HP0-M38 - Managing HP Storage Essentials (SRM) 6.x Software

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Example Questions

How can HP Report Optimizer report definitions be backed up and exported? Which Storage Essentials components are available for the default read-only CIO role? (Select two.) FreeExamKing.com What are Product Health options? (Select two.) Where do you verify the time it takes a Report Database copy to complete? What must you do if a managed EVA becomes managed by the passive CommandView EVA server? How can you highlight specific values in a report? How do you save HP Report Optimizer reports with static data? Which method to back up the Storage Essentials database is independent of the archive mode setting? Which method is correct for downloading logs for the Storage Essentials Report Database? Which file must be configured to allow remote scanning of network volumes through a Windows proxy FSV host? Which condition must be met to use the CIM Extensions Management Wizard with Server 2008? Which element must be licensed in HP Storage Essentials SRM? For the management server to communicate with a host bus adapter (HBA), the HBA must support the SNIA HBA API. Which command can be executed on a Windows host to verify that the HBA is supported? Which statement is true about SMI-S providers for the Brocade and Cisco switches that use them? Which parameter should be specified in the cim.extensions.parameters file to enable the CIM extension to listen on a specific network card? You are installing Reporter on a separate server. Which disk and installation program do you use to initiate the installation? How many arrays can be enabled for performance collection with the licenses included in HP Storage Essentials Performance Edition 150 software? Which components are required on a server to be fully discovered as a managed host and mapped in the Storage Essentials System Manager topology? (Select two.) Which HP service is required for a first-time deployment of Storage Essentials? Which interface enables Storage Essentials SRM to interoperate with HP Operations Manager? FreeExamKing.com How do you capture log files for a failed installation? How do you disable context prompting in the report query? What do you use to calculate File System Viewer licenses? Whe using File System Viewer rules to report on duplicate files, in which context can it detect duplicates? When configuring Microsoft Exchange monitoring, where must the user account reside in Active Directory? What is the primary cause of #Multivalue errors in a report? After the discovery data collection, your backup server appears as a managed host in System Manager, but not in Backup Manager. What must you select to manage and monitor the backup application? Using Storage Essentials, you discover a customer's SAN switches, storage arrays, tape and libraries. What must you do next to implement Backup Manager? FreeExamKing.com If you want to monitor and manage backup servers using Storage Essentials, you select Include backup details. What do you select if you also want to manage and monitor the SAN? Which tool can you use to verify SNIA libraries on a server? What is an alternative to using the Auto Sum (?) feature to sum a column of numbers in a report? Which query filter will filter for the host name, Host1unix.usa.hp.com? FreeExamKing.com What is required before you can use the CIM Extension Management Wizard? (Select two.) The RMAN backup successfully completed. In which default directory of a Microsoft Windows HP Storage Essentials SRM installation is the internal database data saved? What may result if you move a VMware ESX server to a new HP Storage Essentials SRM discovery group and leave the associated virtual machines in the old one? FreeExamKing.com In which situation does HP Storage Essentials SRM Report Optimizer require a separate permanent license key? What is a typical HP storage system for HP Storage Essentials Performance Edition 300 software bundle?