some of the benefits of HP CIFS Server over Open Source SAMBA? (Select two.) Which daemon is used to monitor and rotate audit log files? Which command should you use to determine the status of a LUN path? You are asked to evaluate the possibility of implementing shadow passwords on your system. Which statements are true about the HP-UX shadow password mechanism? (Select two.) Which VxVM daemons need to be running for the volume manager to function correctly? Which statement is true about the licensing model of MirrorDisk/UX on HP-UX 11i v3? Which procedure configures tcpwrapper for ftpd? What are Resource Management tools? (Select two.) An administrator issues the traceroute command, but does not receive the expected information. What can cause this to happen? What are the benefits of the Service guard Storage Management Suite on HP-UX 11i v3? (Select two.) What are the major advantages of the new Mass Storage Stack of HP-UX 11i v3 compared to previous HP-UX versions? (Select two.) Assuming two machines are on the same subnet, which file should be configured on an Ignite-UX Server to allow a PA-RISC client to perform a network boot? Which functions does the idisk command perform? (Select two.) Management purchases an Integrity Superdome to replace two HP rp8420 Servers. There is available CPU capacity and management decides to bring additional applications for execution on the Integrity Superdome. Based on this scenario, which statements can be true? (Select two.)