HP0-J65 - Designing HP SAN Networking Solutions

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Example Questions

Your are designing a complex HP SAN networking solution. To provide comprehensive management of data center fabrics including configuration,monitoring, and management, you add HP SAN Network Advisor to your solution. Your inside sales representative asks which edition of this software should be proposed. What differentiates the available edition? (Select two.) You are asked to gather environment details for a proposed SAN network design solution.Your customer has an existing mixed environment composed of both B-series and C-series SAN switches. Which assessment tool should you use to gather inventory information and present the information in both Excel and Visio formats? Which resource gives the most comprehensive interoperability information for the Backup, Restore, and Archive (BuRA) component of a storage. Refer to the scenario. Which HP Switch meets the company business criteria? Refer to the scenario. Which licensed feature allows the financial brokerage firm to proactively monitor the health and performance of the switches and fabric in the disaster recovery center? Your customers is planning a lab environment to test virtualization. They plan to purchase a small storage array and two rack mount servers. The customer has a limited budget, and 24X7 uptime is not critical. Which SAN switch offering should you include in your proposal? You are designing a dual interoperable, heterogeneous SAN fabric for a customer that currently has a single M-series SAN fabric. The customer has decided to build a second fabric using HP B-series SAN Switches. To follow HP best practices, what must you consider during implementation? (select two) Refer to the scenario. Which network topology optimally meets the stated requirements? Your customer is experiencing latency in their client/server application during backup operations. During data performance collection, the network utilization was close to 80 %, the server utilization was 30%, and the server memory utilization was 40%. Which solution will reduce the application latency? Which components should be included in a proposal for this customer? Which HP documentation should you use when you are designing a new SAN and need to confirm available topology option. When designing a new SAN for the financial brokerage firm, which additional business requirements should be taken into consideration? You are designing a new SAN fabric for a customer envinment. The customer wants to ensure that the design provides maximum performance for local data access, while supporting occasional centralized data access. Which fibre Channel topology should you recommend? When deploying HP 8/64 blades in an HP SN8000B switch, what must you consider? The company wants to add an HPUX-bases backup solution to their SAN. Which action should this company take? A company is reviewing proposals to upgrade their existing Fibre Channel SAN to a new core-edge design based on HP B-series switches. Included in one proposal is HP SAN Network Advisor Enterprise. Which benefits will this product provide to IT management? (select two.) You are preparing a series of presentations form data you collected in an interview with your customer. Within one presentation, you have a Future Plans?, section and your notes include information about TCO and ROI of your solution. Which member of the CxO team would be most interested in this information? Refer to the scenario. One proposed solution is to replace all 4Gb SAN swithces with 8Gb SAN switches. Which change to the proposal will provide investment protection and still meet all of the financial brokerage firm requirements? A fast-growing company is planning an acquisition that will add significantly to their customer base and their data center workload. Environment with 1 Gb Ethernet and 8 Gb Fibre Channel networks in place. They are open to new technologies and are willing to reduce cost-effective over time. Which infrastructure purchases should you include in your proposal? The company recently moved their executive members to the ninth floor. The executive assistants are receiving random messages from their mail client indicating that they are not able to connect to their server. The assistants did not experience these issues until they moved. Without upgrading their current infrastructure, which action should the company take to resolve this issue? Refer to the scenario. Which licensed feature allows the financial brokerage firm to perform end-to-end monitoring of SAN traffic on a fabric-wide basis in the disaster recovery center? A customers is implementing a new SAN fabric. Additionally, they would like to implement boundaries on a group of SAN administrators, which would allow the administrators to make zoning changes only to specified logical SAN partitions. Which security technology should you recommend? A company has a large Fibre Channel Infrastructure that has grown continuously over the last two years. The company was implementing a core-edge design and director-class switches. Which course of action should the company follow to accept. Your Customer uses a campus replication configuration with their Fibre Channel Storage Array. After a recent power outage at the source, the customer experienced data loss at the target site. Which configuration change data loss in the future? Refer to the scenario. One proposed solution is to install HP Virtual Connect in the disaster recovery BladeSystem and then attach the HP 3PAR StoreServ to the BladeSystem environment directly. The proposed solution would then re-deploy the B-series SAN fabric in production and remove the C-series SAN. Which additional business value should you emphasize about this solution when meeting with the CIO? You are creating and implementation plan with the system engineers for a newly designed infrastructure solution using HP StoreVirtual 4330 Storage width VMware vSphere. The proposed backup strategy includes HP Data Protector using the VMware vStorage API for Data Protection on a native Windows 2008 R2 host. An HP StoreEver MSL4048 Tape Library is directly attached to the backup server. Which statement is true about this implementation plan? You are designing a storage solution for a customer who wants to simplify SAN management by create blades will meet these requirements? What is a design consideration when adding an HPUX-based server to a current Brocade fibre solution. A small production company is planning to consolidate their legacy direct attach storage solutions.They plan to implement one small storage array and four servers with VMware vSphere.They are not likely to grow much in the next three years and have limited financial resources. Which SAN infrastructure solution should you recommend in your proposal? You have proposed a new HP storage solution that consist of an HP 3PAR StoreServ 10000 disk array. Which resource should you utilize to confirm SAN switch firmware compatibility with the disk array? Refer to the scenario. Which network solution should you propose for the primary data center to meet the stated requirements? A company is reviewing proposals to upgrade their existing Fibre Channel SAN to a new core-edge design based on HP B-series switches proposal is HP SAN Network Advisor Enterprise Software. How can this product simplify the administration of the B-series SAN? (Select two) Which B-series feature license is need to connect B-series and M-series fabrics together without merging them? You are designing a C-series HP SAN storage networking solution for a fast-growing customer. Which feature of the MDS 9200 series should you emphasize? Which H-series software tool allows a customer to perform network management and storage provisioning form a single screen? Customer has made the decision to expand their SAN.The customer does not want to merge the existing SAN with the new SAN, but does want the two SANs to interoperate. The customer wants a no-cost management tool that will work with the new SAN switches and their existing HBAs. Which HP SAN switch should you recommend to the customer? The company has requested a low-cost proposal to improve high availability so that a switch failure on any floor will not affect the rest of the building. Which solution meets the company requirements? A customer has heard about new technologies and asked you to present a possible solution based on a converged advantages of such a solution should you emphasize in your presentation? (Select two) Refer to the scenario. Which software component meets the company business requirements? Your customer has two data center that are approximately 8 kilometers (5 miles) apart. They want to connect the data centers with a direct fibre channel connection. Because they are using a leased line, they are concerned about the security of the data traveling between the data centers. Which switch type should they use to secure the traffic between their data centers? You are designing an iSCSI-bases storage solution for a customer that wishes to utility obligation to ensure that the data going across the SAN network is secure. Which proposal Which tool is used during the demonstration of a solution that includes the HP 2408 FCoE Converged Network Switch?. Which licensed feature allows a customer to collect historical performance data and perform hot spot analysis on a C-series SAN fabric? A customer needs a C-series switch with a two slot configuration. Which switch series fits this need? Refer to the scenario. The company prefers to migrate to a Fibre Channel storage system. Which array will support this requirement? You are designing a SAN solution to expand a customer's SAN fabric, which contains a large number of switches and device ports. Which technology will allow you to increase the number of fabric ports and reduce the number of domains? A company runs a data center for smaller customers. Some of their customers require 24x7 availability. The company infrastructure consists of traditional 1Gb Ethernet and 4Gb Fibre Channel networks. Their SAN consists of a dual redundant fabric with six HP StorageWorks 4/32 SAN Switches in each fabric. The fabrics have a full-meshed topology with two ISls for each mesh link. They have only two available free ports on each switch. They have 20 VMware-based servers and 7 Windows 2008 servers, which are attached with redundant paths to their SAN. They also have three HP EVA 6xxx and two tape libraries with 4 drives of HP Ultrium 4 FC drives in each tape library. Recently they added two HP 3PAR StoreServ 10400 Storage Systems. The servers and storage devices are distributed on the switches. All of the devices are distributed between two data centers that are 1 km apart. The company has not experienced any performance issues. They plan to acquire additional customers and are concerned that their infrastructure will not support future growth. The company wants to make sure that they will be able to accommodate changing I/O traffic patterns and reduce the complexity for expansion. Which change to the SAN should you recommend in your presentation to the IT Director of the company? You are designing a new SAN fabric for a customer environment. The customer want the design to provide easy of scalability, multiple resiliency, and support for a mix of local and distributed access. Which Fibre Channel topology should you recommend? Refer to the scenario. The company has asked for a Fibre Channel based solution. How would this solution meet their business requirements? Which protocol is used when configuring network monitoring on an HP B-series SAN Switch in Access Gateway