HP0-M12 - HP WinRunner 9.2 Software

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Example Questions

Which string variable in WinRunner is valid? The test lead wants a copy of the WinRunner script you created. To provide him with a workable copy, which file or files do you need to supply? Assume that the name of the test is Test1A under which the following files and folders are included: lock, script, chklist, db, debug, exp, res1. Which WinRunner statement opens a data table file? Which item in a WinRunner script determines whether the property of an object captured during recording has the same value during test run? Which statement correctly evaluates whether the variable 'b' has a value of three? How does WinRunner set up the GUI Map file for a new test? Which commands will produce a flow control condition? Which element in the test script and GUI Map must be identical for WinRunner to play back on an object successfully? When a test is run in Update mode, what happens to the expected values defined in a checkpoint that is included in the script? Which feature do you use to edit an object's property value already saved in the GUI Map file? How would you write a regular expression for a ten-digit material number that begins with 45 and the ninth character could only be a letter from A through F, which can be capitalized or not? In a test, a bitmap checkpoint shows a failure. How does WinRunner isolate the difference between the expected and actual results? A GUI Map file named Bank_App.gui contains a new object that is not yet saved into the file. How does WinRunner specify a GUI Map file with new but unsaved objects? In creating a database checkpoint, which tool does WinRunner work with to create a SQL Query to get data from the application database? A test run fails because of an unrecognized object. You want to compare the actual object properties to the properties stored in the GUI Map file. Which WinRunner feature compares the actual object properties versus the properties in the GUI Map and provides a possible reason for the error? A script contains the function GUI_load and a GUI Map file is loaded in the memory. During the recording of a new script, one of the GUI Map object's properties has changed. What does WinRunner do in order to successfully playback the script? In which file does WinRunner store user actions on the application under test captured during recording? How do you specify a 15-second timeout in the global timeout settings? Test A and Test B are run in succession. In order for Test B to run successfully, Test A should be designed so that Test B is able to start in the same location where Test A finishes running. What is the best practice for setting up scripts to run in succession or multiple iterations? In a test, you have to record both in Context Sensitive and Analog modes. Which method should you use to switch recording from Analog back to Context Sensitive without capturing the mouse movements in the test script? You are asked to create a GUI Map file that contains all the objects in the application under test. What is the best and fastest way to meet this requirement? Which synchronization statement is automatically generated during recording? The practice of using multiple sets of data for input using one test script allows you greater test coverage with fewer tests. Which scenarios best describe this practice? (Select two.) During recording, WinRunner "listens" to the actions a user performs on the application (and to the response from the server) and creates a log of these steps. Which language does WinRunner use to create these steps in a script? What is the default data table file used in WinRunner known as? In creating a checkpoint using the DB Checkpoint Wizard, what mandatory information do you need to supply? (Select three.) A test script contains standard objects captured in Normal mode, and a window with custom objects captured using Analog mode. Which of the following statements will ensure correct playback of the test script with steps recorded in Analog mode? Select the correct information about the TSL statement below. If(divisor == 0) { Return (E_ILLEGAL_PARAMETER); } In WinRunner, what is the correct syntax to assign a value of 7 to a variable, x? Which WinRunner feature acts as a mediator or translator between the application under test (AUT) and the test script? What is referred to as a WinRunner script that is used to initialize the working environment, including UI_load( ) and GUI_close_all( ) statements before test scripts are run? In the statement: win_check_gui (Flight Reservation list1.gckl ui1 7), which file does WinRunner use to store the expected results? From which sources does WinRunner accept input data? (Select three.)