HP0-P19 - HP-UX High Availability Using Serviceguard v18

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Example Questions

Consider the following excerpt generated by the cmclquery command: NODE_NAME zappa NETWORK_INTERFACE lan0 HEARTBEAT_IP NETWORK_INTERFACE lan2 STATIONARY_IP NETWORK_INTERFACE lan6 HEARTBEAT_IP NETWORK_INTERFACE lan4 # Possible standby Network Interfaces for lan2: lan4 What can you determine given only the information above? Consider the following entry from a package control file: SERVICE_RESTART[0]="-r 2" Which statement is true? Based on the cmviewcl output, which statement is correct? Which statement describes the parameter NETWORK_POLLING_INTERVAL in the cluster ASCII configuration file? A package along with its associated volume groups and data are being migrated from one Serviceguard cluster to another. The volume groups were exported from the old cluster and imported into the new one. The following error is produced by cmcheckconf: Error: Volume group /dev/vg70 currently belongs to another cluster. It cannot be included in this one. Error: Volume group /dev/vg75 currently belongs to another cluster. It cannot be included in this one. Maximum configured packages parameter is 30. Configuring 7 package(s). 23 package(s) can be added to this cluster. cmcheckconf : Unable to verify cluster file: /etc/cmcluster/cmclconf.ascii. Which change will resolve this error? Following is an excerpt from a legacy package control script: SERVICE_NAME[0]="MON_MON" SERVICE_CMD[0]="/etc/cmcluster/MON/MON_MON.sh monitor" SERVICE_RESTART[0]="-r 2" What does the "-r 2" mean? (Select two.) Your customer wants you to design an HA solution with HP-UX and Serviceguard that runs the customer's Business Critical SAP production system as Serviceguard package,pkgA, and the customer's Development SAP system as Serviceguard package, pkgB. You design two vPars (vpar1 and vpar2) on serverA and two vPars (vpar3 and vpar4) on serverB. What is a good design for this cluster to provide the maximum high availability? (Select two.) The final step to create a 2-node cluster is to issue the command cmapplyconf. In which state should the cluster lock volume group be in before issuing the cmapplyconf command? Which statements are correct regarding a Serviceguard cluster with SGeRAC and Oracle RAC? (Select two.) In a Serviceguard environment, which feature provides the opportunity to perform rolling upgrades on the application software by temporarily moving a package to another system? In a two node cluster, two identical servers (same CPU, memory, and I/O card configurations) are designed to host the application and database servers of a 3-tier application. Under normal operations the database is hosted on server A and the application server is hosted on server B. Which system middleware tool is helpful for rebalancing loads in the event of a single server failure, after both applications have migrated to the surviving node? Which situations does Serviceguard provide high availability solutions for? (Select two.) Which statements are true about the Continentalclusters product? (Select two.) Cluster re-formations can occur from time to time due to current cluster conditions. Which conditions can initiate a cluster re-formation? (Select two.) What is the function of the lock disk or Quorum server in a Serviceguard cluster? An application that is configured as a Serviceguard package in a 2-node cluster is performing badly. A consultant inspects the application and recommends changing an application parameter. This application parameter can effect a static kernel parameter under certain conditions. The customer has a standalone test system running the same application. Given this situation, how should application changes be handled in regards to Serviceguard? In the context of high availability, which phrase describes Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)? A customer has a 2-node HP Serviceguard cluster running a mission critical Oracle database and a financial application. At the end of each month the server utilization spikes with no idle CPU resources and there is a need for additional capacity. Which HP Virtual Server Environment offering provides additional capacity and is best in this situation? If a Quorum service fails so that it is no longer available, which statement is true regarding the action that should or will take place? Which command includes the CVM disk group cfsdg01 in a Serviceguard CFS cluster configuration? After implementing a highly available Oracle database instance utilizing a template from the Enterprise Cluster Master Toolkit, a DBA wants to perform offline maintenance while keeping all filesystems mounted and the relocatable IP address available. What is the best method to accomplish this? For Serviceguard troubleshooting, which log files should be configured across cluster nodes to utilize the Distributed Systems Administration Utilities (DSAU) log consolidation feature? (Select two.) You are upgrading a system to HP-UX 11i v3 and want to use the new I/O subsystem features, load balancing and multipathing, for all multipath devices. Your customer also wants you to implement VxVM Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) and Veritas Dynamic MulitPathing (DMP). Which statements are true in this situation? (Select two.) Which Serviceguard add-on product decreases the failover time in a 2-node cluster? What are potential single points of failure (SPOF) in an HP-UX environment? (Select two.)