HP0-M37 - HP Data Protector Software Fumdamentals For UNIX

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Example Questions

A customer is using HP Data Protector Software 6.1 with an HP VLS. How is HP Data Protector Software impacted by use of Accelerated Deduplication? Which backup type is most useful in dynamic environments where file system backup objects change frequently? What is the difference between a synthetic full and virtual full backup? When configuring the VMware integration, which users do you need to add to the admin or operator HP Data Protector Software user group? (Select two.) After installing an HP Data Protector Software environment, you cannot connect to the HP-UX Cell Manager. Which command do you use to verify that the services are running? In which two modes can Disaster Recovery using Disk Delivery be administered on HP-UX clients? (Select two.) Which important configuration file on the Cell Manager may affect the behavior of the product in the entire cell and where is the file located on a UNIX system (assuming a default installation path)? What should you verify if the omnidbutil -merge mmdb CellServer3 command fails? Which license is required to enable virtual full backups? Which restore option can you use if you restore only *.pdf files? Which statement is true about the backup memory file option in a VMware backup specification? How can you install HP Data Protector Software on a different disk location on UNIX systems? When using AES encryption with the Galois counter mode with the tape drive, how is the encryption managed? What is the format for an Autolabeled tape? Which option should be used for tape devices accessible by more than one Media Agent, when only a single logical device is allowed to be configured? The Cell Manager is installed in an HP-UX cluster. Where must the resources necessary for the cluster be located so that failed backup sessions can restart? What happens when an HP Data Protector Software version reaches its End of Support Date? You are configuring VCB in an HP Data Protector software 6.1 environment. The VCB operation fails with Not enough disk space. Which rule applies when defining disk space requirements on the proxy server in a VCB environment for a backup containing several virtual machines? You are remotely managing an HP Data Protector Software environment running on HP-UX. You want to create an automigrated copy of a tape. Which HP Data Protector Software command do you use? Which configuration allows HP Data Protector Software to handle unavailable devices in an unattended backup environment? In which operation mode does HP Data Protector Software use the AES encryption algorithm? If you experience problems with tape library devices, which HP Data Protector Software command can be used to check the library operations? During initial installation, which tool helps predict future HP Data Protector Software internal database size? What must you do to localize the HP Data Protector Software GUI language on a UNIX system? Which shell must be installed on the HP-UX system to perform an HP Data Protector Software 6.1 installation? You recently upgraded a Cell Manager to HP Data Protector software 6.1. Which license is required to perform VCB backups by using the GUI? When using AES encryption in counter mode with HP Data Protector software 6.1, which part of the software performs the encryption? You use software-based encryption for a backup. For which entity will a new key will be created? Which devices can be used within the same restore device pool in an HP Data Protector Software environment? Which HP Data Protector Software command is used to format a tape? You have an encrypted backup session with the AES 256-bit encryption option selected. To what will the Key Management Server transfer the encryption key? Where are the physical library slots used for Smart Copy automigration shown? You plan to use HP Data Protector Software AES 256 bit encryption software to encrypt all data from your clients. You have four LTO-4 tape drives. There are three UNIX workstations and three dual- node Microsoft Windows Server 2003 clusters. How many HP Data Protector Software encryption extension LTUs are needed? How can you change from tape drive licensing to capacity-based licensing? What must be considered when debugging is enabled? Which disaster recovery scenarios require manual intervention to provide decryption keys? (Select two.) When multiple object versions exist for a specific restore, which properties will the HP Data Protector Software algorithm use by default to determine the media set that will be used? Which HP Data Protector Software disaster recovery methods are managed by the Disaster Recovery Module? (Select two.) Formatting a medium more than once resets the quality information regarding media life. Where is this quality information stored? Which tool can be used to retrieve debug and log files from various client systems? On the HP Data Protector Software UNIX Cell Manager, which format is used by the internal database to store information? What is a consideration when installing a Cell Manager used for Windows and UNIX in a mixed operating system environment? What do you need to do to separate a CMMDB to local MMDBs? Which restore option can you use for foreign media if you do not know the file names and paths? Which backup methods are supported with a VCB image backup? Which media vaulting support functions are implemented in HP Data Protector Software? (Select two.) Which Disaster Recovery option is supported on an HP-UX Cell Manager? How does HP Data Protector Software integrate with VLS Accelerated Deduplication? While restoring single files in a typical environment, which backup logging level will result in the longest restore time? With HP Data Protector Software 6.1, how are the encryption keys stored for the various hosts?