HP0-J73 - Foundations of HP Storage Solutions

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Example Questions

A company has a large database application that runs on Microsoft SQL Server 2012 on an HP 3PAR StoreServe array. The company's current backup strategy is to use tapes for archived storage. The company needs to minimize the recovery time required to restore transactional data. Which technology should the company use? Your customer is a medium-sized law firm, with approximately 500 employees. They are beginning an infrastructure and backup upgrade project and have provided you with the infrastructure of their environment. • Approximately 65 Windows hosts comprising of physical and virtual servers • 2 Exchange servers – 2 TB total storage • 4 SQL Servers – 1 TB total storage • Document management system – 4 TB total storage • Disk Storage : CLARiiON CX3-20c iSCSI storage with 40 TB useable storage • Backup Target Devices : 5 x 5Tb Exagrid EX5000s and an ADIC Scalar i500 with 3 x LTO3 • Current backup Software: HP Data Protector • Backup regime Monday – Thursday; Friday - Full backup of all systems is performed totaling approximately 20 TB. • Monthly backup size is a duplicate of Friday but will also duplicate to tape. The Data on the tape must be encrypted for legal reasons. • Full Exchange Servers • Incrementals for file systems and document management - Management System - 4.5TB The customer regularly tests their DR procedures at a remote off-site facility utilizing a number of stand- alone devices to recover the data. The customer has asked you to specify a replacement storage and tape solution allowing for data growth and expansion of approximately 20% per annum. The storage solutions must be optimized for database and email applications as well as virtualized servers while enabling the customer to scale both capacity and performance linearly without incurring downtime or performance bottlenecks. Which HP tape solution would best meet the customer requirements? A company needs a solution that provides storage only as needed. The company's goal is to reduce capital expenditures and lower the power and cooling overhead to reduce operating expenditures. Which type of storage implementation meets these requirements? A company is implementing a disk-based backup strategy that requires maximum efficiency of the backup storage. Which technology provides this capability? Which HP product utilizes a common deduplication algorithm across the environment and allows deduplication at the source, media server, or target side? Which deduplication method is used by inline deduplication devices? Which benefit does a SAN storage solution provide? A company is planning their backup strategy. They intend to implement a grandfather-father-son tape rotation scheme. What is the minimum requirement for tape storage capacity per week? Your customer wants a multi-site P4000 configuration across campuses. Site protection has to be implemented where retention of full site data is possible when there is loss of communication between sites. Which HP P4000 functionality supports this requirement? HP StoreOnce Backup Systems support CIFS and NFS protocols. Which benefits result from this support? (Select two.) A customer is designing a SAN in a clustered environment. Each server in a cluster must be able to connect to different storage systems in the SAN simultaneously. The customer plans to add a tape backup system in the future and wants to minimize the impact of potential incorrect zone change. Which zone method should the costumers use? While discussing the new HP StoreEasy solution, a customer expresses concerns about potential performance issues that have been associated with previous generations of Windows NAS systems. Which new feature of the HP StoreEasy solution should you highlight to demonstrate the increased reliability and performance of the platform for files and applications? A customer needs to connect a dedicated file sharing storage device to an existing LAN infrastructure at an affordable cost. Which type of storage solution meets these requirements? Match the SAN fabric topology with the appropriate description of how interconnected switches are arranged in that fabric cascaded fabric A company uses Fibre Channel over Internet Protocol (FCIP) to connect their Fibre Channel fabrics into a unified, single-fabric SAN. The company requires high availability and performance in their storage environment. Which type of inter-switch link (ISL) configuration should the company implement? A leading retail, corporate and investment bank, serves about 15 million customers within Central and Eastern Europe. They need an archiving solution to comply with the regulations. Which HP solution should you select for this task? A company is planning to implement a disaster recovery site. The site must provide highest level of data availability, with minimal latency. Which type of replication should the company use? What is the effect of using deduplication together with remote replication? A mid-sized company with a small virtual tape library needs to implement a low-cost deduplication strategy. The data to be backed up is in a variety of formats and is not mission-critical. Which deduplication technology meets this company's requirements? Match each type of storage with its appropriate description. Monolithic A company is planning to implement a disaster recovery site to protect only data identified as important. Which type of disaster recovery site should the company implement? A costumer requires a multitenancy high-performance, and massively-scalable storage solution. Which technology should the customer use to meet this requirement? A customer wants to upgrade to a backup solution that provides fast restores with longer data retention times and easy integration. Which backup solution meets their requirements? You support a small remote office of a global insurance company. The remote offices have fewer than five total applications and servers and need to be protected without a local recovery option. You recommend HP Data Protector 7 in combination with HP StoreOnce backup systems. Which statements are true regarding HP StoreOnce and HP Data Protector? (Select three.) Scenario: The consultant is reviewing a customer's storage and backup infrastructure design for a possible upgrade new solution design. The existing environment consists of several HP DL servers connected to HP 24 SAN Switches. An HP Enterprise Virtual Array 4400 is used as storage for their virtualized servers. Some HP D2700 Storage Systems are direct connected to their Windows servers. An HP StoreOnce D2D 4106fc Backup System is used as primary backup target. Once a week backup data copied to an HP MSL4048 as secondary backup target using HP Data Protector (DP) 6.1, During the planning phase the consultant has to propose whether the existing solution can be upgraded or a new solution design is required. Refer to the scenario: Upgrading the backup application and the primary backup system to the latest software version would provide which advantage? A system administrator wants to add five external juke boxes with four disks each to the wide SCSI controller of a server. The internal boot disks and CD-ROM are installed on a second controller. How many additional LUNs will be visible on the server after connecting the juke boxes What is one similarity regarding how CIFS shares and NFS shares can be used? Which HP resource can be used to verify storage and operating system rules and interoperability between third-party systems for your design? A company needs to lower operational, power, and cooling costs while preserving their existing Ethernet and Fibre Channel infrastructure. To achieve this goal, they plan to reduce the number of sperate adapters and cables required in their data center. What can they use to achieve this goal? Which drive bus technology uses full duplexing with link aggregation? A system administrator is managing a massively-scalable high-performance storage system. The administrator needs to create virtual private arrays with advanced workload segregation without compromising performance. Which feature of converged utility storage enables the administrator to accomplish this task? Which level of storage virtualization implementation offers the best combination of flexibility, performance, capacity, and ease of management? Which SCSI bus specification supports a maximum distance of 12 meters? A customer is planning attendant backups of multiple branch offices. They do not need off-the storage. But rapid redistributes are essentials. Which backup storage technology should they implement? A costumer requires a highly available storage solution that is easy to manage. The solution must provide high performance and scalability. Which type of storage technology meets this costumer's requirements? Which drive technology uses flash memory and protects against environmental impacts on the drive? A system administrator is configuring an array with 48 drives. The array stores mission-critical data for an application that requires large logical volumes. The array must support simultaneous failures of any two drives without downtime or data loss. How must the RAID level be configured to meet these requirements? You are a presales consultant for a medium-sized pharmaceutical company. The environment consists of an HP BladeSystem c3000 enclosure with a vSphere 5.1 infrastructure cluster and iSCSI as the main topology. The new SLA requirements state that the infrastructure must be fully redundant. The customer advises you that firmware updates should be implemented online without experiencing any downtime. When designing the environment, which components should you recommend to meet the customer requirements? (Select two.) A company has deployed a large tie share, and expects 100 GB of new or changed data each day. The company would like to backup all objects in the file share and restore the share as quickly as possible. The company would share and restore the share as quickly as possible. Which technology should the company use? Which benefits do autonomic management and storage tiering provide? (Select two.) A retail company is planning to create a web shop on their website to offer their products and services. They expect a large increase in sales and increased traffic to their website, and customer satisfaction is a priority. Additionally, the website has to respond quickly, providing detailed product information, pictures, and documentation. Their current environment consists of two HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosures connected to a storage array over a small SAN. They must have a type backup solution with support for at least three tape drives. Which HP solution meets the customer requirements? What is one of the key advantages of converged network adapter (CNA)? Which feature of the SAS-2 protocol enables deployment flexibility, security, and data traffic management? A customer wants to enable a long distance (~50km/31miles) replication for their Fibre Channel-Based enterprise storage solution. Because of budget restrictions, they want a low-cost solution that supports replication. Which type of solution meet these requirements? Which hardware module connects SC fiber optic cables to device and changes electrical signals to optical signals? HP Converged Storage offers scale-out interfaces that enable storage software to run consistently on industry standard hardware. Which benefit does this approach provide to customers? Which HP federated storage technology allows customers to non-disruptively shift data between storage systems? A business is growing from a small, tightly control SAN environment to a much larger configuration that is dynamic and may require connections to be moved from one port location to another. Which zoning configuration would best meet the needs of this business? A system administrator is integrating a tape library into a SAN environment to facilitate the SAN backup process. The administrator needs to simplify configuration and maintenance procedures and to manage security and reliability across the SAN. What should the administrator do to accomplish these tasks? Which device typically has a SCSi ID of 7