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Example Questions

You are tasked with building a Web script. Upon replay, one URL sometimes throws a 404 error that results in the script execution stopping. You want to continue running the script when this 404 occurs because it is not critical to the test. Which command allows you to ignore this failure and continue the script execution? When should you check the "Record the application startup" box? You add the logic lr_message("the message"); to your script but you do not see any messages in the Output window while running the scenario in the Controller. What should you do? Which view allows you to edit a script by adding text-based enhancement, Vuser API or control flow statements? Which protocols capture actual think times? (Select two.) Where should you add a web_reg_save_param function to a script? Which option instructs VuGen to cache only the URLs that require the HTML content? Which VuGen function allows you to define a point to halt script execution for debugging purposes? What is the default behavior of a Vuser encountering an error? Which statement is true about script levels in TruClient? What is a data parameter type? Which function is added to the script when inserting a text check during recording using the recording toolbar? A script needs to run a specific Web URL request 10 times. Which C function should be used? What should you do to try different Recording Options for the same business process? What is the difference between the URL-based and the HTML-based recording modes? Which formats contain valid VuGen built-in DFEs? What should you do to apply Script A Run-time Settings, parameters, extra files, and actions to a Script B?What should you do to apply Script A? Run-time Settings, parameters, extra files, and actions to a Script B? You are calling a custom function in a script you have written. The custom function takes an integer and is of the format myfunc(int); The HP LoadRunner parameter is called param_quantity. What should you use to call this custom function and pass your param_quantity value to it? When is correlation used? Consider a business process with login, business logic and logout. Login and logout need to be iterated only once while business logic will be iterated many times. What is the correct way to record in terms of actions in the script? For which protocol(s) can automatic transactions per step be defined? Which resources are supported by a User-Defined Template? (Select two.) What is the main purpose of inserting Rendezvous points? When can you view the RunTime view/tab of the script parameter data being used in a parameter? When should you develop a multi-protocol script? What is the purpose of the "Close all AUT processes when recording stops" option? How can you tell if a Web script is recorded in HTML mode? In which VuGen tab can you see dynamic parameterized data during script replay? Which tool should you use to identify the protocol to use? When choosing between HTML-based and URL-based recording modes for Web protocol, robustness and maintainability of the recorded script should be considered. What would cause the replay failure of a script recorded in HTML mode? What is the best way to compare two versions of a script? You have just completed an advanced script that must get a real-time security encryption key for a login function. The security encryption key is obtained by loading a custom DLL using rc=lr_load_dll("SecureAcces.dll") and then calling a custom function. The login logic works on the Controller where you are developing the VuGen script, but when replaying on remote Load Generators, the script fails with error code rc=11. How can you fix this error 11? (Select two.) What is the purpose of Browser Emulation in the Run-time Settings? What is the purpose of capturing think times? Which parameter type will always have the value of one?when replayed in VuGen?Which parameter type will always have the value of ?one?when replayed in VuGen? What is the unit of measurement for a transaction? What is the best way to use an action from an existing script in a new script? A customer uses Adobe BlazeDS Server for their web browser to server communications with a Flash Client. Which protocol should be used in VuGen to test this application? Load Generator hosts are experiencing heavy memory usage. Which Run-time Settings optimization will reduce memory usage of each of the running Vusers? Which feature allows you to visually check a script's capability to effectively download a graphical resource (such as an image in png format) inside a Web page? Your script will iterate three times using a parameter table/file with the following values: {Kim; David; Michael; Jane; Ron; Alice; Ken; Julie; Fred}. If you specify "Update on Each iteration" with Unique method, what will the second Vuser in your test run use? Percentage weighting for blocks in Run Logic on Run-time Settings exists for which blocks? Which view allows an in-depth analysis of HTTP request and response headers? In HTML-based and URL-based recording modes, user steps are recorded at different layers. They differ in the layer where the user steps are recorded. Why is the HTML recording name also named as "context sensitive"? After finishing editing a previously recorded script, you push the Play button. Which log contains the actions and errors of the Vuser as it runs? What does the lr_advance_param command do? What happens when you set the animated run delay to 5,000 milliseconds? Which function should you use to send a message to the log file, Replay Log, and Controller Output window? You are asked to generate a string value that will be unique for every user for a given scenario execution. You are running the test in HP LoadRunner Controller. Which minimum set of values provided by lr_whoami provides a unique string value for every user, even if you have multiple groups? Which options are available to work with User-Defined Templates? (Select two.)