HP0-M46 - HP Application Lifecycle Management 11.x Software

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Example Questions

What does Risk-Based Quality Management enable you to do? What is defined as a set of development and quality assurance efforts performed to achieve a common goal, based on the release timeline? Which tabs are available in the right pane of the Requirements Details view? (Select two.) You are the QA manager for a company, working on a new project. In the past, end users have claimed that IT does not deliver what they ask for. For this release, you decide the end users will sign off on all the requirements. Which feature enables the manager of an HP Application Lifecycle Management project to define a snapshot of the requirements after they are signed off by users? How would you leverage test configurations to cover multiple requirements and avoid unneeded duplications? What are the potential subsequent states of a "Fixed" defect? (Select two.) What can you do in the Configuration tab of a report? A tester reports that when running a test, HP Sprinter is preventing him from attaching a movie of the test run to the defect he is submitting. How can this problem be resolved? In HP Sprinter, what comprises the Tests list? What is the implication of having a direct link between a defect and a test? What are solutions for running manual tests? (Select two.) What does assigning each Test Set folder to a Cycle enable you to do? The business analyst team released a new version of the "Ship Product" Business Process model. What does HP Application Lifecycle Management do when it re-imports the model file? Which entities must be defined for Project Planning and Tracking? Which type of data can be added to a Dashboard page? What does the pie chart in the Coverage Analysis window display? A testing team wants to add a new field named "Approver" to the Test Details form that becomes mandatory whenever test status changes to "Ready". After adding the new field, how should the project administrator customize its behavior to meet this requirement? From which tabs in the Test Lab module can you add tests to a test set? (Select two.) What are execution statuses of a test instance? (Select two.) Which icon indicates a checked out entity? Which description applies to HP Application Lifecycle Management access? Which HP Application Lifecycle Management module allows you to manage, view, and create graphs? How is a set of data defined in an Excel report? What is required to create a Baseline Report? How are related projects grouped? Which options can be used to submit defects from HP Sprinter to HP Application Lifecycle Management? (Select two.) In which fields of the Design Steps tab is it possible to use parameters? (Select two.) What can you do by creating a new Requirement Type? (Select two.) Which entities can be linked to a defect? (Select two.) How does the ALM Synchronizer operate? Which annotation tools can be used to detect a defect during an HP Sprinter test run? (Select two.) When defining content for a Library, which entities can be added based on their relationship to the requirements selected? In the Test Plan module, which graph enables you to correlate the number of tests and the elapsed time interval? Which customization use cases can only be accommodated by editing workflow code?