HP0-K03 - Integrating and Managing HP BladeSystem in the Enterprise

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Example Questions

In order to use WMI with HP SIM, which operating system or systems require the WBEM WMI mapper to be installed on the server? What happens when you have two Onboard Administrator (OA) modules installed in the c7000 enclosure and they have incompatible versions of firmware? Which tools are commonly used for deployment and patch management in a Windows environment on an HP Integrity BladeSystem server? (Select two.) Which component must you remove in order to install BL480c server blades? Which HP Server Service works closely with your client to determine the best strategy for integrating Itanium into their environment and leveraging this innovative technology to the best advantage? Which power delivery modes are supported on the HP BladeSystem c-Class? (Select two.) Which component of the optional Brocade 4Gb SAN Switch Power Pack can help administrators monitor specific fabric metrics from an SID (Source ID) to a DID (Destination ID), so they can fine-tune and scale the fabric more efficiently? Which features are covered by the HP Care Pack. (Select two.) Which storage option provides a disk-based backup solution for continuous safeguard of Microsoft Windows file servers on the HP BladeSystem? If you install a Virtual Connect Ethernet module in interconnect bay 1 of a c7000 enclosure, what can you install in interconnect bay 2? A customer is running a multi-threaded application on an HP BladeSystem BL460c with two dual-core/2.66GHz processors and 32GB of memory installed. They complain about slow performance during peak times of their nightly processing. What can you recommend to correct the problem? Which publication contains known performance issues with HP products such as the HP BladeSystem server blades? What is required for using three-phase AC power with HP BladeSystem c-Class? Where does Performance Management Pack (PMP) derive its statistical analysis from? Which HP server service includes the installation and startup support for the iLO Power Management Pack? What benefit does the Type II mezzanine slot in c-Class server blades provide? Your customer complains about low disk subsystem performance after replacing a failed drive. What can you do to solve this problem? What is the purpose of the Insight Display chat mode screen on a Blade Server rack? When creating VLANs, which ports must be enabled for redundancy between two GbE2 interconnect switches installed in the HP BladeSystem BL p-Class server blade enclosure? When planning an HP BladeSystem BL c-Class configuration, which requirement must be met to use three-phase power? You are installing a new GbE2c interconnect switch, still configured with factory settings, into your customer c-Class infrastructure.You are installing a new GbE2c interconnect switch, still configured with factory settings, into your customer? c-Class infrastructure. When attempting to log into the switch with the perator?user name and the <blank> password, you receive an error. What is a possible cause?When attempting to log into the switch with the ?perator?user name and the <blank> password, you receive an error. What is a possible cause? Which HP Service provides a baseline service level to ensure optimum server availability, delivering extended access to expert assistance, remote and onsite diagnostic support, and remedial hardware support? Which URL allows you access to HP SIM from a browser? Which tool analyzes the server configuration and recommends an action to resolve known performance problems on HP BladeSystem c-Class server blades? Which Port and Migration Service designs services to architect a user porting and migration strategy?Which Port and Migration Service designs services to architect a user? porting and migration strategy? You are unable to access the HP Version Control Repository Manager from your browser. You need to configure your firewall in Windows to allow access since the ports are blocked. Which port needs to be added to your exception list? What is the purpose of the HP StorageWorks SB40c storage blade? Which tool is designed to reduce the risk of security threats by automating acquisition and deployment of patches, and continuously enforcing their persistence in the Windows operating system environment? Which ProLiant Essentials package delivers core management functionality for the HP BladeSystem solution, including server deployment, health monitoring, performance monitoring, vulnerability scanning and patch management? Which data is provided by the BladeSystem Sizer? (Select two.) For troubleshooting reasons, you want to disable dynamic power saving mode on a c-Class power enclosure. What is the correct way to do this? What information should a performance baseline include to properly analyze a bottleneck? (Select three.) Which statements are true regarding mezzanine cards for c-Class server blades? (Select two.) Which HP Insight Control component provides advice to resolve security vulnerabilities and delivers advanced patch management on HP BladeSystem servers? Which communication technology do the HP BladeSystem c-Class server blades use to communicate with the HP StorageWorks SB40c storage blade? Which Port and Migration Service gives you a quick investigation of your needs, followed by development of a high-level application migration plan? Which HP support offering uses continuous hardware event monitoring and automated notification to identify and prevent potential critical problems? Where can you change the rebuild priority for a Smart Array controller on a BL460c? Which Port and Migration Service works with users side-by-side to port and migrate specific applications, including re-engineering and integration with your existing applications? Which HP BladeSystem p-Class power distribution option requires the dual power input kit for power redundancy? The primary Onboard Administrator in a c7000 enclosure is active in a redundant configuration and needs replacing. What must you do? While troubleshooting a problem with the HP BladeSystem BL c-Class solution, the HP customer service representative asks for the serial number of the server blade to determine the original warranty terms and conditions. Where is this serial number located? When must you install the load-balancing cable in the HP BladeSystem p-Class? What must be done for HP-UX 11i v2 to support HTT (Hyper-Threading Technology) on the Integrity BL860 server blade? You are configuring the c7000 enclosure fully populated with ProLiant BL480c server blades to boot Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4 from a single MSA1000 storage solution. What is the minimum number of logical units (LUNs) you must create on the MSA1000 if you have the Virtual Connect - Fibre Channel module installed? According to the HP 6-step Troubleshooting Methodology, when should a new performance baseline be established? A customer is unable to connect to the Onboard Administrator (OA) on their c-Class enclosure. Which is the best way to troubleshoot the OA? For optimal performance of an Infiniband switch in an HP BladeSystem c-Class, where should the mezzanine card in the blade server be installed? Which Linux/UNIX tool comes with additional programs that assist in performance data collection and storage? Which HP ProLiant Essentials package provides centralized control of server power consumption and thermal output at the data center level?