HP0-P10 - HP Integrity Server Multi-OS Installation and Deployment

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Example Questions

Which capability does the Management Processor (MP) in the Integrity rx2620 server provide? How should you install memory in an rx2660 to get the best performance? Your customer has an HP Integrity rx2600 server running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with two PCI SmartArray 5304 controllers installed. They plan to replace Microsoft Windows Server with HP-UX on this server. Which statement is true? You need to perform a maintenance task on a Management Processor module. Which command displays a list of connected users? Which command do you use in the EFI Shell to verify that an Integrity rx4640 server has the latest firmware? Which partitions are required for Red Hat Linux? Which Management Processor (MP) command displays the physical location information of the system? An Integrity rx2620 server with Windows Server 2003 is running terminal services but has stopped responding. Which MP command do you use to shut down gracefully and power off the server? Where is the diagnostic panel on an Integrity rx4640 server located? You need LAN access to the MP/iLO 2 console of an rx3600 server. How do you set up the IP address? How many dual-rope 1Gb/s PCI-X slots does an Integrity rx2620 server have? What does an amber blinking System LED on an Integrity rx2620 indicate? From the EFI Boot Manager, how can you get information about the installed memory DIMMs? What is the default privileged account for HP-UX systems? What is the most common command used to observe the current performance of an HP-UX system? You have run an Offline Diagnostics Environment (ODE) utility. What should you do before booting the operating system or running any non-ODE utility? What must you do to enable single sign-on between the HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) and the local HP System Management Homepage (HP SMH) on your Integrity server? You want to load new firmware for the Management Processor (MP). Which command do you use to verify a proper connection to an FTP server? Which default username allows you to log in to the Management Processor? You are managing an Integrity rx2620 server that is located in a remote office. Which Management Processor (MP) console command do you use to gather the state of the system and LEDs? You just installed an Integrity rx2620 server. How do you set the MP and system times? Which HP OpenView utility collects and logs performance data on HP Integrity servers running HP-UX? You need to update the system firmware on an Integrity rx2620 server running Windows Server 2003. How could you perform the update? (Select two.) Which entry is correct for the M-Cable console port on an HP Integrity rx2620 server when selecting active console output/input/error? When using an HP Smart Array controller SA6402 in an HP Integrity server running Microsoft Windows Server 2003, which utility enables you to do an online migration to a different RAID level or stripe size? While installing an rx2620 for the first time, which command do you use to display the date from the Managment Processor (MP)? Which HP-UX 11iv2 tool is used to initiate the replacement of an existing PCI I/O card on an Online Replace Add Delete (OLRAD)-capable Integrity server? How can you access the HP OpenVMS console on an rx2620 server? Which command can you use to access the EFI partition from within Windows? Which methods of accessing the Offline Diagnostics Environment (ODE) utilities does HP recommend? (Select two.) A customer wants to improve CPU performance on an Integrity rx4640 server. Currently there are two mx2 modules installed and 32GB of memory. How could the CPU performance be improved? An Integrity rx2620 server is running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition. Which command do you use to shut down this system when the Windows console and terminal services are not responding? Which Offline Diagnostics Environment (ODE) utility should you use to test the memory of an Integrity server? How can you access the UUID on an entry-level HP Integrity server? (Select two.) Which EFI menu option do you use to remove the boot options before installing an operating system? After installing HP System Management Homepage (SMH) and restarting the system, how can you log in to the SMH? Your customer has an Integrity rx4640 server running HP-UX 11i. Which command do you use to perform a minor setting change to the auto boot file located on the boot disk? Which interfaces are used to connect to the Managment Processor (MP)? (Select two.) A customer owns an HP Integrity rx2620 server with three dual-port U160 SCSI host bus adapter cards (A6829A) installed. They plan to move their application from HP-UX to a Linux solution. Which statement is true? Which standard features are available in iLO 2 that were not available in iLO? (Select two.) After you replace a memory module on an Integrity server, how do you clear the entries in the Page Deallocation Table (PDT)? What do you use to set up the boot options for the operating system on an HP Integrity server? You have to deploy an HP Integrity Support Pack to 40 Integrity servers running Windows Server 2003. What can you use to accomplish this task with the least amount of effort? (Select two.) There is a CD with a EFI file system in the CD/DVD drive. From the "EFI Shell>" prompt, which command do you use to access the drive? How can you determine the firmware version that is running on an HP Integrity system? (Select two.) What is the difference between a Machine Check Abort (MCA) and a Transfer of Control (TOC)? Fault management events can be viewed directly on a server as they occur. Which HP tool aggregates information from multiple systems in the data center? How can you improve CPU performance on an Integrity rx1620 server that contains two 1.3GHz/3MB Level 3 cache processors? The diagnostic panel on an Integrity rx4640 shows a fan failure. What information on the Management Processor (MP) shows you when the fan failed?