HP0-M57 - HP Project and Portfolio Management Center 9.x Software

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Example Questions

Which settings are mandatory for defining a data field of a request type? A portlet data column can be configured as which four types.? Which security layers are available in PPM? (Select two.) How can you generate a support bundle? During the proposal phase, which information is contained in a staffing profile? What is the Critical Path Threshold? Which types of transitions can you create in PPM? (Select two.) What happens when a project manager defines notifications for a summary task? Besides Internet Explorer, which browser is supported by HP PPM? How do you start the PPM Server if your instance includes multiple nodes? What should the parameter KINTANA_SERVER_NAME contain? What are the types of PPM workflows? How can you integrate HP PPM with EMC Documentum? What is the best way to monitor background services and active users? What are valid values for parameter AUTHENTICATION_MODE in server.conf? What happens to a Financial Summary as a proposal moves through its Lifecycle? Which statement is true about installing PPM Center server? Which actions must be performed in order to configure participant permissions so that only a specified group can create an IS Release Calendar Change request? (Select two.) Which statement is true about configuring Request Type notifications? What are three valid server modes? What are the functions of validations? What does a "List" portlet type display? What are the general categories of transactions or activities that can be processed by PPM Center? What are the possible integration modes with Microsoft Project? Which database is used in a PPM environment? How are workplan templates created? When are efforts shown on the Resource Usage screen? Which values are mandatory when creating a workflow parameter? (Select two.) Which command is used to remotely execute UNIX commands? How can you retrieve information about your PPM licenses? What is a functionality of the Demand Management application in PPM? Which PPM module provides visibility and control across all projects that are aligned by Business Objectives? Which command or script propagates changes when direct changes are made to the server.conf file? Which PPM component can be used to set up the application server? What is required when the status of a task is listed as complete, but pending processing? What are valid types of request-request relationships? What is necessary to define in a Request Type Command? Which metrics are used to evaluate and rank entities in a portfolio? (Select two.) How do you evaluate the impact of a PPM upgrade? What is a core requirement for the installation of a PPM Server? Which software can be integrated with PPM without using ALM software? How can you start the creation of a Package? (Select two.) What is a benefit of using kConfig.sh instead of a manual update of server.conf? Which action is advisable after installing PPM Center server? What is the aim of staffing profiles? What is a security group? What are the possible statuses of a timesheet? Which Admin Tool report helps determine server load within a PPM system? Which statement is true about the Application Server tier? What benefits does the integration of PPM with Quality Center (QC) provide?