HP0-J44 - Advanced SAN Architecture Exam

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Example Questions

Which modules for the HP c-Class BladeSystem use domain IDs? (Select two.) When planning dual interoperable, heterogeneous SAN fabrics, what should you consider? Which functions or protocols do E_Ports support? When evaluating a running SAN installation, which tool is used to provide the current firmware revision and connectivity optimization? Which vendors use MPxIO as iSCSI multipathing software for their operating systems? (Select two.) What is a key rule to follow when merging SAN fabrics? A new customer requires a SAN to meet a new 24x7 business environment. Changing business conditions and globalization require greater resources, but space and headcount are fixed. Which opportunity does this create for your company? While designing the SAN to meet your customer's throughput requirements, you need to configure several 4Gb/s B-Series SAN switches with inter-switch links. What is the maximum throughput available using a trunk group between 2 switches? What is used to provide SAN expansion with minimal disruption to the network? Which term describes the IEEE protocols that make up the Converged Enhanced Ethernet (CEE), enabling communication over Ethernet? Which HP tool can be used to validate the integrity of your customer's current SAN environment prior to a SAN upgrade? Which H-Series switch feature provides inter-fabric routing on a per-port basis between local H- Series fabrics and devices on a remote fabric consisting of B-series or C-series switches? Which blocksize should you choose for a profile requiring performance-critical random access applications? You must collect data about a customer's current environment. Which tool supports end-to-end traffic monitoring between a server and a storage device by assessing resource utilization on a fabric-wide basis? Which minimum HP data availability level provides fabric resiliency and device path redundancy in a SAN? When considering the cabling of a new SAN environment with 8Gb/s switches, what is the maximum distance per cable segment using OM2 fiber optic cables? Which transport protocol is commonly used to provide the lowest-cost asynchronous replication? In your customer's heterogeneous SAN environment, simultaneous access to different storage system types from the same HBA is required. Which two rules apply for each storage system? (Select two.) Which feature of B-Series switches protects against potential congestion of inter-switch links in a multi-switch fabric? When developing the SAN architecture, an initial choice is deciding between a monolithic or modular design. What is a key benefit of a monolithic design? A customer requires a computing environment that, in almost all cases, tolerates a single point of failure. Which minimum availability level should you propose? What must you consider before you merge an old fabric with a new SAN implementation? Which Converged Enhanced Ethernet (CEE) feature distinguishes between traffic types to avoid congestion due to bursting traffic sources? A SAN architect finds a DCFM SAN fabric management solution being used at a customer site. What is a possible advantage this situation offers? Which SAN topology provides the highest performance ratings for local and centralized data access? In an initial discussion with your customer you learn that they are using IVR in their fabrics. Which series of switches are they currently using? What must you consider when you implement inter-switch links, running at 8Gb/s, between two data centers over a distance of 45m? What provides the site preparation requirements for an EVA storage array? A customer is planning server and storage consolidation based on VMware as hypervisor software. The solution should include a disaster-proof backup and recovery solution for virtualized servers. Which designs can satisfy the customer requirements? (Select two.) Which support does the HP StorageWorks SAN Design Reference Guide provide for the consolidation of heterogeneous SAN environments? When designing a solution for a customer, there are different ways of looking at or viewing the SAN architecture that is part of that solution. What are two of the four SAN architecture views? (Select two.) Which approach to SAN design does HP recommend for users with an advanced level of SAN experience who design a SAN with specific storage and data access requirements? What are the possible localities of storage relative to the servers accessing the data? (Select two.) Which tool increases staff efficiency, optimizes storage, automates and simplifies tasks, and replaces traditional work-intensive storage asset management tasks?