HP0-J51 - Installing HP StorageWorks Solutions

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Example Questions

Which HP Network Storage Systems ship with the Enterprise version of Windows Storage Server 2008? (Select two.) You have just finished the installation of two P2000 G3 FC/iSCSI Arrays and your customer expresses interest in being able to use Remote Snap Replication. What should you do? What is the recommended minimum block size that should be configured when backing up to D2D systems? In the Storage Management Utility for a P2000 G3, which wizards are available to allow you to quickly and easily set up the system? (Select two.) A customer owns an HP MSA2000 G2 FC system. The customer wants to upgrade this system and take advantage of the extra functionality of the P2000 G3 system. What is the only item that must be upgraded in the existing array? What should you type into your web browser address field to access the HP X1000 Storage Server Management Console? (Select two.) When configuring a Data Protection Manager (DPM) server, which entity is the same across all members of a protection group? Which role can you assign to a D2D Virtual Tape Device? The HP X1000/X3000 Unified Storage Servers provide support for sharing print functions. Which statements are true? (Select two.) When setting up a replication set using the Replication Wizard with the P2000 G3, which option should be selected to check the link between the systems? Which standard feature of Windows 2008 provides file level deduplication on the X1000 and X3000 Network storage systems? A consultant is trying to identify the source of performance problems within a customer's backup environment. Which HP tools can the consultant use to identify the potential bottlenecks? (Select two.) What is a standard configuration for a P2000 G3 FC? Your customer wants to monitor the performance of a P4000 G2 system. What is the minimum time sample interval that can be set using the Performance Monitor? Which D2D2500 port must be connected to enable connection to the Web Management Interface? Which NIC bonding method is supported on the P4800 SAN? Which statement is true about the Remote Snap functionality with the P2000 G3 FC Array? Which technology does HP P4000 SmartClone Volumes use to minimize space used on the SAN? An HP P4000 storage system is being used with VMware vSphere. An existing 1.75TB volume currently hosts virtual machines (VMs) running an Exchange email environment and has 200GB of free space. A VM for a test application needs to be brought online. Based on best practice, when should a new VM be added to the existing volume? An HP Network Storage Server is being added to a network, which does not have a DHCP server. To access the Network Storage Server, which access method must be used? How can you make optimal use of available bandwidth when replicating? Which hardware and software combination is required to perform a non-disruptive, on-line controller code upgrade, on a P2000 G3 array? On which applications can you use storage-allocation wizards to allocate and configure storage on the X1000 and X3000 Network Storage System? (Select three.) A customer wants to use Volume Snapshot/ShadowCopy Service (VSS) to help protect data on an HP Network Storage Server system. Which statements are true about VSS? (Select two.) Which P4000 Network RAID level is recommended for use for applications that primarily perform sequential read operations such as file shares and archives? When setting up a P4000 G2 system for the first time, what must you set up first in the SAN/iQ console? (Select two.) When installing an HP P2000 G3 Storage Array, which type of access is available to the storage system when a DHCP server is not currently available on the management LAN? Which D2D4312 G2 network port must be connected to run the Installation Wizard and discover the HP D2D on your network? Which features, only available in Windows Storage Server (WSS) 2008 Enterprise Edition, are included in the X3000 Network Storage System? (Select two.) What is the name of the management software for the P4000 G2 SAN family of products? Which D2D Tape Library Emulation type is preferred because it is clearly identifiable as a D2D device if supported by your backup software vendor? A customer has a central data center as well as a number of remote branch offices. The customer is interested in a low-cost entry level virtual library solution for replicating and backing up data from the branch offices to the central data center. Which HP solution best meets the needs of this customer? A customer wants to set up protection for his data on an HP Network Storage Server system using Data Protection Manager. The customer's data changes rapidly therefore it is necessary totake many copies of the data during each day. What is the maximum number of recovery points per volume that can be kept? When setting up a replication set using the Replication Setup Wizard with the P2000 G3, which link types can be selected? (Select two.) What is the status of the D2D4312 when you add a drive shelf to increase the capacity of the storage pool? During testing of a P4000 installation you suspect that there might be duplicate iSCSI IQNs. On which tab of the iSCSI Initiator Properties window can you check theIQNs? Which power saving feature is available with the P2000 G3 array? A consultant meets with a customer who is interested in purchasing a P2000 G3 system with SATA drives. What is the standard warranty included for this type of disk? When scheduling snapshots on an HP P4000 storage array, which criteria can you specify? (Select two.) Which HP solution is ideally suited for low-cost consolidation while providing a 6Gb SAS backend and Remote Snap functionality? Which methods can be used to download logs, update firmware and install licenses on the HP P2000 G3 array? (Select two.) A consultant meets with a customer to define the level of support required in a new data center. The customer needs daily (including holidays) round-the-clock support but does not require any proactive services. Which Care Pack best matches the customer's requirement? When installing an HP X1000 Unified Storage System, which type of access to the system is supported if a DHCP server is not available on the network? What is a dedicated slot that is used to hold a cartridge that is ready for exporting to or importing from the library? Where should you look for HP D2D backup compatibility information? Which statement describes HP P4000 SAN/iQ? Which HP Storage product is ideally suited to virtualized environments providing scalable performance and optional 10GbE support? What is the minimum number of storage systems required when choosing a Network RAID 6 data protection level in a P4000 SAN? When troubleshooting a P2000 G3 array you notice that the health of a particular RAID 6 vdisk is "Degraded." What does this mean? Which HP P4000 management tool should you use to gather storage system status information?