HP0-J52 - Implementing HP SAN Infrastructure and Solutions

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Example Questions

You are installing Cisco MDS switches into a SAN environment. Which command allows you to verify the status of all Fibre Channel interfaces? Which HP StorageWorks product offers up to sixteen 8Gb Fibre Channel ports and up to six 1Gb Ethernet ports and is intended as a platform for Fibre Channel Routing Services and Fibre Channel over IP? Which H-series functionality provides seamless, non-disruptive access to servers and storage on HP B-series and C-series SANs? Which topology is supported for Enterprise Backup Solutions? Which statement is true about the HP StorageWorks 8/8 SAN Switch? Which heterogeneous server rule must be considered before installing additional HBAs into a server? Which HP documentation tool can be used to create a new SAN topology map in HTML or Visio format? How are collection groups used by the tool HPCC for SAN Environments? Virtual Fabrics is supported on which B-series devices? (Select two.) Which HP StorageWorks software detects un-configured switches or storage and prompts you to configure them? When powering down the SAN, what is an exception that would change the power down sequence? What is the advantage of Access Gateway Mode using B-series switches? A fabric switch is being added to an existing SAN. The new switch is populated with short-wave transceivers. The only available port on the existing switch has a long-wave transceiver. The switches are 25 meters apart. There is a 15 meter 62.5 micron cable onsite. A 15 meter 50 micron cable and duplex coupler were shipped with the new switch. Which change is needed to implement a supported solution? A customer is interested in high-availability features of SAN Switches. Which HP StorageWorks SAN Switches support hotplug fans and power supplies? Which B-series switch feature can dynamically adjust the data transmission through the TCP connections in a FCIP tunnel, thus allowing FCIP connections to use the maximum bandwidth available while providing a minimum bandwidth guarantee? Which commands are used to determine the status of trunking on B-series switches? (Select two.) Which statement is true about attaching a 2408 FCoE Converged Network Switch to an existing Fibre Channel fabric as an edge switch? Which C-series SAN Switch advanced feature is useful for sharing volumes across servers in conjunction with other zoning attributes when an I/O is restricted to SCSI read command for backup and data warehousing operations? What is a benefit of connecting servers to the SAN one HBA at a time? During the installation of an HP StorageWorks SN6000 Fibre Channel Switch there is a fatal POST error. How is this indicated by the switch? During a survey of a customer's environment to design a new SAN solution, a consultant finds that CommandView TL is being used for the EML library in the infrastructure. Which module of CommandView TL should be used to identify granted or denied host access to tape drives? Which type of port supports the stacking of SN6000 Fibre Channel switches while preserving SFP ports for devices? Which cost-effective switch is powered by NX-OS software and is compatible with C-series 9500 Series Multilayer Directors, C-series MDS 9100 and 9200 Series Multilayer Fabric Switches, providing transparent, end-to-end service in Core-Edge deployments? Your customer needs a fully redundant SAN solution for their servers. Which SAN Switch provides full redundancy, including the ability to hot swap the cooling fans? How do you verify a successfully completed firmware upgrade done through DCFM? A customer needs a scalable SAN infrastructure and wants to add ports when they are needed. Which B-series switch offers license upgrades in 16-port increments? Which B-series switch feature can be used to dedicate an ISL to high priority backup traffic between the backup server and tape devices? A customer wants to implement a new c-Class blade environment and connect it as an edge device in an existing fabric and Ethernet network. Which cost-effective converged network interconnect device should you recommend to help reduce the resultant network sprawl by up to 95%? What is a feature of a B-series switch license upgrade? Which limitation applies to a B-series SAN concept when designing inter-switch links (ISLs)? A customer wants to upgrade an HP H-series SN6000 SAN Switch. What is the minimum number of ports that can be enabled by a port upgrade license? A customer has six HP H-series SN6000 Switches stacked together with 120 ports enabled. Which upgrade provides more bandwidth? A customer wants to dynamically adjust data transmission speed through the TCP connections in a FCIP tunnel using a B-series switch. Which B-series feature provides this functionality? Which port type is used by building an LSAN on supported B-series 8Gb SAN Switches to provide the routed paths between routed fabrics? Which software utility can be installed by customers and used to perform SAN analysis and diagnostics without supervision by an HP engineer? What is the purpose of the DCFM Firmware Management checkbox labeled Overwrite current firmware?