HP0-M98 - Advanced Scripting using QTP 11 Software Exam

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Example Questions

__________assigns a numerical value to a test object that indicates its order or location relative to other objects with an otherwise identical description (objects that have the same values for all properties) The Value cell in the keyword view can contain value ____________. Function Definition Generator in found in which menu option. We can not insert additional steps on the test objects captured in the Active screen after the recording session. The __________ toolbar contains buttons for recording and running our test. The _______ tab displays the current value of all variables that have been recognized up to the last step performed in the run session. The ____________ is the mechanism used to identify objects during run session There are three kinds of actions: We can retrieve or modify property values of the test object during the run session by adding _________ statements in the Keyword View or Expert View. Panes in QTP can have one of the following states docked or floating. The ___________ is used to compare a pair of XML files Shortcut Key for Closing all open Function Libraries in one go. If an object is contained in both local and shared repositories then, during a run session QTP does not support virtual object for Analog or low-level recording. In addition to adding standard statement steps to our test using the Keyword View, we can also insert We can create __________ type of XML checkpoints. 'Browser navigation timeout' is in which tab of Test Settings (File->Settings) window. We can define a database query by using __________. Only the file name_________ is recognized as an action template The _____________ command is used to invoke other applications from QTP When we parameterize a step in a test using the Data Table, we must decide whether we want to make it a global Data Table parameter or an action Data Table parameter. Shortcut key to Insert/Remove a breakpoint is. We can access and perform _________ methods using the Object property. In the Associated Repositories tab of the Action Properties dialog box, although we can order the object repositories according to our choice except the fact that Shared Repository remains the first one and cannot be removed. In the Keyword View, We can not directly view the properties for items like checkpoints. The Data Table assists us in parameterizing the test The correct syntax of the condition statement starting with Do is ________. When we create a test it includes _________ action. The _____________ runs only the current line of the script. When the current line calls a method, the method is performed in its entirety, but is not displayed in the view. The Active Screen enables us to parameterize the object values and insert the checkpoints. With QuickTest Professional 9.0, a maximum of Actions can be placed into a script A test comprises calls to actions. When you create a new test, it contains a call to a ________ action. Identify the tabs in the Test Settings (File->Settings) window The Data Table does not assists us in parameterizing our test. An Item column can be any of the following. QuickTest has _________ built-in toolbars. Shortcut Key for Commenting out the current row, or selected rows./ When we switch from Expert view to the Keyword view, QTP automatically checks for syntax errors in the test and shows them in the information pane. In the Object Spy window, in the methods Tab In the __________ the Action List is always visible and the Expert View always displays the script for the selected action If our object repositories are stored in the file system and we want other users or HP products to be able to run this action on other computers, we should set the file path as a The Object Repository window is ___________ during record and run sessions We can not increase or decrease the active screen information saved with the test. How can we share or pass values from one action to other actions? The ____________ runs only the current line of the script. If the current line calls a method, the method is displayed in the view but is not performed. Name of a checkpoint can be easily changed in QTP The__________ gets added to the test while parameterizing The ______________ is the method which adds to the test while implementing Synchronization We cannot manage some aspects of a local object repository using the QuickTest Object Repository automation object model We can also encrypt strings in Data Table cells using the __________option in the Data Table menu.